09 December, 2013

Mirvaso for rosacea: an inventory of patient responses and reviews (part 1)

I've made an inventory of the patient reviews online for a new medication called Mirvaso. It is a controversial new cream, and I urge everyone with rosacea who plans on trying it to use it with care and perhaps test patch first, and also to first take a look on the verdicts that are out there already. As many patients found their facial redness to first blanch out for half a day, and then have worse than normal rebound redness. This seems more than just a side effect, and it also appears to happen a lot more often than is indicated by Galderma in the product leaflet. It seems a simple consequence from the chemical (topical) temporary constriction of blood vessels. Once such a drug wears off, the body will try to compensate for the chemical constriction with abnormal dilation of the blood vessels. This flare can last short term but there have been many reviews on rosacea forums and platforms and on the net about people having weeks or even longer rebound face flares from it. Not everybody has this rebound, but many do, so just be aware of this possibly happening when you try Mirvaso. You can read part 2 and 3 of this long ongoing post here and here. and you can find the latest reviews here. 

Currently, on May 31st 2015 I have counted: 317 negative reviews, 62 positive reviews, 5 ambiguous reports. Hundreds of additional reviews have been written and read since, so these numbers are not accurate anymore, but the overall message appears to remain the same; a far bigger group of reviewers mention rebound worsening of their skin redness/flushing and a very small minority says to be happy. Please scroll down for lists with positive, ambiguous and negative patient reviews for Mirvaso, and scroll further down for the latest reviews. Because this post got too long and heavy for blogger to handle, I cut it up in a part 1 (here) and a part 2 hereHere you can read updates and more recent Mirvaso reviews from people with rosacea who tried it. I wanted to place these 3 recent complaints on the top of this thread, as they are very worrisome and all 3 patients wished they had read about the bad reviews out there before trying Mirvaso. Maybe others reading this can be protected from their type of turmoil:

EllyS wrote on May 30th 2015: "I feel for you caracal. It is little short of criminal what Galderma have inflicted upon us with Mirvaso. It's more than two months since my last application, and I see no hope of a recovery. My nightmare of rosacea turned into a horror story. Yet, dermatologists I complain to refuse to accept the evidence in front of their eyes, insisting it can do no real harm or permanent damage. I now have so many extra broken capillaries, newly affected areas and persistent redness, I just don't know what to do to try to heal it. I am scared of going down the laser/surgery route, but nothing else seems effective."

Caracal wrote on May 26th 2015:  "So it's maybe 4.5 months after I stopped using it. -The flushing seems to improve eventually. But I can't even tell because summer is over, so for all I know things will be almost as bad when it gets hot again. HOWEVER, all the rosacea symptoms are about 500% worse than before I applied the junk, and to prove it's the Mirvaso, the side of my face where I applied it 4 times is 3 times as bad as the side where I only applied it twice. This makes me look even worse because having one side of your face bright red is even more noticeable. Before I used this junk my main problem was just a few acne like bumps, there was barely any redness. I thought I did have acne, I was only diagnosed with Rosacea in December, when the doctor gave me this dangerous rubbish. - It seems to have affected the circulation in other parts of my body as well. My feet turn red and hot and their skin goes funny like my face. This never happened before. I expect this drug affects your entire body. It is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. -Well of course there are side effects, the people who have rosacea are probably unusually sensitive to things that affect the face circulation, blood vessels etc. that's why they have rosacea to start with! I expect in people who only have mild rosacea it makes it progress dramatically, in people with severe rosacea nobody can tell what was due to the Mirvaso. Using this stuff I regard as the worst decision of my life, actually. I should have read the negative reviews more carefully before using it. But I didn't want to be paranoid and the kind of 'side effects' in the clinical trials sound so benign and temporary."

Padwenda1 wrote onMay 10th 2015: "Hopefully you will recover with time as other users have reported. For me it has worsened my condition and it is permanent. I am now on Minocycline but with very little improvements. I still suffer with everything you describe, the dry scaly skin, permanent redness, flushing, little bumps,pain etc. I too found Galderma very unhelpful and have given up on them to provide any type of reassurance. I was just wondering if they said to you that everyone returns to their baseline? They told me that everyone who reported an "adverse reaction" (they do not accept the term rebound, but that's another story) returned to their pre mirvaso baseline."

There is a very exciting thread going on on the rosacea forum, where patients are testing the new Mirvaso cream. It is brimonidine in a neutral base. So far it seems to make people pale for the first say 8 hours (not sure how long for everyone) and some get rebound redness and some don't. Read here. And see here for the Mirvaso website. Find more info on Mirvaso on the Rosacea Support website and here.

Please scroll down for the following topics:
*List of positive Mirvaso reviews from patients
*List of ambiguous Mirvaso reviews from patients
*List of negative Mirvaso reviews from patients
*A selection of a few longer patient reviews and warnings for Mirvaso and/or brimonidine
*List of discussions about Mirvaso by Galderma's own reps
*Mirvaso in the news (links to news updates, release dates etc)
*General comments of patients about Mirvaso (not per sé actual users)

I tested brimonidine tartrate (Mirvaso's active ingredient) back in 2010, together with a few other Rosacea Forum members, and you can read the test results here, here and here. At the time we were all waiting for Mirvaso, by then unknown by that name and assumed to be called Sansrosa, which now seems the working title at the time. Next best thing was to test the active ingredient and some used a brimonidine eye gel for this, most under supervision of a dermatologist. I made my own mix under pharmacist supervision. We used the dose of this eye gel, 2 mg/ml of brimonidine tartrate, and later a slightly stronger mix (between 2 and 3 mg, had only 5 mg of brimonidine so it can't have been more than 3 mg that was left). The stuff gave me a pale face initially and a red face later on. I did splash it on however and used a lot more than people are now told to use of Mirvaso. Nevertheless, brimonidine, in certain amounts, seemed able to constrict and then dilate the blood vessels abnormally. I didn't use Mirvaso though, and the mix I made with help of my pharmacist did not have the same amount of brimonidine tartrate in it as Mivaso turned out to have. Mirvaso is not available here in Europe and I can't try it out. The main link between the brimonidine trial and Mirvaso, is that we tested the brimonidine action, Mirvaso's active ingredient. It might well have been the wrong dosis for success. I also wrote at the time and recently that I have a pretty bad case of vascular rosacea, and flush very easy. On top I couldn't handel topicals on my skin. That made me a not very average test person, and in theory more prone to flushing side effects. Below are reports of people who actually used the real deal Mirvaso, exactly (or hopefully) as the doctor ordered it, and most also followed the instructions regarding amount (pea size drop) and application times a day. You can read for yourself how they have been doing so far. Please also visit Brady Barrows rosacea site, who is the instigator of the lists below. I keep updating it with positive and negative reviews when possible.  

My own brimonidine trial. I experienced whitening of the skin, followed by 
very hot and forceful rebound redness, burning and flushing.

In this official report, only 3% of rosacea patients, who used Mirvaso for 29 days, reported flushing as a side effect and only 4% reported redness. Here it is translated in a simple table. In reality, the amount of negative patient reviews has been a lot more, with the large majority of rosacea patients on the rosacea forums reporting increased redness and flushing soon after starting with Mirvaso treatment, and some complaining of increased rosacea symptoms, sometimes significantly, up until a month or longer after discontinuing. I will keep checking for patient reviews online and made a list of positive Mirvaso reviews from patients, ambiguous ones and negative ones.

List of positive, ambiguous and negative patient reviews for Mirvaso

Positive reports
I am adding a note, taken from Hozer2k's post from January 18th 2014: of the 32 Positive reports, most of these do not consider or cover long term use. They are just short term initial positive reactions and the users never reported long term results. Statistically speaking, a large percentage of "positives" stated here are actually negative reports long term. This is a simple fact which any intelligent person should be able to comprehend. The reason I state this is that I believe that the number of TRUE long term positive reports is possibly even less than 27% as stated. Also considering the fact that there are hardly any long term users found online who have had a positive experience. [..] I want this to be clear since we consistently see bad reviews and people who wish they had not tried it.

1. Imgur apparently used Mirvaso and recommends you ask your dermatologist about it.

2. BillyRayBar had initially a positive experience and then updated that he thought he actually might be having a negative response (see the Negative section, comment 185): "In my last post I described the the painful side effects Mirvaso has seemingly caused. Here is some quick background information. I have been suffering from seborrheic dermatitis (scalp and face. and Rosacea (intermittent p&ps, and progressively worse persistent erythema). Both conditions present themselves all over my face -- the seb. derm. the usual spots plus splotches on my face; the rosacea redness all over my face including normal areas of cheeks, chin, and nose.). The redness is persistent but looks better some days than others. I can tell you the posts in this forum that claim severe rosacea don't hold a candle to the extreme all over redness I experience. During flares, edema (swelling), heat and ocular pain are all present and debilitating. I have tried all 'alternative' and evidence based remedies/medications except for Accutane. Daily Ketoconazole gel or foam and Oracea have kept both conditions under control for about 3yrs now. By under control, I mean no severe flares at all, flushing doesn't occur for me under most conditions and isn't nearly as severe as it had prior to the medications. But make no mistake about it, the erythema is NEVER gone and even on good days it is never just limited to cheeks or chin. It is almost everywhere on my face every day. Okay...Mirvaso makes me really red immediately upon application as does any cream or product I apply to my face. The contact wearness wears off anywhere from 30mins to 1 hour and then my skin, almost magically improves. Most days my face turns darn near PERFECT .. AMAZING ..at about the 3hr mark to the 8hr mark. Then still shows positive effects at the 12 hr mark sometimes lasting improvement to 24hrs later ..no joke! The first 7 days using this product the side effect of severe, painful flushing, with redness I haven't seen in years occurred at around the 4-5 hour mark and lasted anywhere from 3yrs to 12+hours later!! Yikes!!!! It was depressing and I then gave up on Mirvaso out of fear that it was going to cause permanent damage. I did certainly experience rebound redness/flushing after stopping usage. About three days after stopping the rebound flushing/redness was pretty much gone and 3days ago I decided to try another round and .......Things are better!!!!! The flushing didn't occur on the first day of the second round I experienced perfect skin tone and no flushing or adverse effects at all --Miraculous!!! The second day after about the 4 hour mark ...BAM!! Flush, pain redness, but it only lasted about 1hr or so this time and after it was gone my skin returned to approximately 90% clear. Dang ...I can live with that!! Day 3 of second round, I woke up in the morning and my redness was pretty bad but not all that much worse than my 'baseline'. Mirvaso this day, never really cleared my past about 70% or so of normal redness......weird ...The only thing I did different is that I applied Mirvaso in the bathroom after a shower with very high humidity in the air --maybe it had an effect? -- not sure, though. Yesterday was day 4 or the second round and my skin cleared almost 100% again at about the 3hr mark!! The 5hr mark... BAM!!! Severe pain, redness, heat, etc. I was attending an international figure skating competition with my wife and it was cool in there but it felt like 200 degrees. I went in the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and saw it was definitely an abnormal flush (no trigger), and it looked bad but not nearly as bad as the previous flushes. It went away about 1hr later. After the flush my skin wasn't quite 100% improved but I'd say I looked about 70% better to the 10hour mark. After that I returned to normal, rotten, red skin ..maybe a little worse. I awoke this morning looking quite bad and I decided to not put it on today. The redness was some sort of rebound and worse than baseline by far. Oddly enough with not Mirvaso, about 3hours later, after waking, the redness is now gone and my skin looks a tad better than baseline. Weird. Well, I consider Mirvaso a success!!! When I apply Mirvaso in the morning and put on my normal Mercier tinted moisturizer, my skin looks anywhere from pretty good to flawless like a movie star!! Wow..
except for flushing periods out of nowhere. When I just apply Mirvaso (without tinted moisturizer) I look anywhere from acceptable to really good with very slight (slight for me considering my condition) redness. A trend that I am noticing is that the longer I try Mirvaso the better! I have no idea the mechanisms involved for this but my flushing is getting better. Of course, I cannot say that if I stopped for good there wouldn't be any long term consequences ...for that I have to put my 'faith' in the research/FDA process. Okay, here are some tips for first time Mirvaso users ..especially with seb derm combination skin. 1. If you put on antifungals like ketoconazole daily, wait 1hr to apply Mirvaso. The times I haven't waited this long the Mirvaso has worked but with less effectivness.2. Apply Mirvaso when skin has dried after washing.3. Truly use a 'pea size' amount as instructed. It really doesn't come out in a spherical shape so this becomes a tad difficult to do. All I can say is to not try to see a visible layer of the stuff everywhere. Just put  a small amount on your finger and spread it on a cheek and that side of face and if it looks like it's not spreading anymore put a very very little more on the area that needs it. I have NOT noticed better effectiveness with a more liberal application. I have actually, for me, noticed the opposite.4. Avoid normal triggers. For me, Mirvaso exacerbates normal flushes quite a bit. One thing is for sure, no treatment or makeup I have ever used even comes close to offering (even if temporary) such an improvement as Mirvaso. I tentatively consider it a success, and please don't get discouraged by the negative posts here. 

(3) "Greengables reported positive effects. See also nr. 14 in this list for more updates from this poster. "I'm one of the few that seems to have consistently positive experiences with Mirvaso. "Not really anything new to add, but still positive with Mirvaso. It's been...2 months now? I lost track. I've refilled twice now, not because I need more, but because I want to stock up while the savings card is still valid (expires end of December). Currently I've been off of it for 5 days, because someone asked me to try that and see if I got some weird reaction. Nada. My skin is just back to its normal rosacea redness when I'm not it. So I'm going to start using it in the morning again since I miss having paler skin. I should note I am not taking other rosacea meds to confound the results. No beta blockers, antibiotics, antidepressants, antihistamines, etc. I cleanse and moisturize my skin once a day with CeraVe cleanser and hydrating lotion. Just to say it again, it helps decrease my state of permanent redness. It doesn't prevent flushing from my normal triggers (exercise, strange end of day flush at 5-7 pm, changes in temperature, and a few other things). But my flushing subsides a little quicker if I'm wearing Mirvaso that day. I would like to "cure" this rosacea madness internally (instead of applying a quick fix cream), but having run that gamut on prescription and non-prescription stuff, I've just lost hope on that front for now."

(4) Emily reported a positive experience: "I’ve been using Mirvaso mixed with a moisturizer (1 part mirvaso with 3 parts moisturizer) and it’s worked great. Someone else who posted on here mentioned using benedryl cream. So I switched to mixing together 1 part Mirvaso, 2 parts moisturizer and 1 part benedryl before I apply it. The combination works great, even better than moisturizer alone. Give it a try. i think you’ll agree. Good luck!!"

Emily also reported here about her Mirvaso experience: "I’ve been using Mirvaso mixed with a moisturizer (1 part mirvaso with 3 parts moisturizer) and it’s worked great. Someone on a different thread mentioned using benedryl cream. So I switched to mixing together 1 part Mirvaso, 2 parts moisturizer and 1 part benedryl before I apply it. The combination works great. Give it a try. i think you’ll agree. Good luck!!" Please note that both Emily and a certain Jimmi consistently post the same comments to people on these forums, telling them to mix the Mirvaso with Benadryl or other lotions. They seem Galderma coworkers. Here are some comments from other posters who noticed the same thing.

Sam wrote on January 24th, 2014: "Emily is a galderma spammer.people have tried her method and apart from her partner in crime jimmi it hasn't worked."

Julian Bonny replied on January 24th, 2014: "You are 100% right Sam they both work for Galderma. The brass neck of these people after all the misery and suffering they have inflicted on people with this disaster they call Mirvaso. It makes me so angry. If you have any integrity left Galderma , put your hand up and admit you got it so wrong with this product so we can all move on."

Emily later updated in the same thread (answering the question how often she reapplied Mirvaso) "Usually just once per day. I try to time it so the maximum effect is when I need it (like for a meeting or a date). The amount of moisturizer, or whatever, to mix with Mirvaso is up to you (you might be able to use it straight out of the tube, I can’t). You kinda have to experiment with what works best for you. For me, the really GREAT thing is that Mirvaso finally gives me the control not to have a red face if I have something important going on. Good luck! Write back with your results.´

Kristina replied to her: "So you have tried mirvaso alone and had bad results? I did, but you’re making me think it could work if I do what you do. Do you look like a ghost or does the lotion help that? I looked scary that first time."

Emily replied: "Not bad results, it’s just that my skin got a little irritated. By mixing it, it still works great to get rid of the redness, but doesn’t cause me to get irritated. It also does make you look less ghost-like initially. Again, you have to experiment and work out the proportions that are effective for you. Hope that helps."

Grace replied to her on December 15th 2014: "Okay…i dont doubt that mirvaso has worked for some of u, but if u have to seriously add other moisturizers and antihistamines in, then perhaps mirvaso alone just doesn't work! I cant help but think that some staunch supporters of mirvaso work for the company and are trying to counter our terrible experiences with fake happy narratives. This shit seems to not be working for the majority lf users.. i mean, this is capitalism so i totally wouldn't be surprised if some people r being paid to pretend it works so that viewers to this site decide to spend money. I am not convinced that mirvaso works. If its not working alone then its not working lol."

(5) Jenny R posted her Mirvaso recommendation: "I have had chronic redness due to rosacea for years. I started using Mirvaso over a month ago and it has really helped. It was a little irritating at first but now I apply it with sunscreen or hypoallergenic moisturizers as my dermatologist's recommendation and it's fabulous. I usually apply it mid-morning and it lasts into the evening. I highly recommend giving it a try"

She updated on December 17th: `I'm still using Mirvaso as I had described and its the first Holiday season where I don't look like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer in photos. Its the best!!"

And she posted on December 24th 2013: "I just wanted to update. We went to a party yesterday and thanks to Mirvaso, I could drink red wine and not worry about getting all flushy. Again, the photos looked great!"

(6) Alex S reported: "I did what Emily on this thread recommended and it worked for me. Give it a try after things have calmed down. I think you’ll notice a big difference." 

(7) Bitani made a long post and shared pictures of his positive Mirvaso experience here: "I woke up today and I only had one spot of red left on my left cheek, and the paleness was gone. AWESOME."

And: "A bit of information on my self: I'm a 19-year-old college student that's dealt with red cheeks ever since I can remember. As a kid I never thought about it much, but coming to college I became more self-conscious about it. It never stopped me from anything, but it always would have been nice to not have rosy, blotched, red cheeks all the time. I went to a new dermatologist yesterday and she was legitimately excited about Mirvaso having come out. She, herself, has a milder form of rosacea (to where it's cute) and she has talked about how she planned on trying it. Another doctor here with rosacea had also used it with success she told me. I left with the prescription and went to CVS with the coupon (make sure you get that from mirvaso.com or else the script is some ridiculously high price) and picked up the Mirvaso for $50. At my friend's house I applied the Mirvaso and took a few pre-effect pictures. This is how I normally look on a flare-up, and [in the second pictures] pretty close to how I normally look after a shower. Showers are a big trigger for my rosacea. I'm assuming my rosacea is just VERY red and it's taking its time to constrict or whatever it does the blood vessels. BUT it looks to be working. +1 to Rosacea for now. I will keep this updated if anything bew/better/worse happens. I'm going to put any new photos in this imgur album for anybody wanting more picture evidence (and it doesn't seem that I can edit my original post to add this link so if a mod sees this ... ;)  http://imgur.com/a/8CnzN I just added two photo's for T+12 hours and will add two more tomorrow morning if anything's better/worse than the current pictures. From there I'll do a month and sic months if I continue with Mirvaso. Actually adding that to my Calender." Bitani shared pictures of his trial, which can be seen here and here.

(8) Sal English wrote a positive review: "A month ago I asked my derm if there’s anything new for rosacea and she prescribed Mirvaso! After the 1st couple of days I broke out in redness below my nose so didn’t use it for a couple days. Started again and after about 4 weeks of use I’m completely sold on Mirvaso! I apply it about mid morning and it lasts all day. Only have 2 complaints: it’s rather sticky on my face and the tube is quite flimsy and hard to open so am always concerned it might “bust open”. So far, so good with the results. It’s worth a try for anyone not totally happy with what they’re currently using." 

(9). Darren1980 wrote a positive review: "I have had success w the drug so far, although I have 2 disclaimers. First, I have used Mirvaso for one full week. Judging from other posts, I am probably posting a bit prematurely as people have had issues w the drug after a few weeks who had initial success. But I figure I can post my first week results and then check back in after 2 full weeks. Second, I probably don't have as severe a case of rosacea as a lot of other people on here. Most of the time, my skin is fine w little to no redness at all. My problem is flare ups that come out of nowhere every one to two weeks and can be extremely embarrassing. Also, I usually have a persistent redness/itchyness on both sides of my nose and right next to my nose in addition to the flare ups. Over the thanksgiving holiday, after consuming lots of alcohol (including red wine) and playing a lot of tennis, i had the worst flare up I've ever had, which led me to finally go to the dermatologist. So after one full week of using Mirvaso, i have had zero flare ups and my skin looks and feels the best it ever has. I haven't even had problems w the patches on the side of my nose (i can't remember the last time that area hasn't itched and been red). I've also started using cetaphil face wash and cerva moisturizer as recommended by my doc, which I really think has helped as well. When I first started putting on Mirvaso, my face would definitely react and get red w/ a slight burning sensation on my forehead. After a few days, my face got used to it and that has not been an issue at all. I even had a huge meal w a dirt martini and red wine yesterday (first alcohol since Thanksgiving) and my skin feels great. I will report back in another week. Hopefully I have continued success, although I'm cautiously optimistic after reading a lot of other threads. Sometimes I think reading a lot of the horror stories on this forum stresses me out which then leads to a flare up. Maybe not reading these threads is the cure ha."

(10) Jordan wrote: "Been using Mirvaso for 2 weeks. Love it. I think the trick is application. Too much and you have a vampire effect. Too little and it is useless. Spread EVENLY or be splotchy! And I figured it out, I am thrilled. Nothing has ever killed this redness. I forgot what my face looked like without the redness and I truly cried the day. I finally got the application right and looked in the mirror to see my facial contours instead of red puffy cheeks. I have not had any flushing (and I was expecting it). My face just goes back to its normal state of redness if I stop using it. Nothing worse. No irritation either! I normally can't wear anything on my face without some kind of irritation. This stuff doesn't bother me at all. if my face is not too red I try not to use it cause I want to save it for when I really need it (like going out). If I'm staying home, why bother? I know it is just a cosmetic effect and is not curing the rosacea but, it is great to know that I can look like a normal person if I want to. The best stuff ever. So happy." 

*Jordan updated on December 15th: "I posted previously about Mirvaso. I seem to be one of the few on this site that are ok with it. I will say that I do not use it every day. I use it twice a week when I go out. I just don' t want to use any drug daily if I don' t have to. Maybe that is why I am not having any bad reactions to it. There was a day I thought I looked a little bit redder than normal but, I don' t know if it was the 15 degree sledding expedition or the previous Mirvaso use. I tend to think it was the sledding because it has not happened since. I have to say that I am very scared of a flush back reaction because of all theses posts. I will keep using unless I have a bad reaction."

(11) Greengables had a very positive experience with Mirvaso:
“I've been trying out Mirvaso, a new prescription cream that just became available last month. It is the only topical that will actually visibly reduce redness immediately. It does this by constricting the blood vessels wherever it is applied. It turned me white as a ghost about 30 minutes after application. The effects are supposed to last 12 hours, but honestly it only lasts about 4-6. Still, it is a breakthrough for redness. Mirvaso is designed to be temporary. It will do nothing to "cure" your redness, but it will make it disappear for a few hours. I have tried both topicals and oral antibiotics, which are the standard treatments for rosacea, and they did not reduce my permanent redness. I have also had multiple laser treatments, which only gave me minor improvements. Mirvaso has worked the best by far. Because it is a new drug, and billions have been spent researching it and creating it...Mirvaso is costly. The creators do have to recoup all that money spent. Out of pocket it is approximately $230 for a tube. However, you can use the Mirvaso savings card, which will lower it to $50 or $80, depending. You can reuse the savings card for a certain number of refills. This cream is only available in the U.S. (Sorry Europe there are some downsides to "standardizing" your health care...).” (..) “It does not work on "red spots" for acne. It works for general diffuse redness / erythema (common in rosacea).” (..) “I don't have rebound redness currently using it. I am a "flusher", meaning my redness gets worse from certain triggers, mostly exercise, stress, spicy foods, and touching the skin. But I also have a "baseline redness" which means that, most of the time, my skin is just red. It looks like I have a permanent sunburn because of the dilated capillaries. Mirvaso does not stop flushing when I exercise and such, but the flush goes down quicker than when I do not use it. When Mirvaso completely wears off (4-6 hours), I just go back to my "baseline" redness. So Mirvaso so far is great for reducing that "permanent sunburn.” As far as I know it is ONLY available in the U.S.” (..) Question: Does it make your skin look unnaturally white or do you just have a pale skin tone?  “White as a ghost is my natural skin tone  Areas of skin that do not have rosacea redness are naturally that white.” (..) Question: Are you still using mirvaso? I hear the rebound is bad. In fact just as bad as with a steroid “Yes, and I don't get rebounds. I did get rebounds on hydrocortisone, so I know what it looks like. But no, nothing like that on Mirvaso. A LOT of people on the rosacea forums only have mild rosacea, and some of them don't even have rosacea, just translucent skin. I see pics of them, and if I had skin like that, I wouldn't even be worried about it. My "baseline" redness, or how red my skin is 24/7, is as bad as what these mild people call "flares." If you only have a bit of red tinge, Mirvaso will probably not work for you. But if you have a beet face like me, Mirvaso works beautifully.” “I have been using Mirvaso daily for a couple of months now without any rebound flushing. I am sorry your experience has been different. Many of the people on the rosacea forum who have posted pictures do have mild rosacea or just a light pink tinge. Of course I cannot speak for those who have not posted pictures, as their opinions are just more text floating on the internet. Oh, and I've been reading the rosacea forum since 2008. My most recent member account has a join date of 2011 or 2012, so I did not "just become a member there." I became a member when I actually had something to post, which still was over a year ago. I don't really feel the need to defend myself to you anymore, honestly, I stand by my opinions. I am sorry you took such offense to them, but I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Mirvaso. Why don't you spend more time solving your severe rosacea instead of stalking me on the acne boards? ”

Pdl replied to Greengables on January 8th 2014: "I see what you're saying Green just this product has caused a lot of devastation to 90% of the people who tried it on a different forum. Some to the point where they needed medical attention because of the severity of the flush. Glad it works for you just people need to know to be really careful because it seems to only be working for a very small percentage. When it works it works good but when it doesn't the side effects are very serious. Some have discontinued use and after a month still not back to their baseline redness. Very scary."

(12) Noneya wrote a positive but critical review below a Mirvaso youtube video`Got a sample from my dermatologist. It's miracle cream but only for rich people. At $300 per tube, the manufacturer should be ASHAMED of themselves! I guess the average working person will just have to stick with putting ice packs on our face every time we wash it or touch it. I'm an esthetician and I'm just completely disgusted..... `

(13) Renae Harrington wrote on September 30, 2013: `I just tried mirvaso and I cannot believe the difference it made with the redness/telangiectasias!!!!! I’ve tried every cream (finacea, metrolotion, oracea etc).`

(14) Rachel wrote on October 29, 2013: `This product is amazing! To be honest, I just slathered it on and didn’t think much of it. Because let’s be honest, very little actually helps with redness. Then about ten minutes later it felt as though my cheeks had been numbed, not bad, just a little tingly. Well I checked the mirror and was amazed! My porcelain complexion(save my cheeks which were always red) was whole again! My cheek redness was literally gone, this is a miracle. I have had no reactions, rebounds, etc. Also, even though the product is “supposed to work fast”, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t. The official claim say’s it may take up to two weeks to start working. Overall, i’m really excited about this product.`

(15) Heidi wrote on the 27th of November: "I tried what Emily recommended above mixing Mirvaso with the benedryl and moisturizer before using it and it worked great. Thanks Emily!!"

(16) Ladyre69 wrote a short line about Mirvaso on December 14th 2013: "I am also new to this forum but what I was just given that works for me is mirvaso" :)

(17) MollyMoo13 wrote on October 30th 2013: "I tested a tiny spot on my face for about 5 days and had no problems. Package insert said the flushing happened in about 4% of folks, so I bit the bullet and have been using it on my entire face for a little over a week. So far, so good. You use a total of 5 pea-sized amounts on 5 different areas of your face, so the tube will go quickly (guessing it will last 2 to 3 months), and I got a card from the dermatologist to get it for $50. I do think it is helping after 8 days, but need to give it a month to know for sure. Rosacea is so tricky!"

There have been a couple of positive reviews written on a site called webmd.com. I am not entirely sure for some reason if they are all 100% trustworthy, they mostly sound the same to me ("Miracle drug, just dilute it a bit"  -how come all first 3 posters mention this diluting here anyway? Its something that is mentioned on the Galderma rep forums mostly-, all giving it in the 5-5-4 range of stars), but as there is no way to find out for sure I'll add them here as positive reviews nevertheless. But with this text as a side note. 

(18) Liz wrote on december 25th 2013: "I got a prescription for Mirvaso from my doctor about 3 weeks ago. Nothing has ever helped my rosacea so I was very skeptical. He said that he read online that many people were mixing it with moisturizer before using it so that's how I started using it. It works incredibly well and I have had absolutely no problems. I never thought there would be anything that could help me until now."

(19) John wrote on December 20th 2013: "I've had a very good experience with Mirvaso. I've had rosacea for several years and its the only drug that has helped my appearance. I did take someone else's advice online and I dilute it a little before I put it on. It really does work!!"

(20) Kevin wrote on december 6th 2013: "Overall, mirvaso works great to get rid of redness when I need to look my best. I get a little bit of stinging as it wears off. Not bad though. Better than having a red, flushed face all day."

(21) Maria wrote on November 25th 2013: "I really like Mirvaso. Like many other people on forums, I've found that alone, it is a little strong for my skin and I find that I have to mix it with lotions moisturizers, etc before putting it on to prevent irritation. Overall, it works great. It truly is a miracle drug that allows me to look my very best for work and social events."

(22) Bill wrote on November 12th 2013: "Been using Mirvaso since it came out. I'm in sales and it really helps with my appearance when dealing with customers. My advice to anyone starting to use it is "less is more". It has become part of my daily routine and has helped my career."

(23) Tammy wrote on November 11th 2013: "Started using Mirvaso about 6 weeks ago. Really helps with my facial redness. Works right away. Noticed some irritation for the first week or 2 but that went away. Doing great now."

(24) Xenia wrote on October 29th 2013: "Here's my story: by the way, err, I am a real person lol. Because I know people are gonna think i’m not because I actually had a good expierence. I’m shocked by these reviews, I had no idea people were rebounding so bad. And I feel sorry for them, I hope there face returns to “normal.” :( I have been using mirvaso for three weeks: I apply it quite generously, more than a pea sized amount for sure. I put this on in the morning just on my cheeks. It starts working after ten minutes for me, and is at it’s full effect by an hour. My face doesn’t turn ghostly white like some peoples, it just takes the redness out and makes my red cheeks blend in with the rest of my face. I felt no burning, rebound, etc, and I have very sensitive skin. First time I used it the effects lasted about 8 hours, by the two week mark( which is it’s official time mark for it to stark working) I had gotten redness relief for over 12 hours. Towards the end of the time, my face tingles, like someone numbed it. It’s hardly noticeable and doesn’t bother me. After it has worn off my face, my cheeks become red again, but their better! At least 50-70% better than before. I have not had a problem with rebounding. Either way i’m sorry that so many people are experiencing bad results. I just thought i’d give my honest review, because it is a miracle for me."

(25) Jimmi wrote on December 30th 2013: "Still doing fabulous with Mirvaso. Took Emily’s advice (above) and it really works. Eventually, I think that people will figure out a way to have Mirvaso work for them too. Everyone’s different."

Henry replied on december 31st 2013: "Emily and Jimmi probably work for Galderma. The reality is that this mirvaso is a walking disaster and the word on the street is it will never get approved anywhere else outside the US. Galderma you have failed miserably with this product and you should be ashamed of yourselves getting peoples hopes up for nothing."

Jimmi also wrote on November 25th 2013: "It’s great to see that so many others are doing great with Mirvaso too!! I was thinking about it and what I like most is that it gives me TOTAL control over my appearance when I have a date or a meeting." He then affirms his Galderma rep appearance by reminding most posters consistently about diluting Mirvaso for better results, suggesting them to take antihistamines with it (where did we hear that before? On the Gelderma rep message boards) and by linking to latest news articles on Mirvaso. He concluded with: "It sounds like more people are having better results with Mirvaso. I know that it has totally improved my life overall. Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays!"

April 2nd 2014: Jimmi seems to promote Mirvaso, either as a positive patient or as a coworker of its manufacteror, he also posts about it on this website, amongst others, urging other users to use it or adjust their way of using it in order to get better results.

(26) Andy had an initial positive result, immediately after starting Mirvaso. We haven't had an update yet, but take note that most users report the rebound worsening only after multiple days of use typically. He wrote on December 30th 2013: "Today was the first time I have tried mirvaso. Previously, I have tried metrogel, finacea and a dozen other treatments for my rosacea and nothing worked. My entire face is red, not just the nose and cheeks. It is also normally irritated and painful. 30 minutes after mirvaso, I looked like a ghost. Pale white. Like I said, it's the first use but so far I'm ecstatic about it. I still have the irritation and burning which my dermatologist is trying to solve but I hope this is the cure for looking like a lobster. It is a little pricey but ask for samples if nothing else has worked for you."

(27) JoAnn wrote on december 18th 2013: "That’s not true. Different people respond best to different dosages of medications. Diluting or mixing Mirvaso with another lotion, etc is the same thing as taking a different dosage of say, a thyroid or blood pressure med. Someone may respond best to 50 mg whereas another person does well with 100 mg. I also took Emily’s advice and it has really helped me with using Mirvaso. I’ve been using it since around Halloween and the results are amazing. I barely need to wear makeup anymore."
And, in reply to how often she used Mirvaso: "Usually just once per day. I experimented and found a mixture of Mirvaso and moisturizer that does not cause rebound. You have to see what works for you. Emily on this thread also recommended mixing in some Benadryl. I’ve tried that too and it works fine."

(28) Kari72 wrote on January 7th 2014: "I have had rosacea forever and nothing has ever worked
for the redness. My doctor prescribed Mirvaso and I was a little skeptical. I went online and found that a lot of people (JennyR on Realself) and other commentors at Mirvaso review sites were mixing their Mirvaso with other moisturizers etc. One user wrote:“I’ve been using Mirvaso mixed with a moisturizer (1 part mirvaso with 3 parts moisturizer) and it’s worked great. Someone else who posted on here mentioned using benedryl cream. So I switched to mixing together 1 part Mirvaso, 2 parts moisturizer and 1 part benedryl before I apply it. The combination works great. Give it a try. i think you’ll agree. Good luck!!” Someone else on the same forum said that he mixes Mirvaso with sunscreen. I checked with my dermatologist who said it would be OK to ease into Mirvaso using one of these methods and it has been a true blessing for me. If you are thinking about trying Mirvaso, give this method a try."

And she updated on January 2nd: "I tried the same thing that Jenny does and it has worked out fine for the past month. I checked with my dermatologist who said it was OK to do this too."

She also posted on this forum"Mirvaso has really helped me. Like a lot of people online, I only use a little bit mixed with moisturizer before I apply it. It has been a blessing!"

Kari also wrote on February 28th 2014: "I've been using Mirvaso for about 3 months and it has been a blessing! I live in a cold climate and I found it a bit drying at first so I also took some online advice and mix it with a moisturizer like Clinique or Cerave before applying it. Dermatologists are using this method too:

Kari also wrote on February 25th 2014: "I started using Mirvaso about 2-3 months ago. It has been a total blessing!! The other reviewer here is right in saying that you can literally watch the red disappear from your face. Some people online were mixing Mirvaso with moisturizer before applying it. My skin is generally dry so I tried that too. The mirvaso still works great and it helps to control my dry skin. The Mirvaso was really easy to mix with the moisturizer and goes on very smoothly when applied. You have to make sure that all red areas are covered, otherwise, you will notice where you missed. It usually lasts for about 8-10 hours. I haven't used it everyday, especially if I'm just sitting at home. For people with rosacea, this is the best treatment ever developed."

(29) GaryV wrote on January 14th 2014: "I have been using some samples for the past week and been working great. Amazing really. Problem is at $230.00 a tube,  I cant afford it.  I have a feeling this would be considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance. Someone mentioned the pharmaceutical co. recouping their R&D costs and I know it doesn't work this way but it seems they would be able to recoup their investment faster if more people were actually able to purchase the product.  But that's just from a laymen's business perspective. I'm sure they know exactly what they are doing in that department."

(30) Erica wrote on November 28th 2013: "Emily rocks!! What she recommended really helped me too. I love Mirvaso."

(31) Mark wrote on January 7th 2014: "Rosacea sufferers should avoid steriod creams at all costs. They cause thinning of the skin where applied and contribute to or in some cases CAUSE rosacea. It’s called steroid-induced rosacea. Look it up on Pubmed. As for Mirvaso, I swear by this stuff. It’s made social events and life tolerable again. I am a dentist and have a lot of one-on-one time with patients throughout my day and am really thankful for this 0.33% gel. I’ve been using it under my daily application of neutrogena wetskin sunscreen (as a moisturizer and sunscreen dual) since it was released in US. Can’t thank Galderma enough for this product. My redness and inflammatory face issues are gone. I do have to apply it every 6 hours (in stressful situations like surgical procedures on patients or hot rooms or when drinking alcohol, maybe every 4-6 hours). The problems of other users might be that they are off-and-on users. I think this is one of those products that doesn’t cure the underlying disease, instead it doesn’t allow it to surface but only when applied. I cannot live without it. I carry the 30g tube in my pocket at all times. When I feel that burning precursory sensation of redness onset, I go into a bathroom and apply over the top of my sunscreen and the sensation of burning goes away and my face never gets red and swollen. I even started putting it on my ears when they start burning and it feels great to not have to live with this feeling anymore."

(32) Brian wrote on January 14th 2014: "I have been using Mirvaso since mid November about 3 times a week as needed for social events and fortunately for me, so far, it works really well. I apply about 1/3 of the recommended pea size dose. Even if the social event is in the evening, I will apply it mid morning and then reapply mid afternoon. Doesn’t work as well if I wait until I have starting flushing already…i.e, for me, better to be preemptive with it. No side effects to report so far but I can look a little pale sometimes, but sure beats the opposite look. I really empathize with those of you who were hoping and waiting for the miracle cure and when it finally arrived actually made things worse for you.As with any product, be it pharmaceutical or otherwise, those who have a bad experience with the product are more likely to express their frustrations in forums like and look for answers. Those who have a positive experience are less likely to participate. In that regard, I do not believe that the percentage of all users having adverse effects is a high as is seen in this forum. Probably closer to 10% rather than the 80% seen here. Here’s hoping for a better product in the near future which everyone can use."

(33) Sirredface wrote on January 19th 2014: "Hello, I've been taking Minocyclin for a few months now and it was amazing for getting rid of my acne, I was very thankful. However I was recently diagnosed with Rosacea (just the permanent redness and flushing type) and my Doc gave me Oracea and Mirvaso. The Mirvaso seems to work as it's only been a few days and lasts well over 16 hours for me. I also don't seem to get the rebound flushing that is plaguing many people. However my Doc says I can't take Oracea with Minocyclin, and in the last 3 days I've been taking Oracea and stopped Mino I've gotten a few pimples here and there. I was just wondering if anyone is in a similar situation as me and wondering why I can't take Mino with Oracea? He says the Oracea should help with the redness but I'd rather not start breaking out all the time again. :( "

(34) Nikki wrote on January 27th 2014: "I used the sample tube from my derm and it worked great … No rebound so far , so went ahead and ordered the tube from the pharmacy … Hope it continues to work…"

(35) Anonymous wrote on february 5th 2014: "I mentioned Mirvaso on another thread recently. i have been using it for about a month. A couple of times during the first week, I did experience what I hear others describe as rebound redness. I also had a hot feeling one time. What I did, was really cut down on the amount I used and I only use it where I really need it. I use it only in the mornings and usually only during the week. The doctor told me it is supposed to last 12 hours, and I have found that to be accurate for me. On the whole, not counting the first week, my experience has been excellent. My skin has not looked this good for what feels like forever."

(36) Anonymouse wrote on February 24th 2014: "somewhat positive review. Ok i finally decided
I'm not too cool to post about my experience on here, I've been using mirvaso for almost 2 months now, 1 month consistently almost every day sometimes twice a day. the first month, every time i used it i had good results, i would just put 1 pea sized amount on my nose cause thats the only place i really have rosacea, now i put 1 pea size amount on my nose with cerave pm moisturizer because the cerave am with sunscreen doesn't rub in well with mirvaso, i rarely have rebound flushing and if i do its never too bad, when i have triggers the mirvaso is not as effective but still reduces the redness, it only lasts about 6-8 hrs for me, but it seems like i am slowly building a tolerance to it so i took today off and my nose is just baseline red, no rebound or anything, i called my derm today to talk about how it seems to be losing its strength and she has yet to call back. honestly the worst side effect for me is the intraocular pressure which gave me a severe headache one time but its not as bad since I've been using just 1 pea size amount on my nose. only reason i got on here was because i got nervous about mirvaso when i saw the original rebound flushing, ever since i mixed it with the moisturizer that stuff never happens now. i can guarantee 99% of people who had successful results are not gonna go on here to talk about it."

(37) Brendon wrote on February 3rd 2014: "There seem to be a lot of negative reviews for this product on here. I would like to give you guys my experience. I have been suffering from Rosacea for 6 years and during this time I have tried many products to treat it. Mirvaso has been great! the first day I used I looked normal. I have been using it now every morning for about 2 months and it controls my facial redness all day (sometimes not completely maybe 90%). Sometimes I still get red cheeks from cold or running, but nothing extreme like I used to. I dont suffer from the rebound redness like some of you do, I’m sorry to hear that because I know what its like having this condition. When I initally put on the cream my face will turn a little red where I applied the cream, but that goes away after 15mins or so. If I stop or forget to use it I return to my normal amout of redness, but no more. If anyone has questions please feel free to ask! Good Luck!"

(38) Redman9876 wrote on March 1st 2014 on the rosacea support forum: "I've been using Mirvaso now for about three weeks. It has been a miracle. I have subtype I rosacea, and rarely have P&Ps. My wife commented this morning how much she liked my face. She said I was just used to you with a red face, but now it looks really nice. I have not noticed the rebound flushing everyone has been talking about. I did have a bit of a flare and it was at the end of the day when the Mirvaso wore off, but it wasn't really any more red than previously. My derm prescribed it two times per day, which seems to keep the redness completely under control. I don't have any irritation and use moisturizer after I put it on. I wash with Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser, and then use ultracalming mist, and then Mirvaso, then moisturizer. The frustrating thing is that my insurance company requires that I fail Metrogel, Finacea (which I tried and it burned like heck), and then I get covered. My derm wrote a letter and Express Scripts still wouldn't cover it. With the co-pay card from Galderma, the co-pay was only $50, because I am also covered under my wife's insurance. Regardless, its frustrating when you and your derm make a decision, try a product that works and is unique for your medical concern and the insurance companies just deny it. Metrogel and Finacea, while they sometimes decrease redness, they are not labeled as such. And at $290 per tube at the retail pharmacy, and using about 2 per month, that is a fortune to not have a red face!"

(39) Erika wrote on March 6th 2014: "I have had bad rosacea and dry skin forever. I got a script for mirvaso after it came out in the fall. I read the reviews and saw that some patients had problems with it. I really kept up with my other rosacea medicines (metrogel and finacea and moisturizers)when I started using it. I usually put it on along with metrogel after I get to work and it is fabulous. NO MORE RED for most of the day."

(40) Zoo1414 wrote on March 8th 2014: "Over the past years I have spent thousands of dollars on everything form IPL laser treatments to top of the line skin care products and nothing has managed my rosecea better! I have been using the product for a week now and I feel like a different person. Management of facial redness has certainly given me more confidence!

(41) Stell wrote on March 5th 2014: "My doctor gave me some free samples. I researched it and saw pictures. I also took pictures before & after. I was very impressed. About 1/2 hour after application my face looked normal with no redness. I had forgotten what my face looked like before Rosacea. I couldn't stop looking at my face. I could now see my freckles very clearly. My only question is how does it interact with moisturizers/make-up and if the effect is diminished by others creams used on top of Mirvaso. For now I can say I'm exited about this product and that finally there is something out there that actually makes a difference. Too bad it doesn't last all day."

(42) Sperredfaceddude wrote in March 2014: "Within a half hour the redness starts to decrease and the flushing in my cheeks and nose disappears. This medicine has been incredibly helpful for my redness and swelling on my face from Rosacea. I wish I could thank the folks at the manufacturing company personally, its made a terrific improvement in my skin. I've been using it in the morning and Metrogel at night and its been a terrific combination. The medication is also non-drying and goes on quickly and is not shiny or oily."

(43) Anonymous wrote on February 5th 2014, on dcurbanmom.com: "I mentioned Mirvaso on another thread recently. i have been using it for about a month. A couple of times during the first week, I did experience what I hear others describe as rebound redness. I also had a hot feeling one time. What I did, was really cut down on the amount I used and I only use it where I really need it. I use it only in the mornings and usually only during the week. The doctor told me it is supposed to last 12 hours, and I have found that to be accurate for me. On the whole, not counting the first week, my experience has been excellent. My skin has not looked this good for what feels like forever."  

(44) Jojo wrote on March 19th 2014:"Mirvaso has really helped me. I do add it to moisturizer before using. I really only need a small amount to get a good effect. I haven’t had problems with redness after using it."

(45) Tom wrote on March 28th 2014: "I’ve tried Mirvaso for about 5 months now. I’m a flusher
(pretty much entire face) with a wide variety of triggers. Here’s what works for me. If I use the recommended amount for multiple sequential days, I get a set of rough red patches that take about a week to disappear while I abstain from Mirvaso. I can also get a rebound effect in the evening following a morning application. But if I use a very small amount mixed on my fingertip with a mild regular face cream, flushing is drastically reduced with few side effects. I must be very careful not to “overdose” with Mirvaso." 

(46) Jane wrote on March 24th 2014:"I've had a very good experience with this drug, although I've found that only a very small amount is required to produce the effect. I too have been diluting a very, very small amount of Mirvaso with moisturizer (usually Clinique) for optimal results. It takes the red down to where I look totally normal all day."

(47) Anonymous wrote on March 25th 2014: "I've been using Mirvaso since it came out. It really helps me. I use a small amount and usually mix it with moisturizer or Metrogel before applying it."

Kari72 is all over the net promoting Mirvaso, and because she does it so repeatedly and gets complaints from other commenters, who see her as a scammer/Galderma rep, I will not count her testimonies as a positive. She wrote for instance on March 25th 2014: "Mirvaso has really helped me. Like a lot of people online, I only use a little bit mixed with moisturizer before I apply it. It has been a blessing!" Here she is corrected by some other writers.

EmilyKingston writes: "Quit trolling us please, “Kari”. You’re response is repetitive and sounds like a sales pitch." Keri is all over that same thread, saying Mirvaso is great and just needs to be diluted with a moisturizer (and repeats this infinitively). She also posted here.

(48) Simon wrote on May 6th 2014: "Sorry to hear your flushing so bad. I have been using Mirvaso for 2 month and it works well for me . I apply in morning and last all the way to 5PM and getting a little flush. Can i ask you regarding the IPL(Aimhigh). Why do you need to use Mirvaso when you did the Laser, isn’t that you getting better after the laser????"

And Simon updated on May 8th: "I have no problem using Mirvaso at all. First at all, you apply to your face and go the a little fan for a cool down 5 to 10 minutes. you will see the result much better."

(49) Jerry wrote on April 28th 2014: "Using Mirvaso for rosacea. Never thought my face could look this good. I usually only use it 3 times a week though. It helps."

(50) Bagginzz wrote on April 8th 2014:
"I haven't been diagnosed with rosacea formally but have worn foundation forever to mask the light pink hue of my skin. This product has blown me away. I have been using it now for a week without any problems. I apply it in the morning then layer my sunscreen and moisturizer over it and use less foundation for sure. As previous reviewers mention, you really do watch the redness blanch out of your face after a half hour. I work out and sweat almost everyday and this seems to have no effect on Mirvaso - sweating doesn't wash it off or decrease it's effectiveness. I also use retin - A at night and there is no problem with that either. FYI, Mirvaso is applied in the morning so they aren't layered together anyway. There is very little smell to the product and it has the consistency of a very light moisturizer. Because I'm always playing with products, or make up looks, clothes, etc. my poor husband is OVER beauty interrogations - however mid sentence (totally unrelated/ unsolicited per his opinion of my "new skin" shade ) he stopped me with a stumped look on his face and said that my skin looked a LOT different and that he'd not noticed in our 25 years together that I'd had pink skin until it was gone. So…there aren't any negatives I can report about Mirvaso except for the price with is NOT covered by my insurance. My tube will probably last me about 3 months but maybe that's wishful thinking. Oh, and it cost me $290.00 My only other thought is that I'm not noticing the profound difference in my skin I first did, but I think it's because I've just grown used to not being pink anymore. With that said, I'd better get a job fast because this product is an absolute keeper and I hope it brings others the "goods" it's brought me."

(51) Rsanzio wrote on February 8th 2014:"Mirvaso is the new rosacea cream recently approved by the FDA. My dermatologist prescribed and my insurance covered it. My copayment was $50. I have had moderately bad rosacea most of my life, and have tried most every treatment. I actually didn't have big hopes for this cream -- until I literally sat there and watched the red disappear from my face. Couple of notes:
1) My rosacea is mostly very flushed cheeks, chin and nose. I don't really have bumps or pimples.
2) It had no effect on broken capillaries around my nose, which stood out even more against really pale skin
3) The paleness looks a little blotchy and slightly unnatural, but that may just be me staring into a 10x mirror. I doubt anyone sitting across from me would see it.
4) That said, I probably wouldn't go out without some sort of foundation on my skin after using it. On the plus side, the amount of foundation I need is cut in half.
5) It also made my big pores much, much smaller. My skin looked glossy.
6) The packaging is a little funky, it's a tube with a press and twist prescription top. If you grab the tube hard enough to press the cap down the cream comes pouring out when you lift it off.
6) The redness started coming back after about 6 hours, but it was pretty gradual.
7) It is not a treatment for rosacea that will make it go away over time, but it does do a heckuva job controlling its symptoms for me. Especially helpful since the Retin A I use to treat both rosacea and other skin issues makes me even more red. - I tried it on one side of my face first and the comparison with the other side after a half hour was remarkable. I tried to take a picture but my cell phone just could not get the kind of detail where you could see what was happening. But the photo from the Mirvaso website loaded above is the closest I could find to what mine looked like. The only other thing I've ever tried that had as big an impact was regular ILP laser, which is very expensive and time consuming. Not to mention somewhat painful. I instantly started reading other people's reviews on the Rosacea boards. Not everyone had my experience, some got even more redness. Other people look super blotchy, or start itching. I did not experience these things. In short, I have a whole cabinet full of green concealers I use for rosacea that I hope I will no longer need. I had the prescription for a while and just didn't expect it to do much, but I finally picked it up today and tried it. It had quite a miraculous effect on my skin and I would recommend trying it to anyone who shares this problem."

(52) Julie Zuckerman wrote on October 24th 2014: "[..] So does it really work? You bet. After cleansing, apply a pea size amount to the whole face. Patients should also try a spot treatment before applying it to the whole face to detect adverse effects. The light gel glides on smoothly and should be applied evenly before any moisturizer or other topical acne medications. Within 15 minutes, generalized redness will be reduced over 40%. It is important to treat the whole face to avoid blotchiness and to avoid the eyes and mouth. The medication will take full effect within 1-2 hours. Don’t be surprised by how different you look without the redness you’ve been covering!  Redness does return within 12 hours gradually, without rebound effects. [..] "

(53) Marie Thompson wrote on May 30th 2014: "I’m on Day 4 using whitish gel formula samples, haven’t broken into my full tube of product yet. I look pale on Mirvaso but I was very light skinned to begin with. No one in the family has remarked in a negative way about my reduced color. I find it become effective about an hour after I’ve applied it. Mirvaso restores the natural paleness in all but my worst red areas, which lighten sufficiently to be covered by makeup. Because my rosacea spots become more evident when the product takes effect, and the worst red areas start to reemerge in the afternoon, I need to retouch my makeup twice during the day.  I find the product very comfortable to wear. No issues with flushing. I haven’t noticed rebound but will be taking a day off soon to test for it."

(54) Brandon wrote on May 30th 2014: "Mirvaso has been the best treatment that I have use since being diagnosed with rosacea. I have tried everything that the Dr. would prescribe. I find it unfortunate that there are people who are having negative reactions to this medication, but we all know not all medications work for all people.I find the product very comfortable to wear. No issues with flushing. I haven’t noticed rebound but will be taking a day off soon to test for it." Now onto my experience with Mirvaso. I have been using this for 3-4 months now and when I first started using it it turned my cheeks more of a pale white color. This didn’t last… I gave it time and now I don’t get pale white. The cream controls my rosacea very well, however I do have occasional flare ups when stressed or in a hot room. Ill take the occasional flare up over the lack of success I have had with any of the other medications. I use the cream every morning (about 1/4 pinky nail sized) along with cerave a very good lotion that my dermatologist recommended (maybe a thumb nail sized). BTW this is X2 one for each cheek. I rub that on my cheeks nose and between my eyebrows where I have the redness. I will sometimes show a little red like after I run… but even people without rosacea get red when they run. I am also on Minocycline I think that is due to the fact that I also had a really bad stye on my eyelid, but I think it also helps with rosacea. If anyone has any questions please feel free to message me on here.. I know how much having rosacea sucks!"

(55) Charlene wrote on already on April 18th 2014: "I have rosacea and I had a similar problem with my Mirvaso. I’m glad that I saw this post by Kari because I tried it and now I’m not having any problems using Mirvaso. Thanks Kari!"

(56) EliseElise wrote on July 8th 2014: "At first, I had ups and downs with Mirvaso. Then I discovered (from someone online) that I only need to use a very small amount. Now I have no problems and it really helps to control my rosacea."

(57) Florinda wrote on October 21st 2014: "I’ve been on Mirvaso for about a month now. I don’t seem to have a reaction to it when I don’t use it. It does help with the swelling, redness and acne like breakouts. The breakouts disappear when I use it. I use it in the morning and it lasts about 10 hours. I’m also using Zyxal for the itching but even the itching goes away when I use Mirvaso. I will continue to use Mirvaso. I’ll write an update in about a month to see if Mirvaso is still working."

(58) Ann Halpin wrote on October 21st 2014: "I’ve been using Mirvaso for the past five months and as long as I use a pea sized amount for my entire face it works great. I am having an outbreak at the moment but that is due to stress and and eating two trigger foods (my fault). I think for those for whom it doesn’t work there are other options. I had tried Metrogel and Finecia first. Metrogel didn’t completely work and the Finecia completely burnt my skin. We just all have to find what works for our own skin."

(59) Val wrote on September 16th 2014: "I use Mirvaso for my rosacea but I saw this online for anyone having laser: BEST NEWS IN YEARS!- Mirvaso!!!! I can’t tell you this will work for you. But I had just had a laser treatment done and 2 months later I was still having a tough time with Redness! My rosacea was slightly better by approx. 50 percent. And I was still red and blotched. I called my Doctor and I told him this was just approved. He called it in and I used it! WOW! Amazing. I wouldn’t use it everyday. But along with the other products, treatments, and life style changes. It worked amazing! Use as directed! But all and all. It was amazing! DO your research and check it out. Good Luck!! – MIRVASO!!!?"

(60) Groovygal wrote on October 7th 2014: "I have used Mirvaso for over a year now. I can't use oral antibiotics so this medication is free to me because I have Medical. This has been a miracle drug for me. I use it EXACTLY as prescribed and my face looks like it did when I was 16. I always had a 'peaches and cream' complexion until Rosacea hit me at 40 years old. I used everything out there and this is the only thing that really worked."

(61) Simon wrote on October 23rd 2014: "We had our yearly website and business card photos at work and thanks to Mirvaso, I don't look like a beet this year."

(62) Sammax1111 wrote on October 6th 2014: "Using it for 3 months - LOVE IT !!!! You need to experiment with it to see what works for you. I had a very red face....could not go out without makeup..it has been that way ever since I could remember. The Mirvaso pales out my skin and I have an even skin tone when I do not wear makeup. However, using Mirvaso when my triggers happen (sun, stress, etc) turns my face beat red. Sooooo I experimented and found that when I wear liquid makeup over the Mirvaso (you need to wait at least 20 minutes between the two)& one of my triggers happen...it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! ...the best way I can equate/explain it is when you bend over for 30 secs. to brush your hair and then stand straight flipping your hair back and the blood has rushed to your face..It looks great..The makeup keeps it looking even. I am so glad I did not give up when I turned red that 1st time. Good Luck !!"

Ambiguous reports

(1) Steven wrote below the article in the comment section, on September 25, 2013: `So I got it
(Mirvaso, SN) – about a week ago – used it 4 days – looked great at first, then seemed to have some breakthrough redness before the 12 hours were up. Thought I would stop using it for a few days as I thought I might be developing tolerance to it. The day after I discontinued it my face has been flushed more than before I used it. So rebound redness seems to be potential problem – It certainly has been for me. I may keep the prescription on hand just to use on “special days” where I really do want to minimize flushing and redness, but am concerned about the rebound as just a few day’s use of it has resulted in quite a bit of it. I wonder how long it will take for my flushing to return to “baseline”…."

He updated on October 2: ´I would say it took about 5 days to get back to baseline – decided to try it again for a day and applied just a small amount to my most problem areas – left on for about 8 hours and washed off. I looked great for that period of time, and had no rebound. So it may work best for me to use it as a PRN thing but not daily. I am sure there are a lot of variables that factor into how a person responds to mirvaso. It really does work though and think it is worth a try. You will just have to see how your skin reacts. To answer Rob’s question, I would say I do not want to use it every day because after a few days it seemed to not work as well for me suggesting I was probably developing a tolerance to the medicine so I thought best to hold on it to let my skin settle down and then retry it after the flushing normalized. It is true that they state it is effective for a year in trials, but that was just not my experience. It DID work great for the first 2-3 days and again using it once after giving my skin a break for a few days. If you get mirvaso – you will probably be like me the first day I applied it – I stared at my face in the mirror all day amazed by how pale and “normal” my skin looked. It was quite amazing.`

(2) Jaygee wrote on September 26 2013: "Wow is all I can say. I have that diffuse redness that is so hard to get rid of. I have been using makeup to cover up the redness and as a guy this is obviously tough. Yesterday I tried it but witnessed mild results. I had to go to work so I used make up to cover up. But today I used more than I did yesterday. I think when they say pea sized amount they really mean as big as a pea. Even when using thepea sized amount, I saw little difference at the 30 minute mark. However, for me at the 1 hour mark, I looked in the mirror and wow. I have not looked this way since I was 19 (I'm 24 now).So yes, this works icon_smile.gif The key is to use enough. Hoping for no rebound. Feeling so happy"

And updated on October 14th: "I'm a 24 year old male with persistent redness on cheeks and temples. I flush too. I use makeup to cover up the redness and that does an okay job. Anyways, I Got the drug a couple of weeks ago. I used pea sized amounts as directed on the first day and saw little change to my face if at all. Nothing like the "ghost" complexions that many people say they have experienced. The next day I tried putting more on and for whatever reason, this time the stuff worked well enough to notice a difference. Again, not "ghost-like" but a definite improvement. However, in about 5-6 hours the stuff wore off and the redness came back under my makeup which has never happened before. So I stopped using it for awhile. Now for the last week or so I have been using the very smallest amount, like hardly any but just a little on my face. I don't get any rebound, but to be honest I'm not sure if the results are there either. That's just the psychology of rosacea I think; it is sometimes difficult to know if something is actually working or not.

(3) Kathy wrote on November 6, 2013: `My experience was that in using the Mirvaso (on my nose) it seemed to make the red bumps even more pronounced, but then seemed to dry them out and they went away—until the next round, that is. It definitely made it worse before it made it better in my case. I have never had a huge problem with Rosacea on my nose, but after using the Mirvaso, it appeared that I did. I do not see it as a total solution to my problem.`

(3) Anon24 wrote (after an initial negative review, see nr. 3 below here): "Hey guys, If you read my post history, you'll see that I had pretty bad results with Mirvaso (like most other users). Made me flush when I previously wasn't a flusher, unpredictable rebound, etc. Well, I've been experimenting with it a bit, and I think I've figured out a way to use it and not suffer those ill effects. I have tested this twice, with good results both times. Basically, what I'm doing is, let's say I have a special event and I want to use it so it works really well, I will use about half a pea size for my entire face, but before applying, will mix it thoroughly with Eucerin Nightly Soothing Creme (though I think other moisturizers would work just fine). So I mix those up on a piece of foil, and then evenly rub that in on m face. After 2 hours, its working very evenly and very well. The next morning, when rebound would normally appear, I will do the same thing, but apply about half as much Mirvaso this time (with the lotion of course). The next morning, (day 3), I will apply just a very very small amount with lotion. I believ with this system, I am preventing the rebound , and tapering myself off Mirvaso over a few days. By day 4 (twice in a row now seperated by 3 weeks), I can get off Mirvaso and be back to my baseline and throughout the whole process never have rebound, flushing etc. I think tapering off the Mirvaso is the key here, because all that blood starts rushing back SO fast if you abruptly stop. If anyone is brave enough, I am really interested in hearing if this works for other people. I had all but sworn off Mirvaso, but I can actually use it now and it's great. Let me know if you try it!"   

(4) Nana wrote on November 7th 2013: "I have been using mirvaso for a week and although my face feels calmer, I noticed that after 8 hrs I get really bad red spots that takes for ever to go away. When I apply the cream the next day, the redness become more noticeable. I don’t know if I should keep using the cream ! It helps me feel less hot on the face, but I break out with a vengeance…"

(5) Bill Rabara wrote initially below this youtube video on Mirvaso: "Mirvaso is a godsend. I have terrible rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis redness and mirvaso eliminates virtually ALL of the redness, each application lasting 12-24hrs (for me)! Humans, being an insanely complex biological system, experience side effects when any foreign chemical is introduced into the body-- even 'natural' chemicals. With mirvaso, I get flushing 3hrs after application-- a tad nasty but is gone within 1hr. If stop using mirvaso altogether I get a week long increased redness that prompts me to wear makeup. So what. I feel it's still way worth it."

Bill Rabara updated on October 15th 2013 however: "Dr Bowers, I have experienced a terrible rebound effect using Mirvaso. My face is (subjectively evaluated of course) 2 times redder than it was prior to using Mirvaso. I only know experienced painful flushing out of nowhere, seemingly untriggered. The flushes last for 3 – 8 hours so far. Responding amazingly – yes. Side effects – yes – major for me. Although the flushing and rebound is starting to very slowly subside on my 3rd day of NOT applying Mirvaso. If my example and the online reviews are a good representative sample, then your patients are either not reporting the side effects or maybe they haven’t tried to stop applying the cream. For me, the flushes were worse when I was applying the medication but the redness is so much worse now after having used it. Catch 22. Ugh."

Then he later updated that he deemed Mirvaso a success nevertheless. So he experiences rebound yet keeps using it and finds it somewhat effective. This ambiguous reporting ends in the ambiguous section therefore.

Negative reports

(1) WrincledClue wrote on August 30th, 2013: "Here's the good news; Brimonidine, the main ingredient in this new cream, is extremely powerful. Tiny amounts of it turn my red red face absolutely pasty white. Because of that, it makes it much harder to flush. Here's the bad news. I used Brimonidine successfully for several months in minute doses and loved it. Then my poor face exploded in a sort of steroid rosacea, in the way blood vessels explode with dilation after being forced to constrict for too long. I'm horrified that Brimonidine got FDA approval when it clearly causes terrible rebound flushing. In the early days when it working well for me, it caused horrible rebound redness that was much worse than the original problem in everybody who took my suggestion and tried it. I think it took me longer to react badly because I was using such a tiny amount of it. Nonetheless, react badly I did and am still paying the price. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I urge tremendous caution with this dangerous, dangerous ingredient."

(2) Alyfpet wrote on September 21st, 2013: was initially positive but that quickly changed. Her diary of her Mirvaso use it quite striking and she has been suffering over 6 weeks from short term Mirvaso use. It started well: "I am feeling positive that I seem to tolerate Mirvaso thus far." Then she updated: "I do feel, however, that applying Mirvaso takes down my rosacea, in general, a degree or two. My face feels calmer and less reactive so far. I am at work today, which will be a good test. I usually flush on a daily basis at work at around 6/7 pm. I'm not sure why, but it is probably anxiety trying to finish my deadlines and get out of the office. I'll see if that happens today. If I go a week without a bad reaction, I plan to try some on the skin around my eyes. My derm suggested putting some, not on my eyelid but rather underneath my eyebrows, kind of at the top of my nose."

She then updated on the 25th of September: "Just an update. I had a bad night last night, with more redness and itching/tingling than usual in my problem areas, so, I didn't use the Mirvaso this morning. Today, I am having a horrible rosacea day. My face is hot, flushy, and redder than usual. I can't say it's the Mirvaso, because my last application was 36 hours ago. I assume that rebound would not be that long lived from just 3 applications? Regardless, I'm going to stay away until my skin settles. The only other thing that may be causing the redness/flushing is an antihistamine that I am on day 3 of taking (Clarinex). I think that sometimes the antihistamine dries my skin out and makes my rosacea worse. I am hoping that is it. I don't want to think that this new treatment will not ultimately help me. I was so excited. Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty depressed today about this." And: "I cannot use Mirvaso. My face is still suffering from what is obviously rebound or some other reaction to the cream. I have been flushed all day. My baseline is worse than 4 days ago, when I started my trial."

On the 1st of October she updated: "So, my 3-day Mirvaso use has left me worse off than before I started. It has been a week, and now that my face has settled, it is clear that my baseline condition has been kicked up a notch. This is pretty devastating for me [..]."

And on the 2nd: "I'm 9 days since my last Mirvosa application, and I am still feeling the bad effects from use. I used a very small amount for three days, on my nose mostly, spreading it out to my cheeks, but the rebound is affecting my whole face, including my chin, which never flushes. I'm starting to believe that the rebound is over, and that this is going to be a permanent deterioration of my condition due to the inflammation I experienced after I stopped use. While my rosacea was never in total remission, it has been stable for the last couple of years. I'm not sure how I am going to get through this setback, as I cannot tolerate laser and have tried most all medications. To be honest, I am surprised that this stuff got approved by the FDA with the potential to do this to this degree."

On the 15th of October she updated"I can tell you without a doubt that my 3 days of Mirvaso use progressed my condition. I am 3 weeks since last use and my rebound is through, but my condition is worse. I am trying to hold on day by day until I see my derm again in two weeks in hopes that another drug will help get me back to where I was before this nightmare. Before Mirvaso I had permanent redness around my nose with flushing on the rest of my nose and cheeks periodically. Now, Everywhere I would flush before is constantly red. And when I flush the stinging and burning is worse and my chin turns red too. I have never flushed on my chin for the many years I've had this condition. This has been an absolute nightmare for me, and there is nothing funny about it."

And on the 17th of October"I gave Mirvaso a chance, and now I wish to God that I had waited and read other peoples' results before trying it. After 3 1/2 weeks, I am coming to accept that my baseline condition is worse off, but I still cry over this every day. My redness is worse, and my skin is puffy and inflamed in places where I had no problem before. When I flush now, my skin feels so tight that it feels like I am wearing a mask. I never had that before. It is very difficult functioning at work like this, let alone enjoying life in any sense. I am sure, at this point, that my extreme and prolonged flushing resulted in new blood vessel growth. There is no other explanation that I can make sense of."

On the 29th of October she updated: "I had rebound flushing from Mirvaso, which left me much worse off. The worst of it lasted around 9 days. After about 5 weeks, I am still much redder, warmer, puffier, and can see vessels under my red that were not visible before. My derm agrees that I am reacting to the Mirvaso and should report to the FDA, which I did. He is hopeful that I didn't grow more vessels but that my vessels are dilated and super-reactive from the Mirvaso. To calm them, he prescribed me the following regimen, which does seem to be helping: Doxycycline, Clarinex, Aleve, Cold Milk Compresses"
30th of October: "5 weeks and 2 days. I tend to think that my rebound has resolved and that this situation indicates a permanent worsening of the rosacea. I must have had a strong enough and long enough rebound to cause angiogenesis. Not sure how I'm going to get back on track here. Feels pretty impossible right now."

And on the 4th of November 2013 Alyfpet updated: "I thought I was getting a bit better, but that was during a weekend where I did nothing but rest and try to keep my face cool. Back to regular life, and this is a nightmare. My face and neck is hot all of the time, my face is red and my right cheek stings. I mean STINGS and burns. It is just awful. My cheeks are inflamed and puffy.None of this existed before Mirvaso. I mean none of it. I had permanent redness around my nose and ocular symptoms. My face would turn red during a flush, but not unless I was flushing. Now when I flush, forget it. Painful. It has been 6 weeks, so these changes are obviously a deterioration of my condition, and not temporary. If there isn't something else to make this better, I don't see how I can live with this on a daily basis. I won't make it through a summer.Sorry to sound so distraught, but I truly am. And I can't imagine anyone who physically felt the way I do not feeling the same way. What is the motivation to get through each day when each day is uncomfortable, painful, and humiliating. And add to that the guilt from not being able to be a good mother to my 2 year old during this time. I feel just hopeless." - Alyfpet is also quoted in Healthcare Daily, a Dallas/Ft. Worth, online magazine in an article about Galderma's president leaving. Also see the 5th comment under Dr. Andrea Trowers of Miami's YouTube Video

(3) Anon24 wrote on 27th September 2013: "Well, I'm disappointed. I used visine for years and never had rebound or "flushing". I always had sort of a permanent redness to my skin, and a burning sensation, but it doesn't really look like rosacea. Mirvaso works incredibly well, there is no doubt about it. However, I wore it for one day, and now here I am 48+ hours after applying it and my skin is still acting weird. I have never "flushed" before, but I think I am beginning to see what that is like, and it's clearly from the Mirvaso. I am more red than I've ever been, and in different places then I ever had the redness. Visine never gave me rebound, this is. The terrible part is, I don't even think I'll use Mirvaso for special occasions, because if I have to deal with unpredictable skin for the next few days, that's not something I'm cool with. If I'm going to have rosacea, fine, but I'm not going to put a bandaid on it and then deal with the reprecussions when I rip that bandaid off. I'd rather look at more holistic ways to solve this problem, and at least have skin that I can predict. So now I am transitioning to focusing on dieting, and doing some Vbeam. Good luck to all of you, i hope you have better results, but I doubt I'll ever use Mirvaso again." 

Anon24 later updated and found an elaborate way of mixing and tapering his Mirvaso off, that allows him to use it without the same rebound problem. This update can be read in the ambiguous section upwards. (As the recommended and normal dose and usage of Mirvaso causes him to rebound and worsen, this initial report remains here in this Negative section).

(4) Littlelassie wrote on 2nd October 2013: "I used Mirvaso for three days. The first day I used too much (still less than the recommended amount). I was very pale and it looked abnormal, and lasted for 6-8 hours. The second two days I used less and started to see signs of rebound when it would wear off. Honestly I didn't believe in a "rebound", I'm not sure why. I especially didn't think I would be someone that had a rebound. A day after I stopped the mirvaso, I flushed really badly. That was the first time I've ever really flushed. It has been 5 days since I've used any mirvaso and I still have been getting flushy/extra red when I get too warm or eat something spicy. Those are normal triggers for people who typically flush, but I didn't flush before this. I'm hoping that if I'm gentle on my skin and avoid getting too warm things will settle out and go back to how there were before. My advice is just to be careful. Take it slow and don't use too much. Hopefully a lot of people can still benefit from this, but I'm too scared to try it again. If I get a good baseline picture (when my skin is looking normal) I will post some pics. I have some with the mirvaso on and 1 during the flush (my husband was impressed with the redness and felt the need to document)." 

(5) "...Like most I was hoping this would be that miracle drug to help persistent redness, burning, and aggravation of rosacea. I'll keep it brief. What others are saying about this medicine is true---tread lightly. I have rosacea (type 1) with persistent redness, periods of mod-severe flushing and SD. I tried this medicine as directed and the results were so amazing it was scary. I mean I went from red/ burning/ tingling to calm, white within an hour. It also lasted about 8 hrs. But when this shit wears off OMG!! Calm before the storm. You pissed your skin off, wrecked the balance, and if you have SD...get ready. I woke to what looked like poison ivy in random patches all over my face. This medicine scares the crap out of me!!!! I'm a doctor myself and I know a thing or two about physiologic mechanisms and our body's role of homeostasis.Whatever the underlying cause is that causes or blood vessels to be hyperactive, placing a topical chemical on the skin that's absorbed and then wears off is asking for trouble. It's not a permanent solution, only a crutch. This stuff has the potential to ruin your baseline flush response. The concept is great but not sure this medicine delivers. Be careful folks. I wish I would've never tried it..."

(6) "...Until last week, I had what I would call moderate to mild rosacea - I maintained a nice blush, flushed with a trigger and occasionally got welts and spots. Now, after less than a week on Mirvaso my entire face is intermittently and randomly beet red, burning, inflamed and flushes with barely any provocation. So badly in fact that people around me are commenting. I have had rosacea for over a year with barely any remarks on my appearance. When I got the sample I applied it and was thrilled with the result. I finally looked like my old self. I got remarks on how great my skin looked. That only lasted one day. By the 2nd day I was getting some breakthrough patches. I thought maybe I had missed a few spots and put more on. It took the redness away. So far so good I thought. By the 3rd day I was getting larger and more severe breakthrough redness. By the end of the week I was flushing in odd patterns and at random times. I stopped using Mirvaso but the spotches and severe flushing continued. I am now on day 5 without Mirvaso and my skin has still not returned to normal. People that I interact with daily are remarking and asking what is wrong with me. I pray this stuff has not permanently damaged my already sensitive skin. I did see my dermatologist who seemed shocked by my appearance based on the press about Mirvaso and said that they would proceed with caution with other patients based on what was going on with me."

(7) Budday wrote: I´m an Accutane-induced flusher from head to chest...tried a tiny bit of Mirvaso once at 8pm on Monday (just on my face) - worked amazingly well for 20 hours (both in combating redness and blocking flushing - I looked unnaturally pale, honestly, and tested it on a few beers in a fairly unfamiliar environment), and I've been experiencing extreme rebound flushing with a much, much lower threshold nonstop since it wore off 4pm on Tuesday (it's presently 51 hours since I first took it). Usually flushing lasts about 30 mins and dissipates into a red glow for me, but these rebound flushes last two to three hours, with dark outlines around my eyes the entire time. These rebound flushes provide enough body heat to to stand outside naked and comfortably in the winter, and they grow patch by patch where the Mirvaso was applied, until the whole face is redder than my worst flushes before."

(8) Wiry wrote: "Sadly, it did not work at all. It only gave the illusion of working for a short time. In reality, the time it appeared to work was part 1 of a process that was actually doing damage to skin. Luckily you discontinued before serious damage was done (and so was I). Others have not been so lucky and seem to have damaged their skin to a greater degree..perhaps even permanently. There was a user who had to go to the hospital and others who have become depressed and lost work. Nearly all (if not all) have experienced rebounds that are worse than baseline. Forget what the studies say since real users do not agree. Honestly, I do not know of another product that can do so much physical and emotional damage...so fast...and so consistently for rosaceans. It is very bad stuff." 

Wiry updated on the 11th of October 2013, and started a new thread for this: "So it appears that we are shifting from "How can Mirvaso help you" to "How long to recover from Mirvaso" I am at 3 days and have started to flush (never flushed before). I am more red than before and it is even slightly painful. I never experienced pain before. This is very unsettling. I am hoping that it will go away soon. Another user was almost two weeks out and still had not returned to normal. I feel like I should have waited, but the excitement got the best of me. Now I am paying for it. Thoughts from other users?"

And: "A few a few papules (the small red pimple looking lesions) that were out of the ordinary. Day 4 since stopping Mirvaso and things are calming down. I am not back to baseline yet, but I am hopeful in the coming days/weeks I will be back to what I call normal. I used it about 6 times. The first time was with a standard dose and the others were at much lower dosages. This drug seems to have the same negative effects of steroids...on steroids. Seems to be making people worse than better. So far it seems almost everyone wishes they never touched it. Yeah, mine got worse for 3 days after stopping (peaking about 3 days). It is day 5 now and seems to be slowly getting back to normal. I am definitely more red but at least I am not flushing. Hopefully another few days or a week and I will be back to normal. I would be happy getting back to normal and if I ever use it again...maybe just a tiny bit and one day only...but even that is questionable."

(9) Mauerfan wrote on 10th October 2013: "I suffer from mostly the redness associated with rosacea so 3.5 weeks ago my derm prescribed me mirvaso. The first 3 days of it were great, no redness, cool to the touch cheeks, and minimal to no rebound. From day 4 onward however things got much worse, i started to suffer extreme rebounding episodes roughly 5 hours after application, my cheeks would turn beet red(that never happened before I used the meds, in severity or frequency) it progressed now to where if I lay down both of my cheeks flush and get warm and beet red! also something that never happened before. The meds seemed to exacerbate my condition making it much worse than it was before. I started using it. So last night I wrote galderma an email explaining what I just explained here, this AM a nurse from the company called me to get more info, she was very nice and helpful, she said my experience would be forwarded on to the FDA and Galderma would refund the cost of my prescription. So in summary the product sucks!! But the company seems willing to listen and compensate  us."

(10) LittleWingies wrote: `I wish I had never tried Mirvaso. I used it one time this Monday. It worked amazingly in that I had zero redness on my face and for the first time in more than 20 years, my skin was one color. Then after 24 hours, it wore off. OMG. The rebound flushing is REAL, folks. I only have mild rosacea and given that I have been doing V-Beam laser treatments for years and using tea tree oil, I had finally reached a place where I had it under control with a little pinkness in my cheeks. Now, after having used Mirvaso once, the rebound has made my skin hyper-sensitive and I have been burning up since Tuesday. It's Friday and I just had a flare-up and I have no idea why. I have been icing my face and applying sea buckthorn oil to soothe it. It is very painful and I have scheduled an emergency V-Beam treatment with the dermatologist for next week to see if that can help. I'm praying that I have not destroyed my baseline from one application. This stuff is bad news." 

(11) Donna wrote on November 11th 2013: "I have used Mirvaso for three days and liked it so I thought, after the third day I decided NOT to use it to give my face a break from it since it was a weekend. My face is now on fire and very red like I have been in the sun all day. Not sure what to do, this is VERY disappointing. I hope it does not last long. Any suggestions?"

She updated on December 17th 2013: "I also took Emily’s advice and have been using Mirvaso for over 6 wks now. I haven’t had ANY trouble and it really helps with my redness. I usually use it 4 or 5 times per wk. Also, I’m not being paid to say this either!"

12. Peruanofutbal14 wrote on 12th October 2013: `Day one off mirvaso my left cheek had 4 extremely red dots surrounded by pink skin right cheek had pinkish dots surrounded by pink skin ... Today woke up with my left with at least 12 red dots surrounded by red skin... Right cheek wasn't as bad but it's 430pm and both sides seem to be equally bad ... I'm guess my face will get worse tomorrow and after that get better cause I don't think my face could get anymore red what really bothers me is the pimple like dots on my face .... It's very depressing I called off work today and I work again Monday hopefully it'll be calmer by then"

And Peruanofutbal wrote on October 12th 2013 as well: "Today is my first day of not using it my left was a lot redder with pimple like red dots and then I got home and took a shower and after my face is beet red so yup ...."

And: "As you guys were trying to recover from mirvaso did you notice it got worse before better ? My left cheek got three times worse the next morning while my right cheek looks for the most part to its baseline pinkness."

(13)  Whatisitworth wrote"I was diagnosed with rosacea about two years ago- biggest symptoms were moderate to severe flushing and some growing, persistent redness. Tried a few topicals and minocycline over the past year without too much improvement. Had one IPL with really good results- going back for another round and anticipating about three to four total. Was given two Mirvaso samples by the derm. I've included three photos; one of my face while on mirvaso for the first time and two of the horrible rebound flushing I've had. I used mirvaso for two days and then was in class the next day and bam! Started to flush more badly than I ever have before in my life, beyond deep red all the way into purple. So painful and intense that I had to leave class and it took two hours to start going down. Didn't reapply mirvaso but the next day around the same time had another huge flushing episode where I had to leave class, so deep purple. As I walked to my car people were staring and talking under their breath about it. Pictures of rebound flushing are from today- day 3 of flushing intensely at the same time with no trigger, just out of the blue. 2 1/2 hrs later still waiting for sw improvement. I feel extremely sad and frustrated, almost hopeless. Three days ago, before mirvaso and a few weeks after IPL, I was still red but feeling happy, optimistic and like rosacea wasn't that big of a deal. This flushing is debilitating; not sure what to do anymore. Just thought I would add my experience here." 

(14) Amanda wrote on October 16th 2013: "I, too, tried Mirvaso about a week ago and had the same awful effects: horrendous, bright red rebound flushing unlike anything I ever had in the past 15 years! The product worked great at first and then I noticed a terrible hot, inflamed redness on my cheeks and nose at around hour 5 after application that lasted about 1.5 hours. A ton of make-up did little to cover it up. I am stunned this product was approved as I am very concerned about the long lasting affects. I have not used Mirvaso in three days and am continuing to flush badly and have all around redness that is worse than prior to using Mirvaso. Very Disappointing!!!"

(15) Audrey wrote here on October 18, 2013: `I’ve used it for 2 days and my cheeks are bright red…redder than they were before I started using this product. I’ve read reviews on other websites and apparently many others are having problems with severe redness that does not go away, even after discontinuing use. I will not use this product again….`

(16) Nadia wrote on October 18th 2013: "I am having un predictable flushing like I never experienced ever before using Mirvaso. I spoke to a nurse at Galderma who took my information and sent me a questionnaire. I too am afraid this condition of flushing could become permanent. I t comes out of nowhere as I have been applying at the same time every day and have not done anything different on the flushing days as on the non flushing days. I am discontinuing use of Mirvaso all together and will stay in touch with my doctor about the unusual, unpredictable and un timely flushing."

(17) Erin Wright wrote: "Beware of Mirvaso! My dermatologist promised me that there would be no rebound flushing. However, I experienced TERRIBLE rebounding (flaming redness over my entire face, with quarter-sized welts in certain areas) after just 5 days of use. It took a week for the rebound to subside...although I really don't think I've recovered completely yet---and it has been over a month." 

Erin also posted on October 22nd 2013: 'My dermatologist *promised* me that Mirvosa didn’t have any rebound flushing, but after a week of use I suffered terrible rebound flushing after I washed it off in the evening…actually, the worst flushing I had in my entire life (36 years old, rosacea for 20 years). And, the flushing was across my entire face, not just the places where I usually get redness (chin, center of forehead, around nose). I decided to stop using it altogether because I was afraid the extreme flushing would cause permanent damage."

(18) Lauren wrote on October 22nd, 2013: "Just got it and although it seemed to work to some degree, I had some unusual breakthrough flushing. After only 2 days of use, I woke up to a red face anywhere I had used it (which is almost never the case prior). I don’t have a permanent blushing problem but instead get it particularly in the afternoons, and now it seems that with Mirvaso it is a 24 hour phenom. I read here that it isn’t for those who have the flushing/blushing come and go, but my derm thought it would be good for me. I still feel tempted by the potential ‘miracle’ cure, but sitting here red-faced, I suspect I will let this go until there is a wider range of experience. Very disappointing after a lifetime of suffering." 

And she updated on October 24: "and mine is diminishing. Used a bit of hydrocortizone on it this morning and it appeared to calm. But since this came after 2 days of limited use, I think I am going to live without this particular miracle. It wasn’t a blush – it was crimson and angry. Not very helpful!"

(19) Fluff wrote on 23rd October 2013: "I unfortunately have to add to the sorrows of Mirvaso. I've been struggling with constant redness and pretty intense flushing for a  while now, and it's been especially bad during the last few months. I really, really thought Mirvaso might help, but after my first 3 days of it, I've had some very ugly rebound flushing. I think I'm going to try lasers. They seem to get much better reviews and seem to last longer. Best of luck to the rest of you trying this new stuff. I too, can't believe it got USDA approval with such a seemingly large number of reports of its problems."

(20) Layla wrote on October 24, 2013: "Horrendous rebound flushing. Does anyone know if this rebound flushing is permanent ??"

And she updated on October 25th: "Honestly, I will be DEVASTATED if this does not go away. I am a performing artist and have to cancel a photo shoot in 4 days because of this. This is an outrage."

(21) Dan wrote on October 24th 2013: "Do not use this medicine. My face is worse than before. Increased redness and flushing. Stopped using for six days now and my face is still not back to normal!"

(22) Anon wrote on October 25th 2013"I’m on day 3 off this stuff, Im FIRE ENGINE RED. I am a model and this is going to affect my work. I’m fuming mad. I have to use it for a photo shoot in 3 days just so I can get through the day and subject myself to more BURNING HOT disgusting looking skin. Unacceptable !!!!!"

(23) Dogcracy wrote on October 26th 2013: "I used Mirvaso off and on..I have found that it is more like a band aid..so if I have a day I want to look less red I use it and it really does blanche out the redness..it doesn't cure of course I have also been using some zicam on my face..call it desperation.. sometimes I think it helps."

(24) Alyssa wrote on October 31st 2013: "I am the person who was quoted in the above press release. I used Mirvaso for 3 days, at which point I stopped after terrible flushing. It has now been 5 1/2 weeks since I’ve used it, and my face is still much more red, reactive, flushy and hot. This cream ruined me. I honestly don’t even know how to move forward, as my baseline condition is now one of discomfort every day. I am having a lot of difficulty getting through this. I am in disbelief that something with the potential to cause this much damage was approved by the FDA. I filed a report."

(25) MB1024 wrote on 27th October 2013:  "Wanted to post my experience so far here to warn others. Definitely had rebound flushing. I've been using mirvaso daily for the past three days, and today is my fourth day. Didn't apply it yet, and as it's been about 24 hours now, my cheeks and nose area have gone bright red. Much, much worse than the original redness. I'm a blusher and over the past several months noticed a slight persistent redness over my cheeks. Went to the derm and he could not confirm rosacea, but agreed that I was at risk due to my frequent blushing problems. I wish I could've used this product longer, but I'm nervous that the rebound flushing will be much worse the longer I use it. Face is slightly warm and at least twice as red as it was when I started. I did notice the ghostly, pale look the first two days of use as well. Seems my reaction has been fairly common. I don't want to say that the product isn't going to work for anybody, but for what it's worth - it was a disappointment for me. Hoping this doesn't last too long. Looks like my cheeks all the way up my jawline are inflamed."

(26) Pghrosacea wrote: "I have used mirvaso ONE TIME. 3 days later i am still experiencing terrible rebound flushing." 

Pghrosacea updated on January 8th 2014: "Ok so i posted after my initial use in october 2013. i've been kind of following these threads. I had a really bad reaction after the first two hours. everything got way better for 8 or hours then my face was the worst i've ever seen. I only have facial redness. never had any bumps. i would say on a scale of 1-10i was about a 7.5-8. I'd say i'm close to a 9 now. but what's scary is i'm noticing spider veins under my eyes now?so i know this is very anecdotal and that i don;t have before/after pictures... but i could swear to god that mirvaso has not only made my face redder but that it's actually brought out blue veins under my eyes. i'm 28. i've never noticed blue veins under my eyes. At some point in november i began noticing them. i don't know, i could be crazy. but i went back and have looked at pictures on facebook, etc and do not see any veins from before. I now have 4 visible "spider veins about 1/4 to 1/2 inch long under my eyes. very embarrassing. has anyone else noticed this?"   

(27) Mirvaso user wrote on October 27th 2013: "I have used mirvaso ONE TIME. 3 days later i am still experiencing terrible rebound flushing. I’m a real person. Moderate Rosacea (no bumps just redness and scaly skin) sufferer for ten years. Here’s a log i’ve been keeping if you’re interested: 10/24 – 2pm – Visit with new dermatologist. Derm prescribed Permethrin and I asked for Mirvaso. Derm believes i may have high demodex amounts because of rough skin on forehead. He believes this may also contribute to facial redness. I am to use permethrin twice daily for a month and mirvaso once daily and then follow up. 5pm- wash face with cerave. dried face. Applied Mirvaso. Took special care to apply evenly. 5:30pm – Face looks terrible. I looked like a leopard some areas are way whiter than usual some areas are way redder than usual. 6:30pm – Face actually looks incredible. It was nice to see how i could look after dealing with facial redness for so long. To be honest i was amazed at the results. 10:30pm – Bedtime. Face is even whiter than at 6:30. At this point i’m so hopeful that i’ve been cured. 10/25/13 3:30am – Woke up because i was paranoid about going to work using mirvaso. Face looks good. Whew! 4:30am – Cerave shower. Went back to bed. 6:30am – Wake up again. Cheeks are more flushed than i’ve ever seen in my entire life. 8am – Redness down to half dollar size on left cheek. I sat out on porch in cold (40 degrees) to help calm down redness and then drove 15 minutes ina cold car to work. Redness reduced from being in cold for a bit. 12pm – Don’t feel very flushed. Right side is redder than baseline and so is forehead. 4pm – Was outside in cold (40 degrees) for half hour. Face looks good. Slightly red on right side. 5pm – took nap. woke up Left side of face is EXTREMELY flushed. 6pm – took shower with cerave. Applied to permethrin to entire face. Not using mirvaso ever again. 7pm – face looks not flushed. Better than baseline. 7:30pm – terrible flush. Worse than before. Worst of entire life. 10/26/13 10am – Flushed on both cheeks. slightly less flushed but still more than baseline. I applied permethrin again to entire face was flushed for the rest of the day. took shower with cerave at 6pm and continued to have really bad flushing. Didn;t apply permethrin again didn’t apply mirvaso again.Woke up this morning (10/27/13) and face is still more flushed than baseline.So i understand that i’m using to creams here but i believe mirvaso is the cause of my recurrent flushing. I’m going to stop using both and check back in with results.My thoughts are that when mirvaso kicks in ( about 90 – 120 minutes after application, it’s phenomenal. After about 12 hours i as more flushed than ever. The prescription says to only use once a day. It;s just not practical. i would have to wake up 2 hours before work and then not leave my place after the 12 hour span…I hope this rebound flushing stops soon. maybe as this product gets developed more they’ll think of better dosing or something?"

(28) Mary wrote on October 31st 2013: "I too am suffering. I am worried this won’t go away. It hurts, it is awful looking, and there doesn’t seem to be much out there to heal it. I really wish I had found all these negative reviews before use. They were a lot harder to find than the glowing reviews."

(29) Anonymous guest wrote on November 4th 2013: "Hi I am a Mirvaso user. This drug is horrible and I predict there will be a class action lawsuit against it."

(30) Liz said on November 4, 2013: "Can anyone please tell me how to treat this rebound flushing? It is wayyyyy worse than the redness before I started using Mirvaso. I haven’ used it in 2 days. I am thinking of using a cortisone cream for a couple of days to stop the inflammation! Horrible stuff!"

(31) Lilyanderson wrote"I posted a longer version already, but the short version is: used Mirpoopoo for 5 days to treat my redness and went about my business pale and not feeling like I needed to wear makeup and then KABOOM! Day 5, 12 hours in I flushed for the first time in my life to a deep almost purple red. It was painful and embarrassing and distressing. My doctor said that this was a normal reaction. o_O I am going to file a complaint with Galderma and the FDA now. This product is utter garbage."

Lily Andersen also wrote on November 4th 2013: "I posted a version of this on another forum, so if it looks like a repeat to you that's why...I am writing this because I had a horrible night last night due to Mirvaso. I went to a dermatologist on Wednesday to address my skin concerns, which were redness and bumpiness. He started me on antibiotics, topical acne medication at night, and Mirvaso in the morning. Before I started taking the drug I went online and looked at people's opinions. I noticed that there were several people who had reported problems with rebound flushing. I also noticed that in the clinical trial, the actual success rate compared to placebo was shockingly low. I am not a medical expert so I decided to shrug it off and take use the cream anyway. The first day that I used the product, I noticed a significant redness reduction after about an hour. My skin would stay pretty pale. I actually thought I looked almost too pale. My skin looked somewhat unnatural, kind of yellow, since there was no red in it. I am white by the way. I continued to use the product though, because it did take away my redness. On the fifth day of use the sh*t hit the fan. I am not someone who flushes, just someone with persistent redness. It's hard to judge your own appearance, but I would say that I was on the less red side of the spectrum. I had redness on my cheeks, nose and sometimes chin, enough that I felt self-conscious without foundation or concealer on. On day five of using Mirvaso, I applied the cream to my face at 7:00AM and waited for it to work while I got dressed. It took enough redness out of my face that I decided I could skip wearing foundation that day, even though I was going to be working in an environment where hundreds of people would be looking at me. Well, that was a mistake. That day I had to spend some time out in the cold and also a lot of time running around inside. At 7:30PM my face became extremely hot. It felt like I had an extreme sunburn, which I new I didn't as I'd loaded up on sunscreen and it was November in New York. My face was so painful. I had to continue working in front of hundreds of people. It was really embarrassing. My whole face was beet red, redder than I had ever seen it in my life. From edge to edge it just looked completely scorched and was really uncomfortable. The redness far exceeded the normal surface area of my face that is normally red. I was distraught and really wanted to burst into tears because I wasn't sure if I was going to have any other reaction to it or if the damage would be permanent. I just got off the phone with my doctor and he said Mirvaso is like a cosmetic camouflage, which doesn't actually treat the redness. He said that the flushing at the 12 hour mark is normal. I have decided to spend the money I would have spent on more Mirvaso on a good foundation and concealer. The redness episode was last night. Today my face seems to have returned to it's normal level of partial redness. Another bit of information that I would like to pass on before ending this diatribe is that Mirvaso is only a temporary treatment, which lasts for several hours. It will not cure roseacea or lessen it at all. I basically see it as a glorified form of makeup, except when the "makeup" wears off you run the risk of looking ten times worse. I am female, so it is easier for me to wear makeup than it is for males, for whom it is often not socially acceptable, so I do understand that some people may feel this is a better alternative to makeup. My advice is that if you do decide to use it, make sure that it is for a day when you won't be out for more that 12 hours."

(32) Bethrn wrote"I'm in the same boat. Never flushed before, Used Mirvaso for 2-3 days and now get flushing and burning on one side of my face or the other every afternoon and it lasts for hours. I'm already on a beta blocker and I pray this stops after a while. It's miserable.The only advice from the dermatologist is to stop using it..."

(33) MsQuinzel wrote: "I used this for two weeks. The first few days when I was using the sample, it seemed to work really well. It cleared up the redness, and whatever rebound there was wasn't really enough for me to notice. I got myself a tube of the stuff thinking I had something that really worked. However, it didn't take long, and I started noticing my rebounds. They would get worse each time. It got to a point where my nose and cheeks got super bright red, redder than my normal flushing ever gets. I decided to do some research to see if I should continue using the cream or not." 

(34) S wrote on November 11th 2013: "I used it for three days 2.5 weeks ago and had the same thing happen to me–I even went to my dermatologist twice. Take some Tylenol, drink water and try to relax. It’s going to take time. I know it looks awful and scary and confusing that this could happen from only 3 days use….but it will calm down. The other suggestion I have is to try to sleep on your back–I found if I slept on my side, whatever cheek I had slept on would be far more red when I woke up. My face is now back to normal…..but I never would have believed that 2.5 weeks ago….so hang in there."

(35) Pitty-girl wrote"Some background: I am in my early 50's, have suffered with some rosacea since I was a teenager, worse flare ups were during my pregnancies, but for the most part I have mild pinkness on my cheeks, no  bumps or discomfort, no real skin sensitivities and I treat the occasional broken capillaries with IPL or VBeam. I use no prescriptions meds and have found a routine of several creams that work well for for me. So, I guess what I'm getting at here is that I think I suffer from a very mild form of rosacea.When my dermatologist brought this med to my attention, I was very excited. I had expectations that for once I could go out without foundation. So I took the samples, carefully read the insert and actually applied it in the parking lot. Boom! Within 30 minutes the pinkness had dramatically reduced on both cheeks.At about hour 9, I felt a weird tingling starting on my face and I looked in the mirror and low and behold, I was experiencing extreme flushing all over my face. It was actually uncomfortable. I washed my face and did my usual nighttime routine and by the morning it had calmed down. I tried it again on day 2, using less and again around hour 9 I had the exact same extreme rebound flushing that was much worse than any flushing I had ever had in my lifetime. What was most concerning though to me was that my eyes were actually burning and red-rimmed too. I immediately started researching others experience and happened on a few sites (including this) that I immediately joined to share my experience because I think this drug might do well with others, but PROCEED WITH CAUTION. My skin this morning is still very "upset" and I feel like I have made things worse when my skn wasn't all that bad to begin with! I will be very interested to check back with my dermatologist to see how other patients have fared. I wish all the best of luck, but this medication was awful for me."  

Pitt-Girl updated on November 15th 2013: "Got the prescription and 2 samples less than a week ago. Literally applied it in the parking lot. :) I had great results until about hour 9. Then horrible rebound flushing – very blotchy and uncomfortable. My rosacea has decreased naturally through the years, just some flushing in the cheeks and a few broken capillaries that I have treated with VBeam. High expectations that this would clear up all the pinkness. Tried it for 5 days. Each day increased rebound. Wow. Discontinuing. Who did they trial this on? Very, very disappointing."

(36) JackyandcarlySuzy wrote"I’ve been using Mirvaso for about three weeks so I feel like I’ve given it a fair chance. On days one and two I thought I had found a miracle drug-my face looked so much better. NO redness. But then my flushing increased as I thought-like another respondent-that my skin was building up a tolerance. My flushing was far worse than it had ever been pre-Mirvaso. So, instead of using it twice a day I started using it once a day and I’ve been doing that for two weeks. At this point I’m flushed almost all of the time and my redness was very mild before that. I want to show my dermatologist and then I’ll probably stop taking it. I was really excited after the first few days but it’s been all downhill since then."

Suzy Pavone Christopher also wrote here on facebook: "I've been using it for a about three and my flushing is MUCH worse than it has ever been before. The first few days my skin looked great but then I quickly began devloping the rebound flushing."

(37) Maureen wrote: "I have been using Mirvaso for 3 weeks. I use it just after washing my face in the morning and before a moisturizer. I have for the last week had the rebound flushing, bright red, I am going to give it one more week and if the flushing doesn’t go away I am going to stop using it. Really disappointed in the results." 

(38) Sara wrote: "I tried it and put an even pea sized amount on my nose and cheeks, 20 minutes later I looked in the mirror and I had little white dots everywhere. It seemed to settle down, but I had a pretty bad red spot right about where I applied it on my cheek. I haven’t tried it since, because it was pretty shocking seeing my face covered in polka dots! I’ll have to try it again one of these days when I don’t have any plans to go anywhere. Has anyone else had this reaction?" 

(39) Kristina wrote"Is anybody still having issues weeks after they stopped using it? I used it once and I’m still a mess." 

(40) Beth wrote"I am so upset. I used Mirvaso for 3 days. Stopped 2 days ago and my face is beet red and hot. It seems like it is spreading. I am freaking out that this will be permanent. I will take my old face back in seconds. Please tell me it will go away!"

Beth updated on the 5th of December: "I used mirvaso and the first day everything was great my face actually looked normal and I had no redness until the next am. I reapplied the medicine the next am. This time it only lasted about 6 hours and the redness was back and worse than ever. The next day I decided not to use it and my face was so red and on fire. I was so embarrassed and didn’t want anyone to see me . My face continued to look horrible for weeks and now 2 months later its finally looking better but still has some red to it. Mirvaso is not a good medicine to use and I would def not recommend this to anyone. Stay away from this stuff !!!!!"

(41) Scott wrote"Don’t buy this drug! I have had roseacea for the past 10 yrs and have never had a reaction like the one I got from Mirvaso. Day 1: awesome. Applied it to my face and it took away all the red. Nothing could make my face flush, I tried everything except a hot shower. Day 2: same. Day 3 I didn’t use because it was just sitting at home all day so it seemed like a waste to use it. Well it’s all down hill from here. At around 3pm my face became extremely hot and irritated for no reason and stayed that way for hours. Day:4 woke up normal put it on by the time I got to work i was my normal shade of red. By noon I was having subtle flushing. Days 5-6 were same. Day 7 I again didn't use because I now looked the same with or without it and went to work. Worst face day of my life. I flushed uncontrollably all day. At one point the left side of my face began turning a purple color, purple! I never got the product anywhere near my eyes but felt pressure on my right eye as the flushing kicked in each day of non use (never happened pre mirvaso even on my worst day). I picked up some Benadryl cream that I heard others say made Mirvaso work for them. Problem is Benadryl cream is a short term solution as long term use can damage your face so using it everyday is not a smart option. Anyway applying this to my face made it feel a lot better but it stil looked the same. Day 8: 2nd day in a row of non use took my face until about 7:30pm to become extremely red and irritated and again with the pressure on my right eye, not as bad as the purple episode the day before. Day 9: 3rd day of non use is today. It’s a Sunday so I’m off work but my face feels calmer today. It took until 7:30 last night to get out of control but felt irritated all day. Bottom line this drug works great the first couple times. Missing a day clearly is not an option. The effects after you stop using are so bad I couldn’t recommend it to anyone. Imagine your worst episode of flushing and multiply it by at least 5 in intensity and duration and you will have an idea of what day 7 was like for me." 

(42) Alicia wrote: "The first and second days were AMAZING. I couldn’t believe it. Then, on the third day, my right cheek on my face (not my left) turned bright red, almost purple-like, and my colleagues started asking me if I  was ok. Terrible. I stopped using it after 3-4 days and I had the WORST redness of my whole entire life. My face was SUPER hot, more red than it has ever been, and uncomfortable. I actually had to stay home from work one day because it was so bad." 

She updated on November 18th 2013: "I 100% agree with Scott. You can see my initial trial period experience above. The first and second days were AMAZING. I couldn’t believe it. Then, on the third day, my right cheek on my face (not my left) turned bright red, almost purple-like, and my colleagues started asking me if I was ok. Terrible. I stopped using it after 3-4 days and I had the WORST redness of my whole entire life. My face was SUPER hot, more red than it has ever been, and uncomfortable. I actually had to stay home from work one day because it was so bad. I’ve actually been using a product called: Emu Oil. (I know that sounds weird), but I purchased some last year from Magness Enterprises (I think). [..] I’ve told ALL of my doctors that out of every drug I have ever tried for rosacea, emu oil has been the best, and they all ignore me lol.[..]"

(43) Melanie wrote"It took about 5 days after stopping using Mirvaso for the redness and heat to go away. You will go back to normal..I was relieved too!!!"

And she updated on December 10th 2013: "I did not start using Mirvaso again. I am back to normal and feel so much better. I contacted Galderma and got a full refund for my cost for the prescription. I wouldn’t touch that ever again. Good luck !!!"

(44) Leslie wrote"There is no way I would use it again. I am frightened at the thought this already could keep on for several weeks without me ever applying Mirvaso again. I fear more Mirvaso could make the worsened reddening last longer. What I am experiencing today is substantially worse that what I went to the dermatologist for in the first place." 

(45) Nikki wrote: "It does reduce redness at first, but then it comes back. I also have cystic acne & eczema on my face & the Mirvosa causes a lot of pain in those areas. It says not to apply on broken skin, but that’s where the derm told me to put it."

(46) Jenny wrote on November 20nd 2013: "After using Mirvaso for just over a week, i am VERY sad… My face is SO RED! It’s NEVER been this red before! It looks horrible! When will this go away?!?!?! I called my doc and she said discontinue use."

(47) Linda wrote on the 22nd of November: "I had used Mirvaso for about 5-7 times in past 3 weeks. My face have been redder than before, especially on the days not using it. Worst, I wake up with red cheeks every day now. This never happened before! I will definitely try not to use it anymore!!!"

Possibly the same or another Linda wrote on November 4th 2013: "I have very mild rosacea on my cheeks mostly & just been diagnosed a few months ago. I have to treat it carefully so it doesn’t get worst (inflammation). I use Mirvaso only when my face is not red or on days when I know I need it. I notice it does rebound after several hours with slight flare up but overall it works on my condition."

Linda later updated on December 20th 2013 in anger: "WTH What is an international pharmacy? That sounds dodgy & like a loophole!!! It took over a month for me to completely rid of Mirvaso out of my system. My face was redder on daily basis even without any trigger! It should NEVER have been approved in the States."

Peter replied to her: "The product is dangerous to use and should be removed from the market. Maybe we even get long-term damage. [..] That’s assault. I hope that Galderma be sued for damages."

Nancy replied on January 9th 2014: "Before Miravosa was on the market, my Dermatologist at a major teaching hospital prescribed the Brimonodine eye drops for me to use on my face. I experienced major rebound flushing that eventually subsided after I stopped using it for a while. But it became a vicious cycle of the more I used Brimonodine, the more I had to use the drops to keep from blushing. I didn’t realize it at the time until the blushing cycle was bad enough for it to dawn on me that it was the drops – almost like using a steroidal cream/ointment. I am very leery of this new product and after reading the comments here, I realize that it wasn’t just me that had a problem with angry rebound blushing. I think it’s like putting the cart before the horse, until scientists figure out the cause of Rosacea, they should not try to mass market a product to help the public. Only time will tell if Miravosa helps the vast majority long term or if it is an addictive product making drug company’s money."

(48) Kate wrote on November 22:  "Day 1 – Put on left side of face at 7am. No issues, cheek seemed to improve. Day 2 – Put on left side of face at 7am. Around 3pm check started to burn a little. Looked slightly red.Thought I better not apply any the next day. Day 3- Did not apply any. By 3pm left side of face was burning. Looked in mirror and was shocked! So red it looked like a birthmark! Subsided by 7pm. Day 4 – Did not apply any. Face normal all day until 3pm when it started burning and turned apple red. IT is now 4:30 and still left side of face on fire and HURTS." (Jenny replied to her: Hi Kate – I had pretty much the same, however, I thought that if I kept on applying that it would go away. Bad idea lol I haven’t used the product in over a week and I am finally getting some relief. At this rate, I would say it may take a solid 2 weeks to get out my system, so just sit tight.")

(49) Chime09 wrote: "Hi there- I wish I found this forum before I decided to try Mirvaso, but I only tried it once and things are much better now. I have pretty mild rosacea and flush occasionally and mildly just round my nose, normally I just take metrogel and it clears it up (the bumps) fine. I was talking with my dermatologist on Friday though, and she recommended this new drug mirvaso to help with the flushing. I asked her about side effects, she told me that they were worried about rebound as being one of them, but that the clinical trials proved it wasn't a side effect. So I took the medicine at about 4pm, she gave me a sample, I used a pea sized amount. After about 30 minutes, my face turned extremely pale, so pale, it looked like I was dead. I went to sleep at about 10pm, woke up,face still a little pale but a bit of color returning. By about noon, or roughly 20 hours later after I took the med, my face started to burn and flush terribly. Huge red triangles appeared on my cheeks. In patches, on my cheeks, my nose, it would be red in one area and then move to another area and then get red in the same area again. This went on for about 72 hours, in the middle of work I broke down and went home because of the horrible flushing and burning. I tried benadryl, and some expired steroid cream, it did nothing. The only thing that sort of worked was a cold rag compress to ease the angry blood vessels. I contacted my dermatologist who told me that it sounded like an allergic rxn, she rxed me a steroid cream. I put it on and about 5 hours later, combined with cold compresses, my face started to go down. When I woke up today, it had gone down a lot. I applied more steroid cream and went to work, the whole day, no flushing, no reactions, no burning. So I am torn- On one hand, my skin seemed to rebound from the medication- I got very flushed when I didn't put it on after the first treatment, and it would appear in different places, it didn't necessarily stay in one place like other skin rashes of mine have. But on the other hand, when I took the nonexpired steroid cream, the redness was mostly gone by the morning. I am a little nervous about discontinuing the steroids, because I am afraid the flushing might return, but I will cross that bridge when I get there I guess. Or maybe it was rebound and coincidentally wore off at the same time I began the steroids? I have been reading these forums and I know a lot of you who haven't tried this drug are seriously considering trying it- If you do, only try it on a very small area of your body first, and monitor it for a few days. I really wish I would have done that, and now I am very worried I may have damaged my flush response. But that being said, my response to the steroids has been very positive. I will never try Mirvaso again, my skin went from very mild flushing to fire siren red flushing and extreme pain, I have never experienced anything like it and I can't see how, given all of the similar complaints I have read online, this drug could continue on the market in the state it exists today, it just seems too dangerous, not to mention psychologically damaging to those of us who are already sensitive to our flushing. Best of luck to all of you, thanks for sharing your stories, it really helped me get through the worst of it." 

(50) Rosalie wrote on November 26, 2013: "Used Mirvaso for 5 days as prescribed, small amount of cream around my nose and cheeks. Helped initially, making my skin less red, but after 5 days had terrible flushing, redness, burning and swelling. While the worst of this has subsided, my skin is definitely worse off than before I tried this drug. Only 5 days of use and my skin was worst then before. I will never touch this stuff again." She posted the same message here.

(51) Casey wrote: "This product worked really well with my redness- BUT it broke me out so bad. The worst i have ever broken out. Just be careful!" 

(33) P Diddy wrote"Bah I have worse skin now because of this. I tried this as samples from my derm and its pretty much toasted my face. This after only a few days. The rebound is horrible and I am worried it wont go away because my skin is worse than it ever was to begin with. I am so pissed at this new derm. I had to google rebounding flushing not hear it from her. Do not use this crap!" 

(52) Vania wrote on November 29th 2013: "i started using it at the beginning of November, I am very pale, but I never had problems of flushing or bright red skin or pain or stinging skin. at te first 2 weeks Mirvaso worked great, but since Monday, my whole face, even the forehead that I never had any rosace, is red like a red pepper, and i have bumps on it, it is swolen and my skin is painful. i am really scared, and I do know what to do. i feel my facestinging and hot like I have a fever. It feels like I have a 3rd degree sunburn. i use 100 sunscream everyday. i wish I had never used this product. i will go back to my derm next week and I will try laser treatment this time. Someone knows how long this rebound last?"

(53) Peters wrote: "I got a sample of this last week and used it thinking wow on monday. When it wore off my face was much worse. So I attributed to needing to use a few days to get accustomed. Man what a mistake. I took it for 3 maybe 4 days and finally stopped. My face is like a boiled lobster and where I was mild redness in cheeks and nose and some of my forehead now its hot red everywhere I put it. My new derm was not clear on its use nor did she mention the rebounds. I had to google it and needless to say I stopped using it and the symptoms have abated a bit but its still horrible. I am even peeling in a couple spots. At this point I don't know what to do and am praying it clears up with a little more time. Anyone have suggestions on treating the rebound? I am doing light moisturizing and trying to keep the angry skin down until I can force an appt with this derm that gave me this crap."

(54) Dee wrote on November 29th 2013: "I have tried this several times and while it initially helps I too get those weird red spots. I never get them on my nose and after applying this stuff just once my nose broke out. It’s so no worth it. Big failure."

(55) Anjeero wrote on December 4th 2013: "I started mirvaso 11/26/13. I wish I had done more research. Im 43 this was my first trip to a detmatologist. I went for a lipona on my arm.. benign.. that goodness… but he asked me the question..”are you bothered by your roseaca?”.Ive never been diagnosed with roseaca. .he said yes you do. So I said well no not really.. my cheeks are rosey but never even bothered me to wear cover up except special occasions. But I thought I would try the sample..it helped as I used it about 3 times over about 2 months not really giving much thought until my pharmacy called and told me my scripts were ready.. he had called in the med…I picked it up with my other refills. .fast forward 3 days into daily use as directed my husband commented that I looked like I was running a fever. I applied the mirvaso at 10pm every night this was day 3 about 9pm..my face was red all over and hot to the touch.. ive never had this unless I was in fact feverish. never thought I was having rebound to mirvaso…kept using product…had flushing and hot skin about every day at different times….today…12/03/13 approx 130 pm. Same thing. .Noted by coworker who asked if my blood pressure was high.. I said didn't think so. I felt fine except my face was on fire and red like a fire engine. I used ice and a towel for relief.. it took about an hour and a half to subside…I began researching this drug and found out all of this info.. decided im not using mirvaso again..then at about 8pm it started again.. fire red..burning..tightness.. Like a sunburn.. ice and cold compresses not helping.. it is now 1131pm approximately 25 hours and 31 minutes since I applied my last dose.I put some vitamin e cream on.. its helping with tightness but still flushed and burning.. WHEN WILL THIS STOP…HAVE I DONE IRREPARABLE DAMAGE??I just want my rosey cheeks back they never BOTHERED me in the first place. I made an uneducated decision only because I wanted to TRY to fit the picture of a unmarred complexion by thinking this profuct would be harmless because its topical. … I do want to say I have read most of your stories. .I am truly humbled by the strength you all have…to battle terrible cases and function like you do. I am a whimp. I will be calling my dermatologist tomorrow. Gosh. ..I hope this goes away soon…“ David Pascoe reports this unidentified poster sent him an email on December 4, 2013 - scroll down to find it."

And he updated: "Here is my follow up to my first comment. I called my derm today. Got triage nurse who called me back and said I am to use 1% hydrocortizone cream three times a day in a very thin layer over my face, and follow that with a good moisturizer, (I bought cetaphil cream) and to take 25mg of benadryl at bedtime and use cold compresses for discomfort. I am to follow this for a couple days and call if my symptoms don't disappear. Has ANYONE had these symptoms/side effects resolve and if so how long did it take? Are you back to where you were or worse for wear? I just put on the hydrocortizone and moisturizer about 30 minutes ago, face is not as hot but is still RED. (Link)

(56) Gwen wrote on December 6th: "I have tried mirvasa (sic) 4 times in the past 10 days. Each time I apply in morning and after about 45 minutes my face looks great with no redness. About 8 hours later my face starts burning up and feels very raw and stings. It is so red and is worse then my regular rosacea.( Normally my face is always very red,people at the gym ask me all the time if I’m ok because I get that red) 8 hours after using this mirvasa gel it looks like I have a massive sun burn My face is flushing so bad and it just won’t stop. The 1st few times I thought it was due to stress but the last time I was just hanging out at home watching tv.The next day I am always back to normal. The bad side effects of the flushing just are not worth the few hours of looking normal. I decided to stop using mirvasa."

(57) Jen wrote on December 7, 2013: "I am on my fifth day with Mirvaso. At first it worked very well and I loved my pale complexion but starting yesterday and more so today it is not working very well. In the spots it did work it wore off within two hours and now I am as red as ever. The rebound redness I’m reading about is scaring me a little, I will probably stop using it." - Note, there have been several 'Jen's' and 'Jenny's' posting negatively about Mirvaso, I tried to gather the 'Jen's' together as one complaint but Jenny R and Jen might actually be the same person, although it's a common name of course. 

(58) Marisol wrote: "I used Mirvaso with good results for just four days. Just yesterday on my 7 day of treatment I had an allergic reaction on my nose and chin. My face turned so red and hot similar to a sunburn. I stopped using it immediately. I really look bad now. I am so sad and worried. I really looked better before Mirvaso. I had mild rosacea only on my nose and chin. Now I had a terrible rebound. It is awful! icon_sad.gif How long will it take to my face to go back to normal? Please advise."

(59) Rawrpie88 wrote a negative review on December 10th 2013: `Mirvaso is garbage. It does indeed work but if your a flusher its DEF not worth it... Soon as you flush your face will be 10x times worse and im not even gonna start talking about the rebound effect.. Had high hopes for this product too :(

(60) Hazel Fiver wrote: ´BEWARE!!  I believe they downplay the number of people who experience rebound flushing from using this stuff.  Sure, it makes your skin look a thousand times better, but if you get rebound flushing like many of us do, you will regret ever touching this stuff. It looks so much worse than the original skin issues I was dealing with.´ 

(61) Trina reported what she considered rebound redness, after initial 24 hour of paleness (this one is tricky and could also be placed in the Ambiguous list, but given she says she turned more red than normal for some time, I made it a negative report): "I tried a sample of Mirvaso. I thought I looked so pale after applying to my face, I thought I would wait and see if my husband noticed anything different when he got home from work. When he seen me without me telling him I used it, he said I looked sick. Then when I told him he said all he noticed was the dark circles under my eyes. I said that's because there is no redness in my face. It did last about 24 hours. Then by the next evening I noticed I looked red all over my face and really red in my problem spot (cheeks). After reading other reviews, I assume it is rebound redness. I'm worried about making my whole face worse. Not sure if I should get the script."

Anon replied (there have been several users with the name Anon or anonymous, so its hard to distinguish if this is a new poster or not, I therefore leave this one OUT of the ranking): "Speaking as someone who got the script and had the EXACT same experience as you, a week after using it I am definitely not happy with it at all. I’m angry I wasted the money on it, 3 days later my face has still not calmed down."

(62) Elissa wrote on the 3rd of December 2013: "I thought this might be the answer to my intermittent rosacea attacks. I applied a dab of Mirvaso on both my left and right cheeks. The effect was cooling, and the red color diminished…that is until 8 hours later when it came roaring back with a vengeance! It’s been 3 days, and my left cheek looks like someone is holding a match to it. It is red as a beet, and hot to the touch. I am discontinuing use effective immediately."

She updated on the 12th of December: "My rebound episode has lasted more than 10 days. In fact, the redness came roaring back with a vengeance, and my cheek is still hot to the touch. 8 days ago, I contacted Galderma to ask for a refund. They said they were sending out an envelope, so I could return the unused (almost new) tube. Not having yet received the envelope, I just called them again to enquire. The not so friendly customer service rep said she would send again. I will update once I get results. If you want to attempt to get a refund, contact Galderma at -866-735-4137. Their customer service staff isn’t very friendly, but I suppose if a lot of customers were calling to return my product, I would me miserable as well."

(63) Renstimpy wrote on December 10th 2013:  "I have also tried Mirvaso which was actually amazing but it was 10x worse if i trigger'd a flush and omg the rebound flushing. !!" 

(64) German-boy wrote on December 16th 2013: "Angry Terrible rebound flushing effect on the face I ordered Mirvaso at a international pharmacy. The first and second day it was a fantastic effect. My redness disappears and my face appears pale. At the third day I got a terrible rebound flushing effect. My face was redder than usual, it was stained, it feels like after a sunburn. I discontinue Mirvaso at once. 10 days after discontinue Mirvaso my face is still redder than at the beginning of treatment. I hope that Mirvaso will get no approval in Germany. I hope that the shitstorm is big enough to stop Mirvaso all over the world."

(65) Girl-in-DC wrote that Mirvaso works for her, but also mentioned a real worsening of the redness, burning and flushing after the 7 hour mark: "I have used Mirvaso as prescribed for one week. I find that it significantly reduces redness that I experience primarily on my cheeks, nose and forehead. Success! But after 6 or 7 hours the flushing/burning/full face sunburn is a new sensation and unwelcome side effect. The BRIGHT red, hot to the touch face is uncomfortable and of course, extremely embarrassing. It lasts for several hours or until I reapply Mirvaso. Is this a lasting effect? Will my body adjust to Mirvaso? Do all users experience this 7-hour sunburn or does it diminish over time? I am trying to decide whether to give my body time to adjust to this drug, or whether I am making my rosacea worse."  

(66) Jkhoch wrote on December 23rd 2013:"Bright red and burning after 3rd application. I went to my derm on Friday and she said that there was this great new product for my rosacea redness and gave me two samples and a prescription. I applied much less then the pea-sized amount. Just like many report, the results were quick. I was ecstatic. I even had a beer without flushing. When it wore off, my normal redness returned. I teach high school and last week a student told me I should play Santa because of my red cheeks--that's my normal look. The next day, I reapplied and spent all day outside and things were still great. I took a picture with my kids and noticed that my skin looked like a regular person's. About 8 hours after application, some redness reappeared. I had a Christmas party to go to, so I put a tiny bit more on. It lasted another few hours and then I went to bed. I woke up in the night and could feel the burning. In the morning, I had two bright red spots on my cheeks. They are normally red and often hot, but this looked and felt much worse than normal. Hoping for the best, I reapplied and things looked great for another 8 hours or so, but now the major flare-up is back. It happened earlier than last time. I'm going to call my derm in the morning. This stinks. I definitely won't be getting the prescription filled."       

(67) Tracey wrote on December 11th 2013: "I will have to agree….the first few days redness was gone for at least 8 hours, but after a few days of use, I had immediate redness after just six hours, even more so than before using Mirvaso. I would almost classify this as a drug that has addictive qualities, you use it a few times and its great, but the more you use, the more you HAVE to use."

And on December 23rd: "I have nothing positive to say about this drug….it cost me $50 and three weeks of misery! The first few days were great, but after that it was a horrible…my face was redder than before starting mirvaso, it was like a drug, the more you used it, the more you had to use it, until you go cold turkey for days before going back to pre mirvaso. I'll pit my fu name on it if needed, I want my money back!!"

(68) Lisa wrote on December 19th 2013: "This medication was a nightmare for me. At first you think it’s a miracle. It eliminated every trace of redness on my face almost immediately and lasted all day, through cold, a glass of wine, etc. Yes it makes you pale but for me that was preferable to looking like Rudolph all the time. Then after about 10 hours, I routinely experienced severe redness, flushing, and burning all over, much worse than any bout of rosacea flushing. At first I thought it was a fluke, but it happened every evening clockwork. I tried using a bit less than recommended and same thing. It got so bad I had to lay with a cold cloth on my face and take Advil. My derm said to stop using, but why recommend in the first place when so many people have this reaction? I’m out $50 and feel depressed that what I thought was finally a solution turned out so bad.

And she responded to Emily, suggesting her to mix Mirvaso with Benadryl cream (still wondering if this is a very inventive patient who came up with this, or if Emily and Jimmi are reps, since they push this mixing method so aggressively on this forum): "I’m not comfortable using self-concocted medication mixtures or with using any medication that causes such a reaction in the first place. I also just find this medication plain creepy. Glad it works for some, but it’s not for me. I don’t think it should have been released given how many people are having severe reactions. I’ve never responded adversely to a medication in my life until this."

(69) Annie Cusick wrote on December 19th 2013: "My Rosacae was pretty mild with occasional red nose especially with coffee alchohol etc. anyway I loved Minerva at first, my face was so pale and I didn’t have to wear powder on my nose at all! however 3 weeks on and I start to notice blotches on my cheeks and nose,,,so I kept using it to get rid of them,. It did not it made it all so much worse. Now I look like a COMEDY ROSACEA CLOWN, just red nose and cheeks ALL THE TIME! I can’t believe it and really worried that it won’t go away. I have STOPPED Minerva 4 days now. From having mild redness I now look ridiculous and no amount of powder will cover it up! HELP, in previous years I have done IpL which is expensive but so is Minerva at $50 a tube. I think I’ll save up and go back to IpL . I am hoping this crazy redness will disappear."

(70) Katrina D. wrote on December 20th 2013: "I have been using Mirvaso now for almost two months, my doc rx’d it for me the day after the rep was there. My initial reaction was “Wow!” I couldn’t believe how smooth and even my complexion looked. However, I did notice the rebound redness almost right away. Same as other people have described… worse once it wears off than before I applied it. On my own, I decided to start only using on days I really need it… special events, work (I work three 12 hour shifts a week). My derm supported this decision. Some days my rebound isn’t as bad as others. Today is a particularly bad day… even my nose is red now, my eyes burn, and my skin feels really tight. I don’t seem to have any lasting effects though, as in my skin on my off days doesn’t seem any redder than it used to be. I’ll be seeing my derm after the new year and sharing this with her. I think I may stick to my It cosmetics Bye Bye Redness for awhile and let the Mirvaso cool its heels in my product cabinet."

(71) Theresa W. wrote on december 23rd 2013: "My derm recommended Mirvaso, telling me it was a new product. I don’t have very bad rosacea, reddish cheeks and I flush sometimes. I really didn’t want to use anything on my face because my skin is so sensitive. But….I tried it. I am SO mad now. I used it for 6 days. On day 4 my face was flaming red like a really bad sunburn. The next afternoon it looked better. Another day goes by and I wake up with a few pimples (haven’t had those in years ! I’m 53). So I didn’t use it today and this afternoon and evening my face is once again Bright Red !! I called the company and they are sending me a questionnaire. I will be calling my derm too. I am annoyed with her for suggesting this garbage ! You trust the doctor and the medical professionals…I get something to make the red go away and it does the opposite ! I am pissed !!"

(72) David wrote on December 24th 2013: "Just stopped using Mirvaso . . . face has never been so red. I’m a teacher and will be back to school in two weeks. I hope the redness is gone by then. I would say to anyone out there, do not use this product. If I read the literature right this drug only works for about 30% of those it is prescribed to. I know some of you have had good results with it and that’s great for you. For those of you mixing Mirvaso with Benadryl and other stuff . . good luck with that, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing what you are doing without consulting their dermatologist first."

(73) Peter D posted a few times about his bad Mirvaso experience. Here"Old 12-01-2013, 05:01 AM, Peter D in Seattle. Bullshit. I got it as a trial on Nov 23. By the 25th my face was a red hot mess in places I was clear. I had light redness. Now I look like i have a horrible sunburn and my skin in places is peeling. This stuff is not safe. I regret the day the sample was given to me and never was rebound flushing mentioned. My face it hot, dry, tight and red. Its pretty uncomfortable and if you think I am slamming mirvaso just wait til I see the derm this week. I am super pissed."

PeterD updated here: "I would NOT use this. I got a sample this last week and the rebound flushing was fast and lasting. My skin 4 days later is still hot dry and red. I am far worse than i was when i started for “mild” redness. I am to say the least super upset. I am wondering if this is going to go away because I look like I have a sunburn. My dermatologist I went to for first time who gave me this junk never said a word about the rebounding. Its horrible. This stuff is not safe. I am praying my face goes back to normal. I am wishing I had never heard of or seen Mirvaso."

And he updated here on December 19th 2013: "Well 3 weeks later my skin has not returned to how it was before this evil drug was given to me. I dont know what others have been experiencing and I am curious their results but it seems I have permanent redness in places I never had it before. This derm said oh sorry not getting many such complaints and to use desonide (a light steroid) to treat the redness. I had redness only on my cheeks and lightly before. Maybe a tad center forehead. Now my face everywhere I dont have a beard is red. This stuff is shit and I hate that I feel I have been scarred for life. What a way to go into the holidays. I wish I had researched like the previous poster and opted out because I would be a much much happier person today. I was hoping that after three weeks off I would be where I was before but that is not the case. This stuff is evil. And to think I only used it 3-4 days. I can only wonder what happens after a year? Does you skin blister and burn? Anyone else have similar issues or found something that returns skin to the original state? Peter"

(74) Sarmoti wrote on drugs.com in december 2013:  "I was given a sample of Mirvaso by my dermatologist. I applied it in the morning, as directed, and my face instantly became extremely red where it had been applied. This redness continued the entire day. The following morning the redness had subsided a bit but my face was still redder than normal."

(75) Amy wrote on December 25th 2013: "I used Mirvaso for 4-5 days and was so happy with the results. I have mild rosacea but the redness had always bothered me. BUT after the 5th day my entire face turned red and now I am constantly looking and feeling flushed in areas that I never had rosacea. It has to be due to the Mirvaso– especially since I applied the cream all over my face and my ENTIRE face is now red, not just my cheeks like before. I am pretty upset. I was on the phone with a good friend and we were talking about something difficult and I cried and was HORRIFIED to see my face in the mirror afterwards. Now my entire face is red and hot and I’ve been on the internet for 2 hours trying to figure out what I can do since I’m not going to call my dermatologist on Christmas Eve. I’m not happy at all with what Mirvaso has done to my face. Particularly embarrassing around the holidays since I’ll be seeing people I haven’t seen all year tomorrow."

(76) Kaycee wrote on December 30th 2013: "I have been using it for a month but am now definitely going off it. I only had moderate flushing, but this was touted as a miracle cure and couldn't wait to try it. It worked fine, no more flushing….for a couple weeks. Then I noticed that when it wore off, I had scarlet-colored, weird patterns of flushing around my nose and cheeks that I NEVER had. When I am not using it, my rosacea is far worse than it ever was, and my face heats up like never before. . It's scary. Very disappointing, and cannot believe this stuff was approved for rosacea."

(77) Jaf wrote on January 5th 2014: "Hello, I just found this thread and joined just to post my experience here. I'm a 17 year old male who developed some mild acne on my left cheek during summer. This was not big deal at first, and as usual, I went to my dermatologists to get treatment. This first batch of treatment was not successful and so he gave a new batch the next time we met, one of these was sample tubes of Mirvaso. Now, keep in mind, that I was just dealing with acne redness, I had never dealt with flushing in my life previously. So, the first time I put it on it made my face abnormally white. I kept continuing to put it on at night, so when I woke up it was much more normal. Eventually, this abnormal whiteness wore off after 5 or 6 uses or so, and the cream started to really decrease pimple redness. I kept this routine, putting mirvaso on my face at night for around a month. I had great results, sometimes I would only need to put it every other day. But, in this last week, for the first time in my life, I have experienced flushing in my left cheek. At first, I thought this was the cause of this Avar-E Green my derm prescribed. The previous two days before I started flushing I put on probably too much amount of the cream of my face. So, I woke up red and put mirvaso on it. Everything was fine until I started flushing in the late afternoon. For the last week now, I have been flushing around the same time. I've been off the mirvaso for three or four days now, and my flushing seems to decrease a bit every day now. Now, after reading the posts in this thread, I have decided to come of it completely. I only had pimple redness, never flushing before, and had I known mirvaso could have cause rebounding, I would never have used it.. I cannot believe my derm gave me this when i only had pimple redness. I will go to a new one immediately."

(78) Newjacksm wrote on January 6th 2014: "I am having terrible rebound flushes with mirvaso, what are some recommended ways of weening myself off the cream? And how long should I expect to get back to normal, for someone who never flushed?

Originally Posted by kaycee1972: "I have been using it for a month but am now definitely going off it. I only had moderate flushing, but this was touted as a miracle cure and couldn't wait to try it. It worked fine, no more flushing….for a couple weeks. Then I noticed that when it wore off, I had scarlet-colored, weird patterns of flushing around my nose and cheeks that I NEVER had. When I am not using it, my rosacea is far worse than it ever was, and my face heats up like never before. . It's scary. Very disappointing, and cannot believe this stuff was approved for rosacea. This, right here. Same thing happens to me. I hope this isn't permanent."

And he updated later that day: "I'll let you know how it all goes. So far today is the first day in about a month and a half I stopped taking it. My face is a little more pink than usual in the morning. Would rather have this than the insane flushing I've been experiencing. I'll keep updating every day. Let you all know how the progress is and what everyone should expect going cold turkey."

And he updated on January 7th 2014: "I've been using mirvaso for about a month and a half, 4/5 days out of a week id get rebound flushing and i thought it was from the oracea. up until i saw these posts on this site, i was well informed it was the mirvaso! Since I've been on mirvaso for 1.5 months, A. Am I permanently damaged? B. Will I ever get back to normal and C. How long? I asked my doctor about the flushing and she said not to worry its probably from the holidays and being nervous. I am seeing her next week and I am going to give her a piece of my mind.`   

(79) Drmikecmd wrote on October 17th 2013: "Another case of rebound. I must join the chorus of others on this thread. Mirvaso is the devil for a flusher. I have mild-moderate baseline redness and flush with alchohol, stress, and temperature changes. I obtained some samples from my dermatologist and gave it a try. Applied a very small amount on day one to my cheeks/nose/ forehead. Looked fabulous, face almost felt cold. Day 2, same story, looked good, did usual activities with no problems and no flushing or even baseline redness. 3rd day there was some slight decrease in effectiveness but overall it was working great. Day 4 started great as well. As late as 5PM, I looked in the mirror and was amazed. However, by 8PM I was red as a beet. Areas of my face that have never been red or flushed were super red and painful/pulsatile along with the rest of my face. I felt like my face was going to explode. I am now 2 days into the rebound and the worst areas of my face are now peeling like I had a sunburn. Redness has slightly improved but is still pretty dramatic and much worse than baseline. Only thing that helps is cold water and that has the briefest of effects. I am new to this forum and found it by searching about rebound flushing after using Mirvaso. I am a physician and seeing patients in this state is pretty embarrassing. Galderma has a lot of explaining to do in my opinion (I am not a derm). I would never put this stuff on my face again and I strongly caution anyone who is thinking of doing so. Fork over the money for laser/IPL... this stuff is a sham and not worth the space it occupies. I'll also say I've used Afrin before with decent effect and no rebound... Regards, MC" - And when asked if he would try Mirvaso again he replied (in response to Wiry saying "Never again"; "I'll second that... never again."     

(80) Baseball wrote on October 17th 2013: "All of these comments have been very helpful and somewhat comforting knowing that I'm not the only one!! I used mirvaso for 8 days straight and haven't used it for 6 days now. I normally have mild to moderate rosacea strictly on my cheeks and this stuff worked wonders for me for those 8 days. On the 8th day I had the most intense flushing (bright red almost purple) on my cheeks and I have never been prone to flushing before. After six days now of nonuse I'm happy to report that the flushing seems to have stopped and I am almost back to my baseline. There's is still a slight burning sensation on my cheeks but it feels like it's getting better with each passing day. Ill continue to keep you guys posted. Hopefully I will get back to my baseline soon!!"

(81) Ktm wrote on October 18th 2013: `(I'm new here) but for what it's worth... there was still hope for reversing my diagnosis (a cream triggered my first and current outbreak, or flare.. still getting used to language) prior to using Mirvaso.  Used Mirvaso two times. Now I wake up with a red, sometimes swollen, face. I exist in constant fear of a flush, or a flush. Emotionally embarrassing but what sucks is I can't even forget about it because it burns to remind me that I look as disturbing as it feels physically. My ears are hot and I didn't even use it on my ears. It's been a week. Maybe my experience shouldn't be taken toooo seriously because I'm so new, but maybe someone will be warned that could have a worse reaction than I did? Idk. Just trying to make myself useful!` "My Mirvaso Experience. A little background info on me. Richard Tuschman"

(82) Ddek981 wrote on January 12th 2014: I'm 25, male, white with fair skin. My rosacea is fairly
 moderate with lots of flushing. I've had rosacea (officially diagnosed by a derm) for about 7 years, but probably longer than that. I've tried the following medications: Metrogel, Bionect, Finacea, Retin-A, Oracea, Monocycline and Doxycycline. For the past year I've been on Oracea and Bionect with the best results out of all the other things I've been on over the years. My regimen is usually bionect at night, cerave hydrating cleanser day and night, oracea in the afternoon. That is all. No other supplements or drugs other than oracea and bionect. My deem decided to put me on Mirvaso in October 2013. I was on it for about 5 weeks and tried to stick it through, but here it is. At first, it helped for about a week, I applied it on my face at about 8am and it was fine, worked pretty well at preventing flushing, but once 12pm/1pm hit, I would be severely, severely flushed for the rest of the day. Usually right when I had lunch around noon/1pm it would wear off and I would flush like crazy. My face would burn and it was extremely red/purple wherever I applied the Mirvaso. This was the worst I've ever experienced! After a week or two, I finally made my own system where I'd apply it around 8am and another application around 12pm, then I noticed it would last until about 4pm. It seems like for me it would wear off after about 3-4 hours. After a few weeks of suffering, I realized this just wasn't working. I went to my derm for the next appointment and she said to stop using it right away. She said there is no such thing as rebound flushing, but what happens is that the blood vessels in your face are being vasoconstricted. This causes wastes and co2 to build up in your vessels in your face, then once the medicine wears off, you will vasodilate really bad and the waste products get washed out. Not necessarily rebound flushing but some call it that, as I did too. Anyways, whatever its called or termed, it happened to me. The rebound flushing was extremely bad, causing me to get insanely red/purple and really hot on the face. I never experienced that before, it was so bad to an extreme. I reported it to the FDA and hopefully this won't happen to others, it's a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE MEDICINE! So, after the 4-5 weeks of taking Mirvaso, waiting for it to work and sticking it through, my derm said stop it and I stopped it right that day. That day she gave me an Neo Yag laser treatment which really really helped. That was my second treatment and it helped so much! I didn't take the Mirvaso the next day and I did have some flushing, but after a few days it went back to normal. The laser helped me so much, more than anything I've ever tried. I had my 3rd Yag laser treatment a month ago and my rosacea has been better than it's ever been, hardly any flushing and redness! I strongly advise against Mirvaso. For me, I've never felt that redness/flushing in my life until I took that cream. I was so anti-social for a month, hated to go out in public because this cream was making my redness so much worst, flushing me like never before in places I have never flushed before, like my temple area, forehead and chin. This was so bad!! [..] FYI- My derm is a co-author of the original research in Mirvaso in Atlanta. She knows a TON about Mirvaso and runs a Rosacea clinic here in Atlanta treating thousands of rosacea patients. She told me some people just can't tolerate Mirvaso- once you have the "rebound flushing" after a few days/week and it persists, she said to stop taking it right away!"

(83) Caroline Major wrote on November 10th 2013 here on facebook: " I just started using Mirvaso and the first few days seemed promising,but I have been experiencing rebound flushing. I thought that after a few days it would improve, but no such luck. I'm happy that I've only used samples and not spent the $200 or whatever it would be with the discount card. Back at square one :( "

(84) Yekko wrote on January 12th 2014: "I am in the UK and bought some mirvaso online from a US Pharmacy. I have had rosacea for 25 years had several IPL and also use Botox to control forehead and nose flushing. Despite the bad mirvaso reviews I was very excited about its approval in the USA and decided I couldn't wait until Uk approval so bough some online - it arrived yesterday. I put it on at 1030am and within 30 mins face was pale, clear and even. Very strangely at 8pm I had a small area on cheek go bright red for about an hour - no big deal I thought. Then at around 10pm nose went red again fro about an hour - this is very unusual since the vast amount of Botox I stick into my nose every 3 months has made nose flushes history but it we t away and by midnight even after a few beers and wine - face looked great. Woke up today and face OK. 930 am I reapplied and again pale and clear went the face - flawless even complexion - miracle no less. Then 530pm (I'm in uk in case it's not 530 where you are yet) whilst eating dinner I felt a little flushed as I usually do when eating but them my wife gave me a horrified look and said 'oh no you are really really red ' just felt to me like usual flush and though ok so it's not stopped my after food flush - until I looked in the mirror, it honest looked like I fell asleep on an oven ring , redder than I ever thought possible , redder than my worst ever flush, unnaturally red, like I'd run a marathon and then been scolded in boiling water. I bathed my face, applied cold compress, applied ibuprofen gel, took 2 aspirin and applied nappy rash cream (sudacrem) sometimes helps with bad flushes / seb derm and finally (it's now 815pm ) it's calming down - a bit. So disappointed but after the bad reviews not surprised - I had to try to for myself and was always going to but boy now do I wish I didn't. I written to galderma and the internet pharmacist to get a refund. Thought was too good to be true when can't seem to find one good review. How did galderma get away with this ???!!!!" 

(85) Scrappy wrote on January 15th 2014: "Hello i am a 19 year old male that has had extreme redness ever since i can remember. as im sure many of you have had the same experience, its caused me a lot of difficulty in relationships and social situations over the years. up until recently, i didn't know i had an actual medical condition, but i decided to ask my doctor about it on a routine check-up and she referred me to a dermatologist who diagnosed it as rosacea and prescribed Mirvaso. i was so excited to finally have something that could reduce the redness and finally allow me to have a normal skin tone. i applied it as soon as i got it, after around 30 minutes my face became splotchy. very white streaks, but my sideburn, and the very front of my cheeks stayed red. i hoped that maybe it took a little longer to kick in, but those areas never lost the redness for the week i used it for. however, after that week had passed, I noticed that after around 3 in the afternoon, my face was turning almost solid purple. wayyy past any redness ive ever exprienced before, and on top of that, the skin near the top of my cheekbones is getting roughly textured. im not sure how to describe it, but its not the same as the rest of my skin. after seeing this, i am stopping my use of mirvaso immediately. i see a lot of users here recommend laser treatments, so hopefully i will get better results with that." 

(86) Bling Bling wrote on January 15th 2014: "Mirvaso is a bad drug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad bad bad. This mirvaso has caused so much damage to my face.I used it for 13 days I have been off it for 4 days. Side effects major for me!!!  Flushing (never had this before) nose bleeds, dizziness, split cracked lips,big red blood cap.on my cheeks,blood red face,pressure in my eye's blood shot, I'm calling the FDA about this Mirvaso.I have called Galderma 1-866- 735-4137.I'm calling 1-800-bad-drug ,1800-223-3784 there needs to be something done about this maybe a class action suit? This has effected my mental state of mind, my health , my life! I worry for my well being and what the long term effects this Mirvaso will have ,the question is will I ever go back to my baseline color without all this damage and side effects?Please make these calls someone needs to pay for the suffering this drug Mirvaso, & Galderma has caused. I have not left my house for 17 days. I will post later after the nurse from the Mirvaso company returns my call (she is very busy !!!!!!!) please call and report your problems with this drug they have nurses answering your questions! Also the bad drug # and report this drug 1-866-735-4137. Don't suffer in silence!"

By now, on the cafepharma forum, Galderma coworkers seem aware of the 'the troubles' of their product as well :

11/1/14, Anonymous, Posts: n/a, Default Re: Mirvaso: "I hope that the "extended interaction" role play time is 100% dedicated to dealing with Mirvaso and it's wonderful safety profile... maybe some talking points on convincing the doctor to try it on some more patients even though they just had 4 out the last 8 with worsening erythema (or some other weird side effect). And don't forget to keep the adverse event phone number on speed dial"

(87) Rebecca wrote on January 14th 2014: "I am 5 week post mirvaso and I’m still way more red than before. I now get flushing out of no where and I never flushed before. I can’t even have one sip of alcohol withouy my face flaring up. I also have ocular rosacea now which started Right after mirvaso. I’m so depressed I can’t even stand it. I feel stuck in my skin. And now afraid to do things cause my face starts to burn out of no where. I want to sue this company I’m soooo pissed and utterly sad."

She also wrote this day here: "This was the worst drug I could have ever put on my face. I never got flushing before and now I do. I can’t take even a sip of alcohol without my face burning. My left cheek gets to rashy looking as the day goes on. I’m so sad and depressed over this."

ScarletNat: So this user suffers after 5 weeks of no use of Mirvaso, STILL from flushes and is a lot more red from it than before she started it. This sounds serious, she writes she never used to flush like this. I do hope it doesn't have the potential to make patients permanently worse. Shambles. By now I start to wonder how so much money could have been invested in all the testing of Mirvaso, the FDA approval etc, when it was clear to some doctors on their test boards already, and with anyone who has experience with brimonidine eye drops, that they cause chemical vasoconstriction, followed by vasodilatation (and thereby extra flushing and redness and worsening of symptoms). All the things that could have been done with all that money, to perhaps come up with something really innovating. Instead of just borrowing an existing product and ingredient and dress it up in the New Emperors Clothes. What a waste and what a shame and shambles. 

(88) Laura wrote on December 22nd 2013: "Same exact thing happened to me it has made my minor condition terrible. I sweat all the time because my face s on fire I’m afraid to stop because its so so red if I don’t but then when I do apply it it seems to come back later I’m at a loss!"

(89) Sue wrote on November 25th 2013: "I have been using Mirvaso about 1 week now and it helps but I live in the NJ where it has gotten very cold the last 2 days. I ran a couple errands, just in and out of the store and when I came home my face was SO red. Is this a reaction to it from the cold?"

(90) Sandra wrote on January 5th 2014: "“Dear Sir,I have Rosacea my doctor gave me a sample of Mirvaso. Would you believe it worked on my skin. It took my Rosacea away.My tor gave me the discount card of $50.00 and a prescription and I took it to CVS Drug store. I was told that my insurance of Excellous Medicare Blue PPO will not pay for any of the prescription. That is unfortunate as the product works for me. It took my Rosacea away and concealed it many many hours. In fact, I have not washed my face since yesterday and it is still working. I have been suffering with Rosacea for 3 1/2 years. Is there some unforeseen way I could get in a clinical program so I could get the cream. I would even be willing to pay for it. Please help me if you can so I don’t have to suffer with Rosacea anymore. Thank you, Sandra”

(91) Ashley wrote on January 7th 2014: "I have been using it off and on for a week.So today I used it in morning came to work and now it’s 2pm my face is red everywhere forehead , cheeks , nose and chin. I never had my face look like this unless I ran like 4 miles."

(92) Kelsey wrote on January 9th 2014: "I have been using mirvaso religiously for two weeks now and it seems that the redness on my face gets worse then it ever was without treatment when the cream wears off. I never used to get hot flushing periods and now I do. I was prescribed to apply the cream once in the morning. Usually around 3 pm I have some extreme redness/heat going on. I am going to get in touch with my Dr and hopefully get things changed."  [..] "I also seem to have some sort of hive like bumps appearing on my temples and forehead. they are not itchy, just skin tone little bumps. These started appearing around day 11."

(93) Andy Smith wrote on January 11th 2014: "A mixed bag of reviews with most posting negative effects. I was considering this when it comes out in march, but I’m erring on the side of caution now. I do remember however that when I first received metrogel, it had no appllication tips and my face became inflamed and peeled badly. I then swapped the gel for the cream and differed my moisturiser apllication and contained the problem to a point now where I have mild rosacea with no medication. Is this a case of user experience or just that the cream is not as good, as previously stated by Galderma."

(94) Patty wrote on January 12th 2014: "I started using Mirvaso in mid November. It was recommended by my dermatologist. I also take Oracea and use Promiseh Topical Cream, which I was told to continue to use. The Mirvaso worked great for about 5 weeks. After that, I started to experience redness on my nose and chin each night. I didn’t think anything of it. Since I put the Mirvaso on at around 7:00 a.m., I just thought it was wearing off by this time of night, so I continued to use it. I then started to get red blotches on my cheeks throughout the day. Eventually, my entire cheek would become bright red and burned like it was on fire. I just stopped using Mirvaso because it has irritated my skin so badly…….redness all over……some spots worse than others. Before I make another trip back to the dermatologist, I am going to try Benadryl cream as some of you mention above to see if that helps reduce the redness caused by Mirvaso. If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know."

(95) Woody wrote on January 12th 2014: "In the UK and managed to import some from a US chemist. Boy what a mistake – first day was amazing , second day unbelievable rebound like I had fell asleep in the oven – how can they get away with this ???!!!!".

(96) Pete (possibly Peter D who posted earlier, but this is not clear, as it's a common name) wrote on January 12th 2014: "It seems to work great when I apply it in the morning but I have horrible flushing when it wears off in the evening. In fact I think the rebound flushing is worse than any flush I had prior to Mirvaso. I now see redness on my nose & chin which I never had. I just hope I can get back to where I was previously! So disappointed!!!!!"

(97) Rocky wrote on January 16th 2014: "Hello All, Thank you for posting your reviews of Mirvaso, it has helped me through my negative experience as well. I am a healthy, active male in my early 20s. I have suffered from pathological blushing and redness in my cheeks since I was about 14. Pretty much everything and anything I do triggers a reaction to upset my cheeks and it is always in the back of my mind 24/7. I have coped with my red cheeks by applying a foundation that mixes with my skin tone every morning, it works great, but as a male you don't want to be putting makeup on your cheeks every day for the rest of your life. That's why I was very excited to hear about Mirvaso. My dermatologist (who also suffers from rosacea) prescribed me Mirvaso and told me that it worked for him, however he had to stop because of the rebound flushing. He then told me that this occurs in only 10% of patients and it might work fine for me. In my situation you're pretty desperate to try just about anything so I got the prescription and applied to my cheeks. This was the first topical product or any product for that matter (including laser) that diminished my redness. After the first day there were only little patches of redness, which made it look unnatural, but I applied my foundation and everything looked great. I applied in the mornings and then at night so I could wake up in the morning with a white face, something I've always wanted to do because sometimes my cheeks get red when I sleep. I woke up and my cheeks finally looked like the rest of my skin tone and I was ecstatic. It was the night of the 4th day and I was out coaching a kids basketball team and my right cheek began to get extremely hot, uncomfortable, and red. Luckily it was towards the end of the game, so when it finished I bolted home. I took a shower, which washed off the foundation, and it exposed how bad the flush really was. It was probably the most red/worst flush I have ever had without really exerting myself (which is saying something). I read all of these posts and reviews and went to bed hoping my skin would return to "normal", in the morning things were a little better, but I still skipped class because I was still kind of upset/scared. I had a pretty significant flush in my left cheek later that night, but nothing compared to the one in my right cheek. I went to class today and everything was OK for the most part. So I am hoping that I am past these nasty rebound flushes that Mirvaso was responsible for. The only good thing that came out of this product was that I realized that things can always get worse and even though my cheeks bother me a lot and are constantly pink/red ... It is nothing compared to the feeling you get after taking this product, it burns, it hurts, and I pray that nobody has to go through it anymore.
One last thing that I feel obligated to post. I am a very outgoing/confident person and all of my friends would be shocked if they knew I was dealing with this. I had ETS surgery about 3 weeks ago now, I had the procedure done in order to help stop my pathological blushing mainly in social situations. I can live with a red cheeks, I couldn't live anymore with worrying about my cheeks burning/blushing every time I got called on in class, talked to girls/employers, and every other event that triggered it. I read a lot of scary posts online about how the surgery ruined their life and all of the nasty side effects that the surgery caused. I was very nervous, but I had to do it. Since the surgery, it has changed my life for the better. My cheeks are still red, but I don't have the burning blushing all the time. My teacher called on me 4 straight times today (giving me a hard time) and then made me stand-up in front of the class because I didn't know the answer, and no blush. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me, this is my first post of all time for any forum, maybe my last, but I feel because of how successful the surgery was I had to post this. Good Luck."

(98) Ellen wrote on January 17th 2014: "I got a sample from my derm last week because out of nowhere my Rosacea came back much worse than it ever had. I had taken a 30 day supply of Doxcycline Hyclate and wondered if this actually made it worse… anyone with experience like that? Anyway the Mirvaso seemed to work pretty well - I applied in the morning but by mid day a deadline at work triggered a total red face and hot burning. Also I never used to get a reaction when I had a glass of white wine and two nights ago when I had a glass my entire face was red beyond belief. I reapplied the product and about 30 minutes later the redness died down, but now I seem to have triggers I never had before. Got my nails done and while they were drying under UV lights, wham, total red face in 5 minutes flat. Does anyone think this product might be making it worse for them? I decided to take a few days break and see what happens."

(99) Kdeck wrote on January 18th 2014: "The first week I started Mirvaso I thought it was a miracle cream! It completely erased my redness for the first 10-12 hours of the day. I apply it once a day in the morning, and by evening it wears off.  The second week I started noticing rebound redness. When the cream wore off after 10-12 hours, if I experienced flushing from one of my known triggers (heat, stress, wine, spicy food), the flushing was the worst I had ever experienced. Maybe 10 degrees redder than normal and very hot to the touch. People witnessing the flushing were alarmed at the reaction, and it took longer than normal to recover. The frequency of rebound redness in the evenings increased as the weeks went on. I discontinued use and it took about 4 weeks for my skin sensitivity to return to its normal pre-mirvaso state. My dermatologist told me it was ok to use it twice a day and suggested I give it another try. I really did like the results, but I want to see more evidence that this drug is safe and effective first."

(100) Terry wrote on January 20th 2014: "After 4th day of use, the rebound redness started occurring. Discontinued using Mirvaso after 6 days. Now 9th day and still waiting for redness to go away. Worse than before Mirvaso. Suggest do not use this product EVER."

(101) Ellen.LaNicca@padillacrt.com wrote on January 20th 2014: "Terry I have just done the same thing. Used Mirvaso for a week, initially it had great results but the rebounding flushing was far worse than I ever had… I began calling myself Princess Fiona from Shrek because by 6-7 PM I looked like I had a 2nd degree burn on my face. And this even before any food/lifestyle triggers. I am asking my derm to put me back on Doxycycline to see if that will help. Getting depressed."

Arb161 wrote on January 19th 2014: "Had a treatment tuesday and my doctor tole me that he told the gladerma sales rep that he would not be writing prescriptions for Mirvaso. The word is beginning to get around to the derms about mirvaso side effects."

(102) Melissa wrote a positive reply on december 14th 2013: "I was just given the Mirvaso last night by my Derm, he has always been right on the money for most of my treatment so I want to beleive him on this one but the comments of rebound flushing are making me quite fearful of using it regularly. I put some on when I got home last night and the results were amazing, within 20 minutes any redness that I had seemed to dimish and my skin was so even and looked great! When I got up this moring I did notice more than usual flushing on my checks but used it again. Waiting to see how it looks later this afternoon/tomorrow morning. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s my new miracle cream."

But she updated with a negative review soon after, on January 16th 2014: "I was so excite when I hear of his . In November I started using it. The first few days were great but then I had rebound redness which was 90% worse then my mild rosacea and they mirvosa could not control it the following day I have discontinued use for a over month now and my rosacea is worse then before I used the product. Wish I never tied it."

John wrote on January 18th 2014: "Mark my words people. Mirvaso will go down in history as the biggest disaster that was ever released to treat Rosacea .Who ever approved this product must have done it for financial gain. Shame on Galderma and shame on the doctors who prescribe it."

Andy replied: "Agreed John. How could Galderma get is so wrong after spending 8 years working on it .It really is unacceptable."

(103) Chloe wrote on January 19th 2014: "Mirvaso was prescribed to me back in November and I had wonderful results instantly. Was putting moisturizer on top after daily applications. Then I noticed intense facial redness on Thanksgiving and thought it was from consuming wine. Had to go out in the cool weather for it to calm and it did. All was well until a month or so later when I noticed the magnified redness with any touch of heat such as blow drying my hair, standing over a pot of boiling pasta, opening up a hot oven, etc. I mentioned it to my dermatologist and she hadn’t heard of such reactions. In the past week I am getting daily red flare ups and I mean intense, inflamed redness. It looks like a horrible sunburn and is hot to the touch. My face also throbs! I am a school principal and was mortified when the reactions started occurring while I as at work. Will stop use immediately. Am also on Doxycycline."

Nancy replied: "Chloe, that sounds like what I have experienced. Don’t panic though, just stay off the Mirvaso and I believe your skin will readjust to the way it was before using the medication. Similar to using a topical steroid or too much daily Visine. I am not a doctor but just speaking from my person experience, research and top medical attention. Best wishes."

(104) Metalgear85 wrote on January 22nd 2014: "Stopped using Mirvaso. Hi, It's been a while since I've been on this site. I havent read this whole thread - It's become quite long! I, too had rebound flushing after maybe 2 weeks of starting Mirvaso and stopped using it. It's too bad because I had high hopes. Right now, I'm not using anything really beyond some occasional cleansing and moisturizing. Unfortunately, I'm not doing great right now in this cold Minnesota weather. I continue to look for new products to try. Good luck to you al."

(105) Luisa wrote on a German forum about her experience with Mirvaso, on January 8th 2014: (translated by carmk700, link): "My great hope-mirvaso. I have had rosacea for 12 years, unfortunately I am one of the few for which it began very early. I think I've tried just about everything, including an inpatient stay in the clinic. There is no miracle for this condition and you can't expect one. I have tried the new Creme/Gel Mirvaso from Gelderns (sic) through my dermatologist. I got it sent to me from the USA and it cost me 470 euros, but I would have paid even more in order to finally have peace and be able to exist like a 'normal' person. My dermatolgist, a renowned professor- also in the area of rosacea, most heartily recommended Mirvaso to me. The first three days were actually a miracle. No redness, even-toned skin. Staying outside and then coming into an overheated room- no problem! I had to apply the cream in the mornings and about every two hours, because otherwise the redness would have broken through again. After the three days, I got increasingly more frequent and random red spots on my face, here a streak, there a spot. After 2 weeks the streak and the spot turned into extensive and aggressive redness like I never experienced before. After 2.5 weeks I discontinued the cream and my skin is worse than ever. The flushes last up to six hours and I sit crying at home with a fire-red, hurting face. After the euphoria in the USA for this 'miracle cream' subsides, one will be able to read terrifying things about it. Right now, I don't know how it's going to develop for me, I can only say that currently it's a horror. I'm surprised that I've found so little in this forum about Mirvaso. Has anyone here also had an experience with Mirvaso yet? Right now I'm helpless, I can't go outside, have any social contact or pursue my profession. 6 hours of a constantly burning face make it impossible"

(106) Kekue replied to Luisa's post and confirmed he/she also experienced identical problems:
(translated by carmk700, link): "Hi Luisa, With me, the timing of the course and symptoms was identical. The drama is, that despite the discontinuation of Mirvaso, the fire-red spots and above all, the flushing can last over several months. In Germany only a handfull of people have tested the product because it is not yet approved for use. I don't know of a single person who did not get the flush you described. Meanwhile in the US they are talking about the possiblilty that the studies were manipulated in order to comply with the strict requirements of the FDA. The few positive forum reviews are made in the first days of Mirvaso application. If Galderma doesn't come to grips the side effects, the product will disappear from the market. That the side effects only occur in 3% of the users is a lie."

Kekue also wrote on January 8th 2014: (translated by me) "I have the same symptoms. I also threw this product away after 2 weeks. The skin stayed deep red, just as the flushings. It can take up to 6 months for the skin to return to its normal state. The redness comes from within and isn't from outside (external)."

On January 24th 2014, David Pascoe seems to suggest that despite overwhelming negative reports, also on his own sites, there might still be a lot more positive, silent, users in his opinion. David wrote: "I do wonder how many happy users of Mirvaso we just never hear from – are there more of them than the unhappy ones? We may never know the answer but it is interesting to ask the question anyway!" 

Sam replies: "David i think jimmi and emily are galderma reps.There are more reports now from forums in europe who have people that manged to get mirvaso who also have had the horrible side effects. This product is an unprecedent disaster. The problem is because it does work in the very short term, docs will take photos and plaster them on their websites and act like it actualy means something. I saw my friend today who used mirvaso and his face is a wreck. Hes in major depression."  

Scarlet Nat: Its beyond me why David keeps raising doubts about the negative feedback versus the (missing) positive feedback. The negative reports are there, on his websites, on the net, and the positives are hardly to be found. But he ponders if they might be there anyway and just don't post. I think, if people have long term positive effects from a new drug like Mirvaso, they will surely find the websites and the forums to testify about this. It makes no sense that after years of suffering, these invisible positive users are keeping silent and wouldn't at least post a goodbye farewell note, saying they are cured or doing perfect now. If you scroll down on this page to the next heading, the cafepharma forum thread, you will read about the comments Galderma's reps make about Mirvaso. David Pascoe also replied to them and thinks we should not take them too serious, as some coworkers are laid off and might just spit their venom now. I disagree. "

(107)  Arrowood wrote on January 25th: "My experience with mirvaso. I have been using it daily for 3 months and I thought it was miraculous at first.. I didn't have to wear foundation to cover redness, I loved it! But then...  I am going to dermo Monday for severe burning spots and blisters on my face caused by Mirvaso. It was fine for a month or so then I started noticing if I didn't use it, my face would turn unnaturally red, worse than sunburn - I was in the sun for about one hour prior to the severe burning and blisters started...nothing major just outside, I wasn't laying in the sun, etc.... After that day, the patches and blistering started. I couldn't stop using mirvaso because if I don't use it I have blotchy random and unnatural redness on my face. Obviously, at this point I am taking the burning and blisters over using the product."

(108) Billy had a bad experience with Mirvaso and wrote on January 25th 2014: "MIRVASO A BAD DRUG!!!! Went to Dr, for allergic reaction to Christmas tree ,he gave me Mirvaso I only had light pink cheeks ,and only got this maybe twice a year. I ask what this drug would do he only told me don’t worry it will make it go away! Dr. said just activate you Mirvaso card. I used the bad drug Mirvaso for 13 days!! Worst thing I have ever done in my life. I have suffered from red face flushing never had flushing before ,broken blood vessels all over face where I applied this bad drug Mirvaso . My nose bleed for a week,cracked lip with sores on them, dark purple circle under my eyes which they are still blood shoot! This drug has effected my health ,my mental health, my well being my life. I called mirvaso/drug co. and talked to nurse about the problem, she was NO help she would not answer any of my questions she seemed more like a Lawyer for Mirvaso Drug co. They sent a question /papers and want to refund the fifty DOLLARS I paid for the drug.I Called the FDA and 1-800 bad drug 1-800 223-3784. There needs to be a CLASS ACTION SUIT THIS IS A BAD DRUG. I DON’T THINK MY FACE WILL EVER BE THE SAME!! THIS IS THE 14 DAY OFF MIRVASO AND MY FACE IS BLOOD RED LOOKS LIKE I’M WEARING A MASK. NEVER HAD PROBLEMS BEFORE I USED MIRVASO. I HOPING TO GET BACK TO MY BASELINE COLOR /WITHOUT ALL THIS REBOUND FLUSHING .HAD TO TAKE A LEAVE FROM WORK ,OUT ALL MOST A MONTH NOW! I HAVE APPOINT. WITH NEW DR . IN TWO WEEKS. DO NOT USE THIS BAD DRUG !!!!!" 

(109) Vacation38 wrote on January 26th 2014: "Still suffering. I went to my dermatologist in October 2013 and he prescribed Mirvaso for me. I was on it for only 3 days when the rebound flushing came in full force. He instructed me to immediately discontinue use and face my an anti inflamitory lotion to use on my face. It took almost 2 weeks before the beet red color left my face. However, I am still suffering from this side affect on my nose.It is red, the blood vessels are very prevalent and it actual hurts from the inside of my nose most of the time. The discomfort is unbarable. When I breath through my nose it actually hurts. I am getting ready to find legal council. No topical medication should mar a person after only 3 days. I am not sure how I can get myself back to normal (no pain, light rosacea on my nose). I wish I would never has used this product. Can anyone suggest what I can do for this problem? I was wondering if laser treatment would work at this point."

(110) Doug128 wrote on January 28th 2014: "Bad Bad stuff. I have Rosacea but not bad, parents from Ireland so that's where I get it from lol. I tried this stuff for 4 days,  im beginning my second week off Mirvaso and Im still having rebound flushing. On my 3rd day of trying this stuff I had a rebound of severe flushing that lasted hours, I coud have cooked an egg on my face. this stuff is poison to your skin, I have never in my life flushed like this, I made a report to the FDA and Galderma, a nurse called me from Galderma and asked me questions and she sais yes they have been getting a lot of reports of rebound flushing/redness...I had an IPL treatment just done so Im hoping that helps a little. I cant believe this stuff is on the market, its real bad."

(111) Wicky wrote on January 25th 2014, on an Acne forum: "Gary I've tried it and it broke me out after the1st application. Bummer cause I have a full tube a pd $125. I also rebounded bad so I will never use again."

(112) Gary wrote on January 27th 2014: "Mirvaso worked so great I was flying so high about having normal color skin. It seemed like it was losing its effectiveness after a week and now 2 weeks later. The dreaded flushing. I washed my face before bed tonight and my nose is 3 times more red. My cheeks are red which they never were before. Someone mentioned it looking like you’ve been out in the sun all day. That is exactly what my face looks like. This is very depressing after being so excited about the results. Im going to stop using it. Maybe just on special occasion or something.  :("

(113) Toomuchblush wrote on January 30th 2014: "Uh-oh oh-no no more mirvaso...  Hey there. Initial results - FANTASTIC... prolonged use results - I'm not going to be the one to find out. Uh oh, oh no, no more mirvaso. Good luck girls and guys. fellow rosacians. I'm 26 and have had mild rosacea since the beginning of high school. I never imagined that I'd join a forum such as this, but this drug drove me to "see red," so to speak. After receiving a small sample size of mirvaso from my dermatologist I was absolutely skeptical of any credentials this drug may have. I had no intentions of even trying it, but rosacea is relentless and after a week or so of hanging on to my little sample tube I finally made the decision to apply it. About ten minutes after applying I couldn't believe what I was seeing, or wasn't seeing... NO RED! Needless to say my excitement had me dancing around my apartment and put me in one of the best moods I've felt in a long time. The red had dissipated and the flushing was almost completely gone... I felt victorious. Fast forward seven or eight hours later and cue the dreadful, lurking orchestra music as I physically felt the drug wearing off. Without any triggers present I began feeling my facial blood vessels dilate uncontrollably. Luckily I had just finished my shift at work and came home to see what was beginning to go on and I took a look in the mirror... call me patches. Uneven DARK red areas where the drug was probably wearing off began surfacing around clearer areas of skin. Eventually my entire face became dilated once the drug was no longer working, but the flush I experienced after it was unlike any other. Unrelenting, tightened skin, deep-dark red patches entangled amongst "less" red skin for the rest of the night. It was horrific, but rosacea is horrific so I decided I would continue to use it anyways despite the forums and first-time experience. Onto day two of use... same results. My skin looked so, so good a few minutes after initial application and once again I was on cloud nine. Fast-forward to the come down and there I sat in the same red boat as before thinking WTF! At that point I knew that this cream was doing something bad, but the climax of the drug felt so good, I couldn't just give it up. I went through the cycle one final time, but this time the come-down flush and after-effects was too much to take. I sit here now about twenty-four hours after my last application flushed and dilated more than ever about to go to work wishing that I had never found this drug. Such a tease and waste of money." 

(114) Matty78 wrote on February 12th 2014: "You can put my response to Mirvosa as a complete negative. They have got to go back to the drawing board. At least for me. Terrible reaction. Too good to be true. Met with a doctor yesterday who confirmed he doesn't write scrips for the drug. Wish that I had met with him years ago. Wish I had never even come into contact with the drug. Vbeam to happen on Friday."

(115) MattC1981 wrote on February 19th 2014: "Have suffered from progressively worsening flushing for about 5 years or so (I'm 32). I was recently prescribed the dreaded Mirvaso... and boy do i wish i'd done my research first!!!!! I'll try not to bore you with the details, but i suffered from really terrible rebound flushing and burning just like so many others on here. So much worse than before. I stopped using it after 3 days, but i fear it may be too late. This was 3 weeks ago, and i really don't think i see any improvement in my condition. The point of my post is that i'm desperate to hear from ANYONE who used this poison and about their recovery from it i.e did your skin return to normal or not? How long did this take and did you do anything to aid the process? Thank you so much for any replies, I'm in a desperate state here. And P.S - Just to complicate things further my doctor has put me on a beta blocker (Propranolol) and i'm scared as to wether this will help my skin recover or just prevent it. Thanks again."

(116) Tara wrote on February 10th 2014: "I used the sample tube given to me by my dermatologist. Holy moly…12 hours after I applied it to my nose; my nose became bright red and splotchy. Of course; I reapply it again and the same thing happens after 8 hours. Finally…I read the reviews and see I am not unique to this problem. I discontinued using Mirvado and fortunately had a tube of hydrocortisone cream 2.5. I applied it to my nose and it worked great." 

(117) Loriann wrote on February 7th 2014: "The first time I used mirvaso I was happy with the result. It took my redness away with a 1/2 hour of applying. I had applied it again for the next 3 days & again was excited that it was working. Then on the fourth day my face became redder than it ever did before. I also experienced some minor burning. Needless to say, I am disappointed with this side effect & I have not used it for several days & I am still experiencing really bad redness & burning."

(118) Matt wrote on February 10th 2014: "Could anyone who experienced bad rebound flushing confirm whether it eventually got better after stopping use? I am so depressed right now with the effects this stuff has had on me. I stopped using it 10 days ago and my face is still burning so badly with practically no trigger."

Elissa replied: "It took a month for my rebound to stop affecting me on a daily basis. I think taking doxycycline helped to speed up the healing process. You can contact Galderma for a refund. It won’t help the rebound, but no reason to be out the money for a drug that doesn’t work"

Nancy replied: "Matt, I would suggest that you see your Dermatologist to have them evaluate and document your condition. A doctor can also get your condition under control quickly so you can start feeling and looking better. Some things that my doctor had me try when I had reactions:
1) Apply cold compresses using strong cold black tea. The caffeine in the tea acts to naturally constrict the blood vessels in your skin and can help calm the blushing down.
2) Also you can try some OTC antihistamines in case you are having an allergic attack. Until you can see your Dermatologist, try to keep everything off your face other than gently washing and moisturizing your skin and stay out of the sun. Try to calm your system down.

(119) Jay wrote on February 12th 2014: "Is there any documented proof, that the rebound flushing will end. This is terrible. Much worse than when I started."

(120) Cynthia Williams wrote on february 12th 2014: "What I got out of the entire process is that everyone’s sensitivities are different. If you feel brave enough to continue use of it and feel as if the rebound flushing may subside then go for it. But if you have sensitive skin I’m not so sure you should continue use of the product. Supposedly in the tests by the FDA the rebound flushing was a low percentage. My experience with Mirvaso was horrible and I will never use the product again as long as I live."

(121) Ron Hicks wrote on February 18th 2014: "To put it as simply as possible I wish I never tried this product, my problem has become worse. Face is red, hot, fells like a sunburn and being stung by fire ants at the same time. My advice to anyone thinking about using this product is “DON’T USE IT”" "One more thing to add, the pain is so bad that it will be hard to stop using the product."

(122) Anonymous wrote on dcurbanmom.com, on February 4th:
"Someone mentioned Mirvaso on a recent thread about rosacea, so I got some and have been using it for the past 4 days. The directions say to put a pea-sized amount on all 5 areas of the face, but I've just been using 1 pea-sized amount total for my cheeks and nose. A couple hours later, the redness is totally gone and I look great. HOWEVER, this morning I woke up with the worst-looking rosacea I've had in ages (very red and bumpy). I put on the Mirvaso, had nice skin for a few hours, and now at 5:30 I'm flushing like crazy. My face feels so hot, and my left cheek is so inflamed it's swollen. From my research, many people do experience "rebound redness," and I guess that's what this is. I was wondering what kind of luck other people have had with it."

Another anonymous replied: "I've read lots of horror stories about it. Also, it's not designed to treat rosacea, merely tovmask it for 8 hours, more or less. After .   that, the flushing will return. That's if it works as it's supposed to." 

And: "The rumor in the industry is that Miravaso was supposed to be a blockbuster and it's tanking, quickly. I'm guess your experience is common."

(123) Anonymous wrote on February 16th 2014: "I had the same thing happen. Called my derm to complain and ask for another option and she said there aren't any. I have since found out about Finacea. I am going to ask for it next time I go."

(124) LilCranky wrote on February 26th 2014: "New here and joined because of my recent experience with Mirvaso. DO NOT LIKE!!! Quick history - in my early 40s, NEVER had skin problems until a few years ago. Tried Finacea - dried out my skin, Oracea and only using Aveeno calming line. My rosacea was mild - but it really bothered me - own worst critic. So I figured I would try Mirvaso, because I was sick of having reddish cheeks. First day - great. Second day - so-so, had to reapply after about 5 hours, and noticed that I would still have red spots on my cheeks. Sometimes I would be a deeper red at night and in the morning - and this was more red than I was pre-Mirvaso. This was the last two weeks - yesterday was the LAST day I used this drug.Yesterday was the worst day - I never flushed this much before using this drug. Right side of my face looked like I washed my face with a Brillo pad. That took 3+ hours to go away. My face was very hot, and hurt. I was also at work, and was asked what was wrong with me. Most of the time no one notices my rosacea, I was close to tears and called my derm office for an immediate appointment. Kind of pissed off - I really hope that Mirvaso didn't make my baseline worse.. Was given samples of Bionect, will see if that works and bought some pricey products from the derm office - Avene Antirougeurs cleansing milk and soothing cream...(even though I just had bought a new supply of Aveeno )"

(125) Capn wrote on February 26th 2014:  "Mirvaso - Not good. I'm a 46 year old male dealing with Rosacea for about 3 years. It's worse in the winter so I visited my dermo (PA) last Thursday and she suggested Mirvaso. She said she had only prescribed it once or twice and didn't have much feedback, I plan to give her some. For 3 days I applied it in the morning and thought it was a miracle then yesterday, Monday, just after noon, I experienced horrible redness, worse than I've ever seen. No triggers, just a sudden flush, burning, almost burgundy in a few spots. I took a long brisk walk and it seemed to calm down, only to return later in the day. I skipped the Mirvaso treatment today, Tuesday, but had the same flushing reaction about mid-day which didn't go away even after a walk. If I didn't have an appointment that had me leave work mid-afternoon I would have taken the afternoon off. As it was I had to sit through a few meetings with terrible flushing. Reading the reactions here I'm done with this experiment and am only hoping my face returns to pre-treatment levels quickly. As it happens I made an appoint for laser treatment next Thursday and hoping that will provide some relief. I've tried everything out there and am pretty frustrated, waiting for the spring which usually brings a little relief."

(126) Marlo wrote on March 1st 2014: "Wanted to share I post I made on another forum the other day (as this forum seems to be more active) "Hi-First time poster on here, but have to say I applied Mirvaso for the first time yesterday morning, about 4 hours later I had some down time and went on the web to read some reviews of it. Needless to say I panicked and quickly got in the bathroom to wash my face and apply as much water based moisture as possible. Spent the rest of yesterday on pins and needles wondering how bad it would get (given its nearly impossible to find a positive review of this drug on any forum). Anyways I took one posters advice and slept on my back so my face wouldn't feel pressure of a pillow, however towards I morning I accidently flipped to one slide for about 30 minutes. When I woke up my face was beat red and the side I slept on had a heat like rash on it (picture the post effects of a car air bag hitting you). The rash subsided throughout the morning, but my face is still red and I'm worried to go out in cold weather, although not as bad as other users who used the drug for more than one day (crossing my fingers it stays that way). Anyways I would NEVER RECOMMEND THIS DRUG. And this is coming from someone who has been on Accutane 3 times and knows the consequences/effects of strong facial medicines. The fact that this drug got out to the market is a joke. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone on any forum who has lasted more than 2 weeks on the drug (trust me, I spent all day yesterday reading users experiences.)"

UPDATE: So as I said above I only applied mirvaso once, and its been 5 days since I applied. The redness I was experiencing has been getting progressively better. The first two days were pretty bad as I was flushing randomly and I've never done that before. That has since stopped. The thing that really scared me was my eyes would become extremely dry (almost as if you were trying to stare into a fan with your eyes open) and blood shot but that has slowly been getting better day by day. I'm still crossing my fingers I can get back to prior mirvaso baseline, but I wanted to share updates as I don't think people do a good enough job at following up with how their experience went after some time off of this shit drug. Anyways if I get completely out of the woods on this I will let everyone know how long it took."

(127) Iparker wrote on March 5th 2014: "I am new to the forum. I really never had rosacea bad just a very mild case. I only get slightly red if I drink alcohol or exercise and it is very faint. So, back around the end of November I went to the dermatologist for a laser treatment on my face for some broken capillaries. I was meeting my Dad for the first time along with my grandma, aunts and uncles and cousins around 40 family members that I have never met and I wanted to look my best. Well after I had my laser treatment, I was leaving and the doctor ran up to me and gave me some samples of this Mirvaso crap and said to use this for blushing. I was confused because I do not blush and I didn't know why she had given them to me. She also wrote me a prescription for the crap. I didn't think much of it and threw it into my purse. Well, one night while I was out with my Dad on one of our first nights to hang out together and we were going to be drinking so I thought "hey, why don't I apply that Mirvaso cream so I don't get that slight pink color." HUGE MISTAKE!! It started a never ending cycle that took me 2 months to figure out why it was happening. Eventually the mirvaso just stopped working and I finally figured it out. I would put it on and nothing. Now, my face seems destroyed. I have no idea if I will recover. I will never ever ever trust a dermatologist again!! Like an idiot I thought it was the laser surgery that had caused the blushing so I kept applying Mirvaso to make it stop.... I even complained to the dermatologist that the laser treatment had caused me to flush and she said no it couldn't have. She and I never put it together that it was Mirvaso. I finally looked the crap up 2 months later and stumbled across this forum. Thank you for putting all of this valuable information on the internet. It will help people from making a huge mistake. I stopped taking it 3 days ago. The first night I stopped I was fine. I kept the temperature low in the house and drank ice water and ate salads. The next day no luck.  I thought I might have to go to the emergency room the pain was so intense!! I had to keep a fan on my face all day long at work. I feel like I have scorched my face. Does anyone please have any suggestions or do I have to keep the air in the house in the 60's and drink cold water. Is that my only relief from this madness!! Thank you so much for all of your help in advance."

Iparker also wrote: "I dont but I feel like my body is somewhat going through withdrawls. It is weird I am having headaches and fever feeling and my chest is flushing and that has never happened before. I just dont get it. There needs to be a HUGE warning label for this facial cream."

And: "I have a question. I stopped taking this Mirvaso on Saturday it is now Wednesday. Flushing has improved with my diet but not much. Now it is still early, I know it can take 4 or 5 weeks to see improvement and I took it for 2 months. But my question is does Mirvaso really get into the blood stream? I was trying to fast the other day which I do periodically and my face turned extremely red, I thought I might have to go to the emergency room. So... I wont be doing that again. But, is my body trying to get this stuff out of the bloodstream. I am confused.... Or is this physical state the new norm for me. Constant flushing from heat and foods." (Link)

Sam wrote on January 24th 2014: "Emily is a Galderma spammer.people have tried her method and apart from her partner in crime jimmi it hasnt worked.

Julian Bonny replied to this on the same day and site:  'You are 100% right Sam they both work for Galderma. The brass neck of these people after all the misery and suffering they have inflicted on people with this disaster they call Mirvaso. It makes me so angry. If you have any integrity left Galderma , put your hand up and admit you got it so wrong with this product so we can all move on."

She later updated in the same thread: (answering the question how often she reapplied Mirvaso) `Usually just once per day. I try to time it so the maximum effect is when I need it (like for a meeting or a date). The amount of moisturizer, or whatever, to mix with Mirvaso is up to you (you might be able to use it straight out of the tube, I can’t). You kinda have to experiment with what works best for you. For me, the really GREAT thing is that Mirvaso finally gives me the control not to have a red face if I have something important going on. Good luck! Write back with your results.´

*Kristina replied to her: ´So you have tried mirvaso alone and had bad results? I did, but you’re making me think it could work if I do what you do. Do you look like a ghost or does the lotion help that? I looked scary that first time.´

Emily: `Not bad results, it’s just that my skin got a little irritated. By mixing it, it still works great to get rid of the redness, but doesn’t cause me to get irritated. It also does make you look less ghost-like initially. Again, you have to experiment and work out the proportions that are effective for you. Hope that helps.´

*Grace replied to her on December 15th: Okay…i dont doubt that mirvaso has worked for some of u, but if u have to seriously add other moisturizers and antihistamines in, then perhaps mirvaso alone just doesnt work! I cant help but think that some staunch supporters of mirvaso work for the company and are trying to counter our terrible experiences with fake happy narratives. This shit seems to not be working for the majority lf users.. i mean, this is capitalism so i totally wouldnt be surprised if some people r being paid to pretend it works so that viewers to this site decide to spend money. I am not convinced that mirvaso works. If its not working alone then its not working lol."

(128) Rebecca wrote on February 1st 2014: "Does anyone else have daily flushing months post mirvaso? I’d u do or did..does it go away. I’m miserable. And I never used to flush."

Andy replied: "I see it has just now been approved for Europe . OMG just wait till we see the carnage it will cause." 

(129) Margie wrote on January 31st 2014: "I have been using this drug for 3 days now, works great for about 12 hours for me. After it has worn off my face is hot and very red. If I continue using this gel I will not use as much and I will try to dulute it with moisturizer and benadryl. I will keep you posted to see if there is no rebound…"

And she updated on February 4th: "Its been about a week now that I have been using Mirvaso. It works great for about 9 hours then It starts to wear off and then my face starts to get hot and red almost purple. So I put a little more on to get me through my 12 hour shift at work, It takes about 30 minutes to kick in and then my face calms down and the red goes away again. Works great on my red face to bad it has a such a reaction after it wears off… Not sure if I am doing damage to my skin? After 9 hours I have to reapply. I might use Benadryl and moisture lotion maybe that will calm my skin down… I will let you know if that helps."

(130) Suzanne replied on February 1st in the same thread: "I used Mirvaso for 4 days- The first day was great, my skin changed to pale and normal flesh color. (I’m fair skinned). Day 2 was fine until about 8 hours in and started a slight flushing. Day 3 was more flushing, and by Day 4, after about 6 hours, I developed an unbelievably red hot facial color all over my face-even places I never get red. I immediately stopped using the medication and it took about 3 days to recover back to original redness. So disappointed!"

(131) Richard Bissinger wrote on February 4th 2014: "I have recently used Mirvaso, and the cream will clear your face from redness very quickly.However, I am having rebound flushing that is pretty severe compared to the light redness that I had before taking the medication. My flushing comes the next day or after 10-12 hours. The flushing that has developed is about twice as bad before taking the medicine. I do not want to have to take the Mirvaso gel everyday just to combat the more severe flushing. I do not know how long the rebound flushing will last. I am going to discontinue the product and see if the flushing subsides. Be careful."

(132) Elisabeth wrote on February 7th 2014: "This is my 2nd day using Mirvaso, and I am experiencing horrible rebound flushing. It is red and splotchy in places where I never used to flush. It begins about 5-6 hours after application and does not go away. Hopefully it goes away soon. I will be calling the. FDA tomorrow. I’m glad it worked for some people, but it seems like most people are not reacting well to it."

(133) DS replied the same day: "First day I tried Mirvaso it seemed to work well…that was less than a week ago. As time progressed, I didn’t really know if it was working or not because it seemed to wear off. Yesterday by mid-afternoon my face began to feel hot. After supper I had a 4 oz glass of port and – sorry, I don’t know how else to say it – s_ _. Afterwards, my face went from a level 2 (out of 10) to a 10! It was terrible! Today I did not use it and probably never will again, but my face is still hot and red as a beet. They say to avoid triggers…I might be able to avoid port but not s_ _. This product seems to me to be dangerous. I don’t think they did a large enough clinical trial, imho."

He updated on February 8th: "Just an update. Today I did not use Mirvaso, but I still got this late afternoon hot, flushing on my face. Never had this problem before. Got so bad I didn’t know what to do, so got a new tube of Desitin diaper rash cream and put that on and it seemed to help. Only, Desitin sticks like glue so I guess I’m housebound for the evening."

And he updated on February 10th: "One more update. Day 4 of not using Mirvaso and still 'sunburnt' red. I had to come up with a better idea than diaper rash cream, & I did find a wonderful solution to this leftover rebound reaction. I clipped a whole leaf from my aloe vera plant, cut off the prickly sides, and then cut width-wise into 2″ pieces. Then, I filleted (sp?) off the skin on both sides, so what I had was thin 2″ aloe fillet pieces. I then stuck them all over my face. It felt wonderful! The outer layer dries out but the aloe underneath stays moist & does its magic. When I took the fillets off, the skin underneath was markedly improved. Good luck everybody…I truly hope they find a genuine remedy for our suffering, and soon."

Susi replied: "I totally agree. Not enough trials or not being truthful about results. I Called Galderma and they seemed to appreciate the feedback."

(134) Kate wrote on February 8th 2014: "I started using Mirvaso in mid-December. From the beginning it would work for a few hours to several hours, but never for the 12 hours advertised.
Eventually I would start getting the worst flushing I’ve ever had in my life. I had people ask me if I had burned my face. The flushing and incredibly hot skin get progressively worse until one night my entire face and neck actually looked purple. I discontinued using it the next day which was four days ago (used it for a total of about 7 weeks). I continued to experience rebound flushing for a couple of days, but that seems to have subsided. I’m very hesitant to use this product again." 

(135) Andrea wrote on February 9th 2014: "Went to a dermatologist on Jan 28th specifically to try mirvaso, after my mother had seen something about it on TV. Was given two small sample tubes and a perscription. Went home and applied a small amount to my cheeks and cheek bones where I usually tend to flush, and then to my nose, just for the heck of it. Drove to work and checked myself out in the rear view mirror, and was stunned by what I saw…clear pale skin, oh joy! This was at around 10:30 a.m. After a meeting, full of confidence, I went to the lady’s room and saw that my skin was blotchy and red again, looking like a bad rosacea break out, at around 3:30. So disappointed! I applied a bit more and then went to the gym and then out to dinner. When I got home, my skin looked great! At around 8 pm I started seeing the blotchyness return but figured this was normal…the princess Fiona effect I had prepared myself for. But it was worse than usual…much redder than before. I decided to discontinue usage and cancel the prescription. At about 2 pm the following day I looked like I was wearing a baboon mask, I was so freakishly red I had to leave work right away. This flushing continued for ten days; subsiding a little each day. What an ordeal! I’m better now but feel like I’ve been been through the wars."

Emily Kingston wrote on February 11th 2014: "I am in Canada and have had rosacea for about 2 years. I just saw a dermatologist for the first time a month ago (was seeing GP for this condition until then). Anyway, long story short, she was thrilled about Mirvaso coming to Canada next year and made no mention of the ~1/10 rebound rate shown in trials, or the negative backlash of the product as reviewed online. Having read a lot about it before going to the appointment, I didn’t know what to say …. I just sort of looked at her funny the way you do when someone pronounces a word incorrectly or something and you’re trying to be polite. She was of course trying to get me out of the office in the less than 8 min, or whatever their target is … I really should have been more assertive and spoken up. I know most of us with rosacea do our homework, as our livelihoods and quite honestly our mental health is wrapped up in the success and failures of the things we do/try with our faces … but I really hope that she gets informed about the danger of this product before she gives it to some poor unsuspecting and desperate patient who doesn’t know any better than to use it."

(136) Shirley wrote on February 11th 2014: "I saw my dermatologist last week for my 3 mo follow-up. When she first gave me a Mirvaso sample 3 months ago, she denied any knowledge of this rebound flushing. During this 3 mo follow-up, she asked how I liked the sample and if I wanted to go on this med. I told her I tried it twice and both times the next day, I was slightly more broken out and/or my blood vessels and redness were both more pronounced. She then told me she went to a recent dermatologist conference and a fellow dermatologist spoke who happens to have rosacea. This dermatologist spoke to how she used Mirvaso and had significant rebound flushing and that this appears to be a common side effect. 3 months and more information and my dermatologist admitted this issue. I decided to not use a product that has the potential to make me worse than I already am! I’m only 8 months post diagnosis at age 57 and am still trying to find REAL solutions to controlling the rosacea versus something only cosmetic that may make me worse! FYI- love this support group and learn something everyday from my more seasoned rosacea sufferers! Thanks!"

(137) Debra wrote on February 17th 2014: "After 10 years, thousands in creams, laser treatments and Dr. appts. I was so optimistic about Mirvaso for my very hateful ‘cheeks only’ rosacea. For the first week it seemed to work well. I was able to cut back to just one coat of Bisque Bare mineral powder over tinted doctor sunscreen. Then I noticed some breakthrough redness after just 7 hours. Gradually during the first month I had warm-to-hot dark red splotching worse than anything I had EVER had. I used icepacks and avoided coffee and other triggers. Now I feel that I cannot trust it to work, but I am afraid NOT to use it. My face looks like I ‘ve had a liter of red wine most of the time. My kids are so confused over how bad I look that I now just sleep in my makeup to avoid the stares. I need to go back to the doctor for help. I had to meet a deductible, so it cost me 249 dollars for the 30g tube. The heat from the flushing was so pervasive and almost startling to me since I had never had it that bad before."

She updated on March 1st 2014: "You need to notify your derma doctor.I had a metallic taste after the cream, but no issues with my tongue. I used it one month because i was SO hoping it would work. By the time i got to the Dr. i had terrible swelling and only was clear for about 4 hours then my face would start to heat up almost like a fever or a terrible niacin flush. My cheeks looked branded. The dr put me on a steroid cream and 42 days of doxycycline hyclate 20mg tab. once per day. Now i am also battling yeast and thrush. Fun… The steroid cream is only for 2 weeks, but one side of my face is still very red at night. I find it hard to believe that Galderma could let this on the market if you can only use it successfully for a few weeks before trouble sets in. I have used their products forever:Differin, oracea, metrogel, cetaphil and never had a minute’s trouble until this da** Mivaso."

(138) Daggs wrote on March 12th 2014 on an acne forum: " I tried it a few months back. Got a sample from my aunt, the derm. I was so happy to see that something finally stopped my flushing. A few days later, I was walking in the mall and I looked in a mirror only to discover that my face was extremely red and blotchy! I waited the worst of it out in a changing room. It was a horrible day. I wish it had worked. I would have liked not to talk with someone and feel my face beating with increasing redness, but such is life, I suppose. But yes, rebound redness was a problem for me."

(139) McKie wrote on February 22nd 2014 on the rosacea support forum: "Would just like to post my experience with mirvaso. My rosacea is of the severe flushing type. although the last year with the severe episodes i do have small red bumps on cheeks and forehead now. I have used mirvaso about 10 times over the last 4 months or so. Only as a sort of way to reduce the redness if i have to go out in public places. and when i used it it was less than recommended dose (application). Yes it reduced the redness. but last night I did the usual small dose just on my nose and woke up looking and felling the worse i ever have. I am going through my typical flareup though swollen red skin on forehead, cheeks,chin. and occular. but when i applied it last night i just put it on my nose. and right now (next day). my nose burns and is the reddest its ever been. I personally will never use this stuff again and will be getting rid of it. the rebound effect I'm experiencing right now is not worth the short time my face looks clear. I think its just a mixture of my face already being inflamed and this stuff making it way worse."

(140) Susan Heller wrote on March 4th 2014: " Last week I was given two tiny samples of Mirvaso to try before making the expensive investment in filling a prescription.I barely used a small pea portion on both cheeks. Within 15 minutes I noticed a significant change with the redness. I was excited and thought I found "the cure". My left ear and side of neck started to throb. I had the worst earache I have ever experienced. This product is a vasoconstrictor and I think it had effected the blood flow to my ear. I quit using it for a couple of days and gave it another try. Same thing happened.Has anyone had this experience? Obviously, I am not going to be able to use this product. I am so disappointed. Susan"

(141) Rtgreen 1986 wrote on February 27th 2014: "For the first two days it seemed to work, but I am on day 3 now and it seems to make my skin redder than it was originally, especially after I workout. Has anyone had this issue before? Does this subside after the product is used for a while and my skin gets used to it, or should I stop taking it?"

(142) j2503 wrote on February 25th 2014: "I just discovered this medicine. My dermatologist gave me a sample, and the first two days were great, but the next two not so much. It is great in the morning, but then by early afternoon, my face is more red than it originally was, and it's really warm. I'm trying to decide if I should continue, as I'm hoping this is just my skin getting used to it? Anyone else experience this as the medicine wears off?"

(143) Slane wrote on February 28th 2014: "I have been using this medicine for about three weeks...my rosacea was not that bad but my derm gave it to me because he noticed my nose was a tiny bit red. Started using it and all of sudden, I have been having TERRIBLE flushing....I rarely had this at all before. I don't think I will use it again...hiding it with makeup will serve me better than looking like I just came from the beach in the burning sun...."

(144) Parker wrote on March 2nd 2014: "I had mild mild mild Rosacea and now have extreme Rosacea. This product should be banned!! Beware before you use this product. It will make your face red, burn and hot to the touch!"

(145) Xamo7337 wrote on March 5th 2014: "Used Mirvaso for 3 days. Was surprised at how much my redness went away at first. After it wore of on the third day my face turned bright red and felt very hot and flushed. I do not experience flushing with my rosacea just permanent redness. It was awful. The flushing happened off and on for a few more days before subsiding. I'm thankfully back to normal but will not be using mirvaso again."

(146) 55-64 male wrote on March 8th 2014: "Went to derm to get a refill for Orecea and he began touting the effectiveness of new topical drug Mirvaso. Was excited about it, although I felt my rosacea was somewhat in check. But I decided to use the samples he gave me. After four days of use I wish I would have never tried it. Later went online and read about rebound redness. It has been terrible the last few days. I'm red and burning in places on my face that were ok in the past. Does anyone have experience with how long the rebound redness will last for? I'm done with the stuff and hope to get back to where I was before trying it."

(147) Brandi wrote on March 9th 2014: "I tried Mirvaso.... It worked great but the rebound redness was horrible and it's way too expensive....."

(148) WallaDude wrote on March 17th 2014: "DO NOT USE THIS DRUG! Although this drug has good effects for the first 8 hours after being applied, my flushing has become twice as bad once the product wears off. I used to have areas of redness. With Mirvaso applied, they diminish to areas of pink, but once the Mirvaso has worn off, the flushing comes back beet red, to the point of purple. I was so eager to fix my roseacea that I was willing to try anything - now Mirvaso has made the problem even worse, and I am stuck paying a huge price per month to maintain my old status quo."

(149) Cin77057 wrote on March 17th 2014: "I started using this product in the morning with metrogel at night. The first 3 days were smooth and my face was white but then I started getting very flushed and it was hot to the touch. I thought it was nothing and maybe just allergies or something but it then started happening almost everyday. My face would get so red and hot it felt inflammed and literally felt like it was burning. I would have to put an ice pack which helped but then my faced seemed like it had been out in the sun for hours. I later started to peel. It seriously seemed like I was peeling almost every other day which was very frustrating. Not only did the Mirvaso make my rosacea worse, it was giving almost like a chemical peel every other day. I stopped using it and am still recovering. Overall this was not a happy experience. I am now taking 200mg of doxy to help with the inflammation which seems to help. No flares so far in the last 4 days."

(149) Texascynic wrote on March 12th 2014: "First two days were positive then my face erupted worse than ever. Stopped use and called the Dr. No thanks.

(150) Sean T. wrote on March 5th 2014: "This Product has been nothing buy a nightmare for me. I was given 2 little samples at first to try. The first day was great, The second day I was feeling good, accept when it wore off I was a little concerned about how red my face was. I thought maybe it was just me and I let it go. I picked up my prescription on Tuesday 02/28/14 and used it until Saturday March 1st. BIG MISTAKE! Mirvaso is horrible and made my face 100 times worse. I discontinued the use of this item now 72 hours ago and my face is still Burning, red and it’s embarrassing. I just hope it goes away. My Dr. told me to discontinue using it and wanted me to take prednisone For 1 12 day treatment. I have yet to take this as I rather wait to see if it just wears off naturally. My advice to others looking to use this product, is DONT."

(151) Samantha wrote on March 6th 2014: "I’m both relieved and horrified to see that I’m not the only one having a negative outcome from using Mirvaso. I’ve had rosacea my entire life and have never treated it because it only bothered me when I had certain triggers (alcohol, exercise, spicy foods, crying, the normal stuff..). I went to a dermatologist for the first time regarding another issue and he noticed my red cheeks and asked about them. He gave me 2 samples of Mirvaso and I also filled the prescription. I haven’t used it in 5 days and my face is uncomfortable and extremely red. I’ve also noticed redness where I hadn’t experienced redness before. I’m hopeful that my skin will go back to it’s normal, versatile, healthy state. And I’m never using Mirvaso again."

(152) Ben wrote on March 15th 2014: "Same for me. Started Mirvaso in March 2014 because of a red nose. First week was ok and white face. After a week, my cheeks became hardcore red like if I had a terrible sunburn. Since a week I stopped now it’s worse and during the day it’s red all the time. We should do a group action against this company. This is a shame. I feel horrible. No improvement so far…"

Probably the same Ben updated later, on April 9th 2014: "It’s around one month now after my first use and  it’s calming down, but didn’t come back as before."

(153) Bonnie Gass wrote on March 7th 2014 on facebook (Rosacea Support Group): "I was just about to post to ask if anyone had noticed rebound. I've been using Mirvaso for about two weeks, and I've noticed a marked increase in redness. I'm flushing badly every day approximately 8 hours after application, and after cleansing with products that have not caused a problem in the past."

(154) Rebekah Knoll wrote on March 7th 2014 on facebook (Rosacea Support Group):"I'm also flushing worse after applying. Halfway through the day I look worse than ever and it burns. If I reapply it can help but same thing happens again. It's a viscous cycle."

(155) Anonymous wrote on April 2nd 2014, on dcurbanmom.com: "Someone mentioned Mirvaso on a recent thread about rosacea, so I got some and have been using it for the past 4 days. The directions say to put a pea-sized amount on all 5 areas of the face, but I've just been using 1 pea-sized amount total for my cheeks and nose. A couple hours later, the redness is totally gone and I look great. HOWEVER, this morning I woke up with the worst-looking rosacea I've had in ages (very red and bumpy). I put on the Mirvaso, had nice skin for a few hours, and now at 5:30 I'm flushing like crazy. My face feels so hot, and my left cheek is so inflamed it's swollen.From my research, many people do experience "rebound redness," and I guess that's what this is. I was wondering what kind of luck other people have had with it." 

(156) Sallie wrote on February 28th 2014: "I have been miserable for years, constantly trying to stay cool and avoiding any possibility of warmth. I was very hopeful about Mirvaso but the only good thing I found was that the horribly hot rebound flushing made me appreciate my prior misery."

(157) Lisa Rhein wrote on March 1st 2014: "The first and second day my face felt a little sensitive and the back of my tonge felt thick. However today (3rd day) after I put it on about 2 hours later I had a terrible reaction. The sides of my nose and cheeks were very red and swollen. My face felt on fire. I also felt a little dizzy. I NEVER leave comments, but this being so new I felt the need. I like how it looked the first 2 days but am a little scared now."

(158) Rebecca wrote on March 3rd 2014: "I have used Mirvaso for three days and now have more pronounced redness than when I started. I will be discontinuing use of this product and I am glad that I tried it while housebound from knee surgery."

(159) Sandy wrote on March 3rd 2014: "I have been using Mirvaso for about 3 months now. I believe that it is helping me. I apply it in the morning after I shower. It makes my skin a little pink for a very short time and then I am fine. There is no redness to my skin when I wake up. If I drink anything hot, my nose seems to turn red. If I get stressed out, I sometimes start to feel selfconcious about my face. That seems to bring on more redness. It can be a vicious cycle once it starts. When I am home alone without any pressures or stress I can be fine the whole day."

(160) Melisa wrote on March 3rd 2014:"I have suffered from rosacea for years (I was first diagnosed during my pregnancy with my daughter in 2006 when the rosacea was exaserbated during pregnancy). Have tried metro gel, Finacea, Oracea, Retin-A over the years, and have had some success but nothing 100% Went to my derm last Wednesday for IPL treatment (1 of 3 series) for redness. He wanted me to try Mirvaso also and gave me some samples, instructing me to wait a few days after IPL to try it.Tried it on Saturday (yesterday) and did notice significant reduced redness (but was a little surprised to see how much my P&P and freckles stood out!). By 11pm when I was going to bed, I was shocked to see how RED I looked. It was awful! Was looking better today so decided to try it one more time this afternoon. Put it on and within 5 minutes had horrible heat/burning sensation and got suddenly very red. I washed it off with a gentle cleanser but my face had already turned VERY red – nearly purple – in the cheeks where I had applied the gel.It is subsiding a bit now but I will not be trying it again. I’m already concerned that this increase in redness is permanent – and worse than I was before. Ugh, fingers crossed it settles down."

At Galderma's own reps forum, it seems that sales for Mirvaso are pretty flat, and have not been able to lift the company up from it's impending doom and gloom downfall:

"True, my buddy showed me the IMS data on Mirvaso as flat. However, he was also showing the top 20 or so derm companies on IMS and Galderma is more like 5 or 6th in total IMS if you include the Biologic companies and Galderma is declining fast. 2013 was a total down year for the company as a whole while we launched a new product. First time in the companies history that has happened - launch then a decline. So not only are we in decline but the new product is not helping to re grow this thing. His take was that Galderma days are numbered and the reps bitching about goals being too high don't get it. You get paid in sales to grow your product and your prescriptions in your market. If you cannot or will not do it then you will be let go, down sized or sold. Welcome to pharmaceutical sales in 2014. Sell your product, grow it or you will be forced to do something else. We are in a big decline and bitching about it won't change it. We really do not have the products to compete in a branded market in this day and age. The numbers do not lie."

(161) Rick Traylor wrote on March 12th 2014:"First two days of use were very positive and on the third, my face erupted worse than ever. Stopped use and called the Dr. Not for me."

Littlelassie updated: "Hello again, I posted awhile back about by negative experience with Mirvaso. I went to the dermatologist last week for the first time since my Mirvaso trial months ago. I brought my pictures of before/after the rebound to share with my dermatologist.  She actually asked if she could take a picture of my photos to share with her reps...apparently she has mentioned this to them and they "did not believe her". I'm glad that the word is getting out at least. Also for those who are having a rebound reaction, it took me about a week to return to normal completely."

(162) J. Rode wrote on March 15th 2014:"I guess Im in that small percentage of people whose skin reacts negatively to this product. At first my face looks good but then within 3 hours I experience deep red flushing on my forehead, cheeks and chin (a butterfly) that is so intense it lasts all day and looks drastically worse than my mild rosacea. I've applied it in the a.m. but will try applying it in the p.m. I don’t want to discontinue use until ive given the product a fair try. BTW, a small tube cost me $50 and the cap is not user friendly."

(163) Bill wrote on March 17th 2014:"Seemed to experience same reactions as most of the others. Used spot test several times and liked result. Applied to entire face (for first time) after shower and shave at 11:00am. Dressed and sat around home until 1:00pm. Before leaving, looked in mirror to check tie. My face was as redder than ever remember. By 2:00 pm, as I stood before a group as part of a Scout Ceremony, my face was burning. Anxiety/nerves could have been a factor. Whatever, the experience was not what I expected. Also unexpected, following morning, my face appeared less red than usual. Go figure!"

(164) Andi wrote on March 24th 2014: "I’m on my second week of samples my dermatologist gave me. Today my cheeks nose and chin are bright red, hot / burning sensation with worse redness than ever by far. I see that 100′s of others are having the same problem. Does this go away?? Or did this horrible drug just make my redness 100x worse??!! If anyone has any helpful tips please share, this is scary!!"

(165) Angela Conners wrote on March 24th 2014:"I have been using Mirvaso for four days now and it is not good. The rosacea is so much worse than I ever had! Yesterday afternoon my face was flushed so bad people were staring. It looked like I had very severe sunburn! I thought if I kept using it, I would get used to it and it would help, but it has not. My face is burning and the rosacea that just used to be flushed and smooth skin, now is very red and bumpy skin. I am not going to use it anymore."

(166) Lori wrote on March 25th 2014: "I’m glad I found these reviews. I called the dermatologist last week after using mirvaso for a week and a half. My face was more red than normal. Two and half weeks later my face is worse than ever. Its ridiculously red and blotchy. And it burns as if I’m sitting in front of a heater. I spent my prep period of my teaching job outside in the cold to cool off my face today. Doctor told me to stop the treatment of the mirvaso and the rosadan for a week then only take the rosadan? Does this sound right?"

(167) Kathrynn wrote on March 31st 2014: "DO NOT use this stupid drug!! It has caused severe flushing in my face and I only used it for like 3 days!! My face is far worse than it was before. I sure wish I would’ve kept my normal face. :(  :("

(168) Forbzilla wrote on March 31st 2014: "On first application I though it was a miracle, and then on the third day terrible redness on central line of face I thought I was applying it unevenly and tried to “paint better.” I’ve always tolerated things like wine and alcohol well–not now!! Really dangerous product. I hope the (negative) effects are not long-lasting! (The best thing I have found so far for alleviating the “Mirvaso nightmare” is eating tumeric (the yellow spice) it seems to have a histamine blocking effect. And has been around for a lot more than a year. . .)"

(169) Bill wrote on March 25th 2014: "Like others who have commented. My first couple of days it looked like it was working. then my face got redder than ever and then any blemishes I had were amplified. Then I started getting dry patches of skin. In all, my facial appearance is significantly worse than before I started taking this drug. I am calling the dermatologist to see how fast I can get off this drug. (whether to quit at once or step down)." 

(170) Mary Jo Murray wrote on March 20th 2014: "I got a sample on Monday, used as directed on Tuesday morning. My face got white – weird looking. After about 7 hours, my face/cheeks got extremely red – almost purple. After 24 hours, it seems to be calming down a bit, but still redder than before. I’m going to try the black tea thing this afternoon. And I won’t use it any more."

(171) Anonymous wrote on March 22nd 2014 on the cafepharma forum, where Galderma reps write as well:"Yes this stuff should be taken off the market it works so good to begin with then it starts to rebound on you and you flush in this purple red large areas on the face that makes you look so-oo bad way worse than things were to begin with, so terrible it took a few weeks tho before it started doing this which thru me off that it was the Mirvaso that was doing it. Started feeling really bad too very nervous and would get hot flashes and kind of panicy too. FDA should have never put it on the market."


Some of the Galderma reps responses were (the list of negative reviews continues below):

Anonymous, March 24th 2014: "This post is inappropriate on this forum. Probably a finacea rep"

Anonymous, March 26th 2014: "its just the rebound that frenchy [Galderma's new French director, Scarlet] decided was better to not include in the clinical trials so he could scrap a few extra bucks from the bottom of the barrel before going on his merry way."

Anonymous, March 1st 2014: "It is so over for this drug and this company. I have a buddy at another Derm company he said total IMS sales look terrible in 2013 first major decline during a product launch year in the company's history. We are sinking fast and this is not the savior for us. I have some interviews coming up and i think it is a good time to get out of here."

Anonymous, March 15th 2014: "Your source is correct, we cannot get the product to grow again. Early side effects plus our pre-holiday layoffs has truly hurt the brand. My guess is we are due for more motivation conference calls from our leaders."

Anonymous, March 16th 2014: "Posts: n/a, Default Re: Mirvaso. True, my buddy showed me the IMS data on Mirvaso as flat. However, he was also showing the top 20 or so derm companies on IMS and Galderma is more like 5 or 6th in total IMS if you include the Biologic companies and Galderma is declining fast. 2013 was a total down year for the company as a whole while we launched a new product. First time in the companies history that has happened - launch then a decline. So not only are we in decline but the new product is not helping to re grow this thing. His take was that Galderma days are numbered and the reps bitching about goals being too high don't get it. You get paid in sales to grow your product and your prescriptions in your market. If you cannot or will not do it then you will be let go, down sized or sold. Welcome to pharmaceutical sales in 2014. Sell your product, grow it or you will be forced to do something else. We are in a big decline and bitching about it won't change it. We really do not have the products to compete in a branded market in this day and age. The numbers do not lie."

Anonymous, February 24th 2014: "I am a patient who uses Mirvaso every day and I think it works extremely well. I thank your company for its innovation. I am a 40 year old guy, who had a really red face and nose, and was at the point where I had to cover it up with makeup. This drug has helped me tremendously."

Anonymous, February 25th 2014: "too bad 90% of other patients cant use it due to the rebound and we wasted 7 years "developing" this thing."

On the Galderma Cafepharma forum, someone wrote: "Scary that we have to sell this far off label to make this stuff work. Someone will eventually get in huge trouble trying to make bonus on this stuff and if you have to be this off label to make it work - it is not worth getting a huge fine and being kicked out of Pharma just to save this silly product. The company will clearly not come to your rescue if you are this off label and will simply blame you and you will be stuck with a big fine. Not worth screwing around with this kind of messaging and concoction to keep your scripts moving.Then lose your job and lose the ability to continue in the industry."

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You're right. We don't need to say anything. Doctors will learn from other doctors how to best use Mirvaso without a word from us. Its already happening and its not unusual. Its called the "art of medicine".
Which MSL wrote this? There are no clinical studies that provide evidence that any of this works. Not much better than the "One weird trick" internet ads.

If you're asked to mention this, just say no.

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Which MSL wrote this? There are no clinical studies that provide evidence that any of this works. Not much better than the "One weird trick" internet ads.

If you're asked to mention this, just say no.

On December 2014 the moderators of this forum have removed several posts from Mirvaso users who complain, and the rather rude and offensive responses they got from Galderma reps writing there (of course anonymous as per usual). So just in case, here are some screen shots:


(172) Shawillmin wrote on April 10th 2014: "Hi this is my first post on here, but I've been reading this forum for years. My rosacea is mainly sub type one I suffer from really bad blushing and flushing the usual triggers, being out in the sun too long,indoor central heating,food, alcohol,exercise the list goes on.I have sufferd from rosacea for about 20 years my gp back then said there was nothing that could be done for the redness so I left it at that,but after researching this forum about 10 years ago came across Ipl laser I had numerous laser treatments with first the private clinc in Harley street then with dr Patterson and finally with dr crouch, the laser did a good job at reducing the redness for a few years but eventually it starts to creep back. Fast forward to last year I went to my new doctor but I found her to be a bit clueless on rosacea to be honest all she did was to prescribe antibiotics which did nothing to reduce the redness and burning. When Mirvaso became available in the uk I decided to give it a go knowing it would be a bit hit and miss because off the dreaded rebound, I tried it for two days at first it was fantastic but on the third day I had a really flushed face very painfull. It was like really bad sunburn that took about a week to subside so I think I'm one of those many rosacea sufferer's it not suitable for. I got the Mirvaso privately for £55 from pharmacy2uk in Leeds uk all I did was fill in a qustionaire about your medical history and few days later the doctor confirms your prescription."

(173) Donna wrote on April 6th 2014: "I started using Mirvaso a over week ago. The first couple of days were fine. I can’t remember seeing my face without redness. I truly was so happy. One morning my daughter accidentally took my face powder with her leaving me with no makeup. I was uncomfortable to go to work without makeup but my skin was a natural creamy beige thanks to Mirvaso without any makeup. If this would have happened before I would have stopped at a cornerstone to by any type of cover up for my face. I noticed a red mark on my neck but didn’t know where it came from or how I got it.Fast forward another day and I have severe redness and burning on my face, mainly my cheeks. I also have redness on my neck where Mirvaso was not applied. That small red area I had seen on my neck was from the Mirvaso. I really wanted this cream to work. I am so tired of having to cover up my face before I go out in public. Now my face is the worst I’ve ever seen it.".

(174) Mimi wrote on April 9th 2014: "Tried M for a week and after the 2nd day had horrible rebound flushing. I would not recommend this to anyone. It has taken a week for my skin to calm down. And it is still a bit sensitive. How do I contact the manufacturer to get a refund? I am out almost 130.00. My mail order pharm sends 3 months at a time. Grrrr."

Mimi also wrote here (assuming it is the same poster) on April 9th 2014: "I was given 2 sample tubes by my derm. I have moderate papular rosacea. Have had it since my late 20s. I currently use metro lotion and a daily 100mg doxy pill. I don’t have any papules and my redness comes and goes. Some days I don’t flare at all, if I am lucky. I asked my derm about Mirvaso. I was thinking how nice it would be not to have to worry about flare ups. The 1st day I used it I was in heaven!! I had white skin again on my cheeks! It wore off in about 12 hours. No prob. The 2nd day I used it and it worked the same but I noticed it wore off in about 8 hours and I then flared so bad. It hurt, and my cheeks haven’t been that red since I was first diagnosed almost 20 yrs ago. But I had yet to make a connection. I continued to use M for 7 days. Each time it wore off quicker and the flushing was awful. Finally I googled rebound flushing Mirvaso. And here we are. It had taken me a full week for my skin to calm down. completely. So if you have been using it don’t freak too much. It will calm down, it just takes awhile. And yes, I noticed that I was rebound flushing in areas that I don’t normally have it, like my chin, forehead and nose. I did not even apply the product in those areas, just my cheeks. Oh well, back to the drawing board."

(175) Jay wrote on April 9th 2014: "I have been off Mirvaso for about a month. Everything is back to baseline or below. A little pink on my cheeks is great compared to the fire engine red of Mirvaso."

(176)  cncmodeller c wrote on youtube on April 9th 2014: "I suffer with Rosacea and just got some Mirvaso. It is initially impressive and it removed the redness. BUT! It only lasts about 7 hours max and that would be OK but the effected areas once it had worn off were the worst I have ever seen it and you can only use it every 12 hours! It took about 2 days to get back to my 'normal' redness and if you have patches I recommend covering it up with skin tone cosmetic, If you are a bloke like me you can get away with it, as its only applied in patches and is very hard to detect and lasts longer."

(177) napa1959 wrote on April 9th 2014: "Disappointing results. Initially seemed to be somewhat effective but I experienced serious rebound redness after a few days of use.On balance,it made my condition worse."

(178) Maddie wrote on April 6th 2014: "I used the cream for 3 days and it worked very well. Then I
decided not to use it for one day and I noticed that my face was very red and my face was very hot and I felt really uncomfortable. Its been 4 days since I used it last and my skin seems to be getting worse. I am really embarrassed to go out in public because my skin looks so bad. The redness seems to be all over the place and it looks really bad. It looks like I got a really bad sunburn. I am never using this product again and now I have to go back to the dermatologist to see if I can take care of the problem. I do not recommend using this product."

(179) reviewer wrote on April 3rd 2014: "Like previous users of this medication, I saw great effects the first few days, them BAM... My face was flushed, Hott, and Looked like a summer sunburn constantly. My face stayed flushed like this for hours. I had to use ice packs to calm down the inflammation in my cheek area. I will not continue to use this product or recommend it for use."

(180) Anonymous wrote on March 25th 2014: "Didn't work well for me at all. In fact it made my face even more red -even after I stopped using it."

(181) Lame_moniker wrote on April 5th 2014: "Managed to get hold of some of this Mirvaso stuff in the UK recently. Only cost £50 as compared to the hundreds of dollars price tag I've heard of some people paying. However I found it pretty useless to be honest. Some background: fairly noticeably redness usually with intermittent flushing in reaction to stress and alcohol. To get any effect from the Mirvaso I had to apply several "pea-sized amounts". Effects were initially impressive, decent reduction in redness. This would last for about 4 hours before the so-called "rebound flushing" occurring. I only used Mirvaso for 2 days in a row and have stopped use for the past two days but am still considerably redder than I was before. I'm optimistic that I'll make a recovery after reading what people have said here though. Thanks to everyone else who has inputted, it's reassuring to know that other people are experiencing similar stuff. Cheers."

(182) Wildchild wrote on April 4th 2014: "I was relieved to have found this forum and to find that
others have experienced similar Mirvaso rebounds. I'm not sure how long I had been using Mirvaso, maybe a month, but from the beginning it seemed like a Cinderella drug to me... would work great during the day but when it wore off in the evening, look out, the redness came back with a vengeance. Eventually I needed more and more to keep the flushing in check, but to no avail, the rosacea was winning. Now I've finally stopped using this Hitler cream and trying to live with this extremely red face, particularly my nose, upper cheeks and temple areas.. the typical mask. I had done laser treatments which worked but my doctor prescribed this product as a supplement. Now she has me on a steroid cream for two weeks to help diminish the redness so I can go to work without being so self conscious. It's been 4 days since I've used Mirvaso with no improvement yet. I'm really hoping I can get back to a baseline color in a few weeks as others have reported. If you're researching this drug, don't use it. The setbacks you could experience are not worth the risk."

(183) Shikasta wrote on April 4th 2014: "I too would like to chime in about what we all seem to have realized about this drug. I had a nightmarish rebound reaction after just one application. Initially I was pleased by how pale it made my skin. But then by evening when it wore off and I saw that my skin was redder and blotchier than before...I decided to discontinue usage and cancel my prescription (I was using a sample tube). The following morning I was pale again but by 2 pm I was freakishly red. I looked like I was wearing a baboon mask. I left work early and was stared at on public transit. By evening the rebound flush had subsided...only to return by 2 pm again the next day. This lasted for ten days. What an ordeal! Very disillusioned with FDA approval process, needless to say..."

(184) Bri wrote on April 14th 2014: "I got prescribed mirvaso for my mild rosacea and it has done nothing but make my face even redder than before, caused burning and flushing, and the redness is now hot and blotchy unlike it was before. I used the product a week, at first it seemed to be working, and after a couple days it became a nightmare. I discontinued using it and am now praying for my face to return to normal. I do NOT recommend this drug."

(185) Billyraybar initially had a positive experience (see psitive section number 2), but he then updated and wrote on April 11th 2014: "Change me to NEGATIVE. I made a couple previous posts praising Mirvaso and making the case for illusory rebound flushing. I apologize if I offended people and I take it all back. I have been applying mirvaso daily since it's release. I always experienced a painful flush several hours after application, but I thought 'It's transient. It still has an overall net benefit". That was then. I have seb derm along with rosacea (8 years now. Ugh). The SD was severe until 5 years ago when a dermatologist put me on the xolegel and exitina forms of ketoconazole. Since then, my seborrheic dermatitis has been virtually nonexistent. Five days ago my skin erupted into the most brutally painful, hideous SD breakout I've ever had. I continued for two days to put on both mirvaso and the ketoconazole but the effects were bizarre - only slightly reduced redness and increased pain, swelling, itching upon application and never ending! I have been in constant pain and severe redness with near constant itching and edema. I saw my dermatologist yesterday and she told me to stop Mirvaso immediately and put me on Elidel for the SD. She said she wants to see if the Mirvaso caused the seborrheic dermatitis! I have to apply elidel until the samples run out, them only the ketoconazole and then if my skin is clear of SD she wants to put me back on Mirvaso. If then I breakout in another episode of SD then she said the mirvaso will have been the cause. If so, that will be a devastating, yet hopefully helpful revelation. I will proudly be the guinea pig but I am so anxious about it all I feel depressed. Attached pic is the initial breakout. It looked twice as bad the next morning when the effects of mirvaso had totally worn off. P.S. I had to call in sick to work. I look nonhuman." - I make from his post, that Billyraybar isn't 100% sure though, that it is the Mirvaso causing his seb derm out break. Am very sorry for this distressing thing for him however, regardless if Mirvaso caused this or not...

Earlier Billyraybar had written for instance: "I'm calling B.S. on this one. The ainti-science, anti-evidenced based medicine meme gets lots of support on forums like these for sure. Yet, it is pure nonsensical paranoic type thinking that is destructive to health. The irony is that unqualified patients are the last ones to trust when it comes to the effectiveness of unscientific treatments because they are based upon the weakest of all evidences -- superstition and anecdotes. Concerning your post, I suspect you are flat out lying or misrepresenting your doctor. If not, please list you doctor's name and phone number -- I would like to question him/her." "Advice: Do not use the word 'rebound' willy-nilly. In the weak sense of the word everyone will experience a rebound effect using mirvaso because the redness will return after the medication wears off. And if it seems that the post Mirvaso redness is worsened -- bear in mind it is not necessarily due to the medication. It could be coincidence. Heck, the redness might not be really worse, it might be your mind playing tricks on you. For a better look at the fda info. Check this data out  (Don't let you kid take a sip of this sttuff-- yikes!)" "Also as far as I can tell, Mirvaso does not cause the freakishly ashen or ghostly pale skin that some folks are reporting. I dabbed some of it on my uber-tanned (yet red free) arm and a rosacea free area of my face and observed zero change in color." "↑ LOL at this guy. Come back when you've used it on your face for 2 weeks."

(186) ShadwellLondon wrote on April 14th 2014: "Bad flushing. Hi there. I was keen to try mirvaso so got it on private prescription in the UK.  Did a test spot high on my cheek with no obvious problems so then used it properly the next day. Worked well and I felt a confidence in my appearance which I've not felt in years. No flushing and no redness. Fast forward 5 hours and I got the worst flush of my life. Hot and angry purple bruised looking cheeks and ears. Took the night and sleep to calm down and I was home all this time so no reason to flush. Didn't use it the next day and flushed again the next evening. Hoping it was a one off I used it before I went to work. Bad mistake. Same angry purple after 5 hours. A colleague asked if I was OK. Said my face looked burgundy. I kept my head down and fan on but had to apply more just to get home. Stopped using it but had rebound flushes for the next 3 days. I hate this product so much I had to write this. The one thing I worry about most is the one thing it caused. A hot and painful face and constant stares from people. Hope it works for you but mine has gone in the bin. Only now calmed down after 3 weeks of not using it."

(187) Laurajean13 wrote on december 14th 2013, on a forum for laser burn victims: "Staying calm is not working, I am having extreme rebound from Mirvaso when I don't use it and wake up with my skin tight shiny and painful like burned tissue. I am traumatized and shocked everytime I see it or feel it. I feel like the only person whose gone through this. My face hurts, I feel so damaged. I was so invested in my life and future and this ripped it apart. I don't see how any life of normalcy follows this. This is the first year I won't have a holiday. I just wish there were real solutions and real answers. In the meantime I will do masks and try to hydrate."

(188) Roblyn wrote on April 13th 2014: "I went to the dermatologist yesterday to get a yearly refill on my Metrogel and she gave me a prescription for Mirvaso to accompany it. Had it filled and I applied it this morning at 6am. Skin was pinker than usual where I rubbed it in, but then it seemed to calm down after about 1/2 hour. It’s now 2pm, and I have the reddest, hottest butterfly mask I’ve ever had in the past 20 years on my cheeks and nose. I’m at work and trying to hide in my office. Definitely not applying it tomorrow or ever again."

Kari replied: "You probably need a lot less Mirvaso than you are using. Try mixing a very SMALL SMALL amount of Mirvaso with a good facial moisturizer and then reapply it after things calm down. You will find that it is effective and you won’t get any redness after it wears off. I’ve been using Mirvaso with this method since the fall and haven’t had any problems."

(189) Jessica wrote on April 14th 2014: "Yeah, I used it one time and my face looked splotchy and I had redness in places I usually don’t get red (forehead). I could tell my skin tone looked weird even under my make up. I looked dead and splotchy. I’m glad my Dr told me to try the sample before I filled the prescription because some people have bad reactions. It looks like most people have bad reactions. I would prefer my slightly red face over the crazy skin tone mirvaso gave me. I have pretty mild rosacea and have been experiencing some adult acne around the chin lately so my Dr thought it may be rosacea related. I just started oracea too, so hopefully that helps,  but I am definitely not using mirvaso again."

(190) Kathleen Gilbert wrote on March 26th 2014: "I was really excited to find out about this product so I rushed to my dr to get a script. I used the coupon on the website and it cost me around $50. I applied it as soon as I got home and nothing. So I used it again the next day and still nothing. Bummer."

Lauren had already written on the same website on October 27th 2013: "While I understand that these type of forums attract people who have had bad experiences, it seems pretty clear that the rebound flush is not just a group of outliers but actually more the norm. This is pretty concerning. Does anyone have an idea how this is most effectively escalated? My rebound flush lasted about 2 days (after only 2 days of use) but still is really troubling. I now have an expensive prescription which I will likely never use. And more concerning is that this may create some deeper, long-lasting impact which we don’t yet understand."

By the way, this is Galderma's advertisement for Mirvaso: Red is Wrong. Conveniently they disabled comments, AS WELL as the like/dislike option... 


Below this video the comments are not disabled,
and they are pretty much all negative

And in this Daily Mail article, Mirvaso is also promoted. But when you scroll down and read the reader comments, you will see some writers reviewing Mirvaso. And commenting on their rosacea regime in general.

(191) Heskoo wrote on April 20th 2014: "Hey there, short time reader, short term sufferer and short term Mirvaso user. Took a while for my GP to say i had Roseca , and i kinda LOVE doing and eating everything it says do not, its like they took a list of everything i LOVE and said you cant have this or you might trigger a redness .. Half of me thinks just get on with it the other think be respectful.. its a toughy so iwent to a dermatologist and they sad to try Mirvaso. My reactions have been mixed, it certainly calms it down of that im sure, but then i get MAD hot flushed without my face going red then.. it goes very blotchy and red almost purple. I applied the cream again and after 45 mins it calmed down again but it feels like here is no steady reaction, if i sat in a room and didnt move im sure it would keep my skin calm, but if i start trying to actually do things then god knows what will happen!! I didnt use it yesterday and my face was pretty red, but today its just kinda back to normal, red forehead and cheeks and redder temples. I've been recommended this cream "fx-silica" and it does feel a little calmer today and still not using Mirvaso until tomorrow to time it all properly and keep a very close eye on it."

(192) Mat83 wrote on April 22nd 2014: "[..] Anyway this post is already becoming long but I wanted to give you some of my background before describing what happened. As you can see I pretty much had my rosacea under control, that was until is tried this terrible drug MIRVASO. I saw their stupid commercial Red is Wrong and My derm had a few samples. I'm always very skeptical of introducing something new into my regimen so I start off very slow. In the case of Mirvaso I only used the cream ONE TIME and used much less than a pea sized amount on each cheek, I used 1/3 of a pea size on my forehead, 1/3 of a pea size on each cheek, therefore at most I used 1 pea over my whole face AND I even mixed it in with moisturizer before applying because I read some posts on here that mixing it with a moisturizer was a way that people were seeing less side effects. Anyway, even while I had on the Mirvaso during the first 8 hours I didn't like the way my face felt, even though my face wasn't red I felt like I was flushing, it was very uncomfortable. Also I felt a weird pins and needles feeling (as is described in the drug side effects). After 8 hours I experienced extreme rebound flushing like I've never experienced before and my face was very red for the rest of that night. The next day my face was not quite as red but still felt like it was burning so I left work early. Fast forward 15 days and my face still feels very hot, I feel like using Mirvaso JUST ONE TIME and a VERY REDUCED APPLICATION MIXED WITH A LOT OF MOISTURIZER has ruined my baseline flushing response. Its been 15 days since I tried it and my face is still VERY HOT it feels like I have a sunburn. I feel like I'm avoiding people at work because my face is so hot I'm afraid I'll blush so easily. My face thankfully is not as red as it feels, but it is more pinkish than usual. I feel like using Mirvaso one time has now dilated the blood vessels in my face and that this will in turn make my rosacea worse. This is why I immediately started taking doxcycycline 100mg twice a day and will continue to do so for another week at least.

I've read some posts about it taking approx 3 weeks to return to baseline, I'm really hoping that is the case because I can't take this shit much longer. Can some people please share their stories about how long it took you to get back to baseline? And please include how long you used the medication (you would think this would be obvious to include but I've seen posts stating how long it took to return to baseline without including how many days they used the medication, very non-detailed). I really hope my face cools down I can't believe it's still this hot. Also if some of you could share if vbeam helped you get back to baseline, I'm considering getting this done before getting an emergency Botox treatment to help with this flushing."

Shikasta (negative poster nr. 183) replied: "In early February I applied a very conservative amount to my cheeks, chin, forehead and nose from a sample tube at 10 a.m. Half an hour later I was very pale...ghostly, slightly yellow. At 2.30 I experienced some breakthrough redness and bumps on one cheek. I reaplied a very small amount to the area and my skin cleared and became pale again. At 8.30 p.m. my rosacea returned, but worse than baseline. Having read in the Mirvaso literature that side effects might include a worsening of rosacea symptoms, I decided to discontinue. By morning my skin was clear again and pale. By 2.30 that day I had an extreme flushing reaction... dark red...purple almost...very hot to the touch and completely out of the realm of any flushing I had ever experienced prior. Panic set in. I found the negative user reviews at David Pascoe's site. This helped calm me because other users had experienced the rebound for around 10 days. My boyfriend who is more scientific than I am also calmed me by explaining what was happening chemically similar to Visine, a vasodilator. The flushing reaction pattern continued each afternoon for 12 days...subsiding a little each day. My advice is to be patient...let your body regain its equalibrium...keep the faith. You are going to be okay." [..] I mean "vasoconstrictor." My boyfriend's idea was that the chemical in Mirvaso was sending a signal to the brain to inhibit normal blood flow, and when this chemical wore off at night the neurotransmitters were over compensating in the other direction. I'm an artsy type please forgive me. Give your body a chance to work it out of its system. Relax and take good care of your emotions. Whew! Keep us posted Mat83...I just wish we could somehow prevent others from going through this. It's an important lesson, to be sure."

Mat83 updated later: "Today is day 21 of no Mirvaso and I finally woke up with my face feeling a little cooler. Also for the last 2 days I finally don't have long episodes of flushing and burning that last for hours. It's not 100% back to pre-mirvaso but seems to be getting there slowly. I'm really hoping I will make a full recovery with more time."

And Mat83 updated on May 3rd 2014: "It's funny that you mention that because after using Mirvaso just one time my face was hot and flush every day for about a MONTH. This drug is the complete opposite of what rosaceans need. In my opinion most rosaceans have an over-active sympathetic nervous system which is like an over active fight or flight response. Therefore at least for me, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) has been a slight problem as well, and my hands are cold sometimes. Therefore I was thinking, really what Mirvaso does is make the skin wherever its applied HOT and FLUSH for about a month after (terrible for face) then it should be used for cold hands. I'm somewhat joking I'll never touch this awful drug again, but really Galderma this drug is a complete disaster."

Matty78 (negative poster nr 114) updated: "Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I had used Mirvaso for a week or so not knowing. Worst experience I've ever had with my skin. A real bad drug to say the least."

On the Galderma rep forum the news of these severe rebound flushings finally seems to have sunken in as well (link):

"Have you seen the reviews coming in for this stuff? It took our guys 7 years to 'develop' this thing and it still has the same rebound that made it unusable back in 2007. Frenchy realised it was a no go when he was still around and still decided to grease enough hands to get it released onto the market. Now us reps have a $300 lotion to push that only works for a week at best before ruining our customers faces for the next month. The joys of working at a morally and soon to be financially bankrupt company like Galderma." - "Yeah its selling now because most people are just trying it for the first time and see the great results you get from the first weeks or so of use. Don't expect much more than a 20% return rate as they start hitting the rebound and never want to touch the stuff again." 

(193) Kelly wrote on April 22nd 2014: "It has been one month since I stopped using mirvaso.i still have a red,burning stinging face.this product is a nightmare and should be banned. i just pray that I don’t have to live with a painful red face for the rest of my life."

And probably the same Kelly wrote on another forum thread: "Used mirvaso for a month when the burning red itchy face started.it has been 5 wks and it is still as red and painful.am on doxycycline but so far nothing has helped.this product should be banned."

(194) Theresa wrote on April 22nd 2014: "I just started using Mirvaso and I am experiencing full face, hot flushing. I have stopped using it."

(195) Scrystal wrote on April 21st 2014: "I used Mirvaso for about 5 weeks before I figured out that it was causing horrendous flushing as it wore off. I discontinued use yesterday and my entire face is bright red, swollen and tight, has bumps all over it and is painful. I had only minor flushing problems before using this and never even wore makeup to cover it up. Today I have concealer makeup smeared thickly over my face and even that is not enough to cover up the extreme redness and spontaneous flushing. I cannot skip work so have been hiding my face all day. Does anyone have any idea how long this will last or if anything works to lessen the redness? Benadryl has helped but I have to take it every 3 hours and it is knocking me out. I'm desperate to find a solution since I have a lot of important stuff coming up and don't want to look like a freak. I'm seeing the derm today but I'm hesitant to try anything he suggests now."

(196) Roasceaclearwannabe wrote on April 21st 2014: "After 1 day of applying Mirvaso to one of my cheeks I have experienced quite intense rebound flushing. I am now left in a difficult situation where I don't know if to try mixing the Mirvaso with sunscreen in an attempt to reduce the risk of potential rebound flushing or if to just leave the treatment altogether." [..] Don't worry I will, I'm currently leaning towards not using Mirvaso anymore. I have woken up today with a burning cheek from where Mirvaso was applied. Probably not the answer people were looking for but I will let everyone know if I change my mind."

(197) Kim wrote on April 23rd 2014: "Not sure what to think…Used only a about 4 days. Applied and within an hour redness is gone and I’m the happiest I’ve been in years with my appearance, lasts the full 12 hours for me. When it wears off however, my face is hot and more red than before and I look ridiculous…seems to be creating me to be dependent on mirvaso. I think I’ll stop because this after redness can’t be good. But I’m sad because the effects while it’s applied are very pleasing."

(198) Wendy wrote on April 23rd 2014: "Hi everyone, went to the Dermatologist Thursday and he gave me a sample and  a prescription for the Mirvaso, I used a little bit that after noon, and after a few hours worked great, by the early evening I was pretty pale, was pretty happy, looked more even skin tone. the next day was fine, after a few hours my pale skin was ok… almost void of color…I’m very fare skin, except when triggers hit, like stress, nervous, certain foods, and wine, or doing yard work. but..my pale skin seemed more yellowish white, I would say..almost corpse like.. it was more prominent when I was not wearing any foundation or lipstick. I skipped Saturday, and used it Sunday, still worked great, still using only a small pea size amount on cheeks, and chin, and a little on my nose. Monday, the same, went to the office fine, very happy the way my skin looked. My cheeks were nice and even skin tone. THEN cam Tuesday, was fin the first few hours at work, had put on the gel around 7 am, and by 10:00 ish my left cheek were my redness is always the most prominent was RED and hot. called the doctor, and the nurse talked to one of the doctors there and said it was normal, and to keep trying it, but use a little moisturizer with it next time, and try skipping every other day and to see if that works, that it works great and you just need to keep trying… well , the redness spread all over that cheek, and down my chin, then subsided after and hour , than a few hours later it switched to the other cheek, and that side of the chin.( it looked really bad) and happen later that evening, even after I washed my face…. Was fine this morning, then on the way to work felt the heat come back in my cheeks and chin, it looks like sun burn, or the results of heat exertion. I didn’t even put any on today… my skin feels its on fire.. and well, its just not a good look for the office.. LOL , I just don’t know if I want to use it again, this does not feel good at all. I’ve been taking pictures of the reaction to show the doc just in case I need to go in. I don’t have very bad rosacea , just more on my left cheek, and if triggers happen. Not sure if its worth it. hoping the redness and heat subsides soon. but as for now I don’t think I’m going to pick up that prescription, at least I had the sample to try…to bad, maybe in the future they will have something not as harsh for our very sensitive skin. I wish good luck and result for others who try, I don’t think I can go on with the side effects."

(199) Valskh wrote on April 25th 2014: "I had very pink chin and cheeks before trying, and was very excited to see if Mirvaso would work. It just turned the rest of my face extremely white. I would describe my face with Mirvaso as a white canvas on which my rosacea could perch. About 3 hours after applying the medicine, I went for a jog. While jogging my face became so flushed, like nothing I've ever experienced before. It was so hot and painful that I had to quit exercising, return home, and ice my face. It took about a week for my face to return to the way it looked before trying the Mirvaso. All in all it was a huge disappointment."

(200) Jennifer wrote on April 26th 2014: "I'm sitting on my couch crying, wondering if I will look like myself again. I'm turning 51, we're new to the area, it's summer, I want to look an feel great. Instead if I do go out again I'll probably scare small children. I used Mirvaso only once, I have felt faint, my arms hurt, I feel like I have the flu. My face is all broken out, very red hot and itchy. DO NOT USE THIS CREAM. The dermatologist gave me one instruction and that was to used a little bit and that it lasts 12 hours. No other warnings or comments."

(201) KCR2014 wrote on April 19th 2014: "I was researching rosacea products, and discovered Mirvaso. Immediately, I asked my dermatologist for a prescription, and she also gave me some samples. I used it the very next day, and within minutes my face looked normal, It worked so well for the first few days, and all of the sudden. My face was bright red, tingly, blotchy and my nose would run like crazy. I thought to myself, " It can't be!" I really thought I found the answer to my life long embarrrasing constant redness. I had to know for sure that the medicine was the culprit, and I put it to the test. So the following week I put it to the test, and I discovered that it was the culprit."

(202) isuckmanJohn wrote on April 28th 2014: "Having the same rebound effect. Condition is now worse than before using Mirvaso."

(203) Stella Spadafora wrote on April 28th 2014:"The first time I tried it, I was in heaven. So exited to see the results, I was beyond myself. I was finally looking normal like I used to look years ago. After a couple of days of continued use, my excitement turned into disappointment. My face got redder than ever and everyone was asking why my face was so red. It took several days for the effect and the flushing episodes to go way. So sad to say but Mirvaso was a total fail for me."

In response to the Rep comments (see section above negative reviewer 193), we discussed on The Rosacea Forum:

Originally Posted by fauxmccoy: "Very interesting, nat. it's nice to know that some sales reps seem to have a conscience. since we know that sales reps are where docs get their 'education' regarding new scripts, i do hope that this conscience radiates in their sales presentations as well. i think galderma's only real hope with this product is through opening up new markets internationally and even that will not be enough as repurchase seems less likely with every bad user experience i read. i have a sincere love/hate relationship with this company. one one hand, i am grateful that they are one of the few who actually view the needs of rosaceans as a legit market segment and do put forth research and products for us. i am grateful for plain old cetaphil cleanser and cream/lotion. in my early diagnosis and several years after, this was the only thing i could put on my skin during week long flare ups. i have since moved on to cera ve because it's just a more elegant product and has ingredients which are more beneficial to me. how much was cera ve inspired by cetaphil? quite a bit, i would imagine. on the other hand, other than the usual meds that are typically prescribed for rosacea made by galderma , that have little to no effect on subtype 1, there is a real lack in responding to the market share that they obviously wish to dominate such as meds for flushing are well in a word-- mirvaso. what else can be said?

"Yeah I am totally with you on this one Fauxmccoy.. I's almost painful to have to be so negative about this product from Galderma, since they indeed have been the pharmaceutical company who really made an effort for rosacea patients. But it might just prove that all pharmaceuticals are in there for the win, after all they come from and exist in an highly kapitalistic culture, which in itself is not an immediate problem, but it might explain just why they pushed a product which was bound to give rebound problems. And the coworkers knew it. That borders on premeditated aggrevation of some patients rosacea. Just to sell the product, get some new champion product in their care range and despite knowing that the flushers, at whom this product was aimed (indeed, most of their products are aimed at subtype 2), might have huge problems with it. Then they sent pitch people out in the field, pushing it with dermatologists. Then you see people online (reps presumably, or at least a % of them, which other posters there also comment on) constantly telling forum members and disappointed reviewers that they do something wrong here that they have to use the product like A /B /C (add some of this, dilute some of that, gran some antihistamines, but by all means keep buying it). That's just disapointing and one only has to read the long list of negative reviews (over 200 by now versus 48 positives, of which some are clearly written by reps) to know that this product really has some very serious flaws that can be dangerous to its users. Majorly disappointed that they knew about the rebound and pushed it on the market nevertheless, instead of just solving the rebound first. Which is probably virtually impossible, or they would have found it in the past decade in which they have been working on 'Sansrosa'. :("

(204) RedRob wrote on April 28th 2014: "I thought I'd share my Mirvaso experience with you guys. I was diagnosed with rosacea 7 years ago (I'm 36 now) and before that I suffered from severe acne in my late teens/early twenties. As you can imagine During  these 15 years + of fighting  my various skin conditions I have tried it all! Everything from accutane to doxy to plain old hiding away from the world. When I first heard about Mirvaso I was very sceptical to say the least but  as most of you on here who's tried Mivaso will probably recognise, my desperation got the better of my common sense. First couple of days i used it was great,amazeballs, wow check me out!! White skin, perfect completion,  Johnny Depp eat your heart out! Two days later.......not so great. I started having these bizzarre rebound flushes. Now, through  years of trying to keep rosacea in check I'm pretty dawn good at knowing what my triggers are and how to avoid them, I know when and where I'm gonna flush and from looking myself in the mirror in the morning I know if I'm gonna have a good day or not. This flushing however is something completely different! It would start in the early afternoon (without any of my usual triggers)and last for hours and there doesn't seem a way of stopping it. It's now been 7days since I last applied Mirvaso and only now is the flushing starting to subside a bit.im not back to baseline yet but it's getting better. I know it feels bloody hopeless when this rebound flush is at its worst but hang in there kids cause it does get better. I haven't been using any face wash or moisturiser at night in the last few days which for me seems to calm my skin, it leaves my face dry and flaky when I wake up but not as red as what it's been this last week. My guesstimate is its gonna take me another week or so to get back to normal baseline if the redness keeps reducing at the same speed it's been doing for the last week or so. I used Mirvaso for 4 days straight before I went cold turkey if anyone's wondering. So to anyone out there desperate for quick improvement, don't do it! This stuff is horrible.Massive big love and monster hugs to anyone feeling down today cause of this mirvaso rebound, hang in there. Red rob"

(205) Lilly-Lou wrote on May 6th 2014: "Hey All, I too tried Mirvaso and am having horrible rebound flushing. I used it a total of 4 days, one application a day, and then stopped once I realized it was causing some awful flushing once it wore off. The first couple of days were great, but then it got awful. This is the worst flushing I've ever experienced and intense burning. I really wish I had done some research before trying it, because I would have never used it after reading some of the reviews on this forum. Looks like some users took weeks to recover and some never fully go back to baseline. Any advice or suggestions on how to help my face recover from this awful drug? If you're thinking about using this drug- don't do it! It's awful."

(206) Rosaceaclearwannabe replied: "Yea I second the above post - stay strong, it will get better. Just try to at all costs avoid your triggers at this time, as I found that being exposed to a trigger whilst still rebounding made the flush last for so long. If you don't already have anti-flushing meds you could look into getting some to help control the flushing e.g. moxonidine, clonidine etc. Also eat well and drink lots of water to help your body recover. I personally find aspirin can be useful in reducing the inflammation/flushing of Rosacea, additionally I read on another forum that some users found it useful to hold an ice block wrapped in a compress that had been dipped in cold black tea against their face (I didn't find this helped my situation). I speak from experience, I am still partially recovering from the negative effects of Mirvaso 3 weeks after first applying it! Mirvaso is a nasty drug that should be removed from the market to prevent further distress to patients that are already self-conscious regarding the appearance of their skin. Please report your experience to the relevant drugs agency and Galderma themselves for further investigation! Stay strong, you will get through this and be a stronger person because of it."

(207) aimhigh wrote on May 6th 2014:"I had to jump on and post about my experience with this medication. I only used Mirvaso about 4 days before the rebound started. I figured I would power through it (yeah, right) and continue to use Mirvaso once a day in the morning...I did that for about 3 more days and as of today my cheeks and nose are so flushed they look purple. I am devastated. I really, really hope this goes away. Prior to using Mirvaso my flushing was considered moderate, and I always had some level of redness. What I am experiencing now has taken my face to a whole new level and the heat that comes with it is crazy. Has anyone had any luck with IPL after using Mirvaso? Or does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to make this better?? I am not even going to chance trying to mix the Mirvaso with something else, I'm too scared. We are supposed to go on vacation in a few weeks and as of right now I don't even want to leave the house."

Andy33 replied: "I just cant get over how stupid you've been to put this dangerous product on your face in the first place .Anyone who puts this on their face gets no sympathy from me .pure madness because weve all been warned to stay away from it "

And: "Im really Sorry for giving out to you .But Im just sick to death now of hearing about People getting rebound Flushing from Mirvaso . Its like a scratched record. Is there anyone out there who didn't get rebound .. That's what I want to hear . But sadly there wont be one person Mirvaso is a dangerous product that should never have seen the light of day . Its just a Circus now at this stage."

(208) Mark wrote on May 2nd 2014: "Horrible product. It made my rosacea 100 times worse and took a month for my face to finally calm down. Shame on the FDA for approving this fraud of a cream."

(209) Chris D. wrote on March 21nd 2014: "I hope you have quit using Mirvosa. It is an awful drug. Used it for only 2 days and I am fighting the redness and heat. I will have to go back to my Derm. Bad & scary drug."

(210) Rosy girl wrote on April 28th 2014: "So far I’m very disappointed. Mirvaso is much more of a cosmetic than a treatment. It does take away surface redness, but as someone else pointed out this makes broken capillaries and acne scars appear more prominent. For me, the other problem is that in the morning my skin is worse than ever: more red, even in places I wasn’t red before, and broken out. My skin looks so bad I can’t go out in public … without using Mirvaso. It’s a vicious cycle. Would it work better if I stuck with it for a month? I’m not sure I’m wiling to wait that long. I’d rather work hard at soothing my skin so it looks “OK but not great” all the time."

(211) Wendy Townson wrote on April 30th 2014: "Ive recently tried mirvaso and unfortunately I too have had a bad reaction. Like everyone else I hoped and prayed I would be one of the lucky ones but after only two applications I developed terrible rebound – pain, swelling and deep redness. It has taken nearly three weeks for my skin to return to ‘normal’. I am extremely sensitive though as I have neurogenic rosacea so perhaps I'm not the best candidate for this treatment anyway!"


And Mark2faces wrote also on May 8th 2014:"Dear GG, It will get better. Give it some time. Please don’t get suckered in like I did about the “mirvaso and moisturizer” trick. It doesn’t work or this thread would be filled with success stories about it. God bless you and other Rosacea sufferers out there that have their lives consumed having to deal with this disease. Please remember we didn’t ask for this disease and go easy on ourselves."

(213) Aimhigh wrote on May 6th 2014: "Someone PLEASE tell me this horrible PURPLE flushing will go away!! I only used the Mirvaso for 5 days and the rebound flushing is terrible. I am on fire. My cheeks and my nose are so red they truly look purple. I’m devastated. No trigger, no warning…just a deep dark horrible flushing. Ugh. So sad and disappointed in this product. Prior to using the product my flushing was considered moderate…I am well past severe now. Has anyone had any luck with IPL after using Mirvaso?"

(214) GG wrote on May 7th 2014: "I have been using mirvaso for 2 weeks, and I am at my wits end. I have worse rosacea NOW than before I started it. The directions say to use it all over my face (you know, the pea size amount on the 5 areas), and I now have pimples in places where I NEVER had rosacea before!!! It made me feel weak, gave me a headache, caused me to turn white as a sheet for about an hour, then I started getting big red areas in varying places on my face during the day. Sometimes, I would put it on one day, then not use it the next day, but the next day my face would turn white and flawless out of nowhere. I am very confused about what this medicine is doing. I was self conscious about my face before, but now I am afraid to leave my house because of the rosacea pimples turning dark red, then white, then big smooth red burning areas turning up in various parts of my face!!!"

(215) Ashleyd28 wrote on April 29th 2014: "My derm prescribed this to me along with differin (topical cream to treat acne). The differin inflamed my face so bad because my skin is very sensitive. I stopped using the differin after 4 nights and just used the mirvaso. It worked for a couple days and by worked I mean my face was ghostly pale and then when the drug wore off it would get hot-red for an hour or so. After a week of using I went back to the derm and told her I wanted something else because the drug scared me and I was afraid I'd become dependent on it. She told me to reduce dosage to two pea-sized drops instead of five. I used this dosage for a week with the same results and it didn't stop me from flushing; it almost made me more prone to flushing or maybe because I was stressed about it - I don't know for sure. All in all, I wouldn't recommend to people with sensitive skin and didn't feel the results helped, but made the redness worse."

(216) MirvasoUser wrote on April 30th 2014: "I went to the dermatologist because my face was a little red. Nothing overly concerning me, but the physician prscribed Mirvaso. I used Mirvaso for about 3 weeks. The first week it worked pretty quickly and made my face less red. The second week, I noticed that my face was more red than usual after a few hours of putting it on. Eventually it got less red. The third week I decided not to put it on because I felt that it was making my face more red. To my surprise, it now looks like I have sunburn all around my face. I immediately stopped using this and hope that my face will turn back what I had originally ... a little red in the cheeks. For people that are considering this, I would only recommend this as a last resort if your face is really red and bad and it you feel that it can't get any worse. I shouldn't have used this because it made my face more red."

Dr. W. wrote on May 1th 2014: "I am a physician and have prescribed Mirvaso for many of my patients. No significant problums thus far."

Brady Barrow commented in this thread on the Rosacea Forum, and he wrote:
 Originally Posted by Brady Barrows 
While the majority of negative reports on the internet seems to be strong evidence that Mirvaso causes more problems than what the package insert claims, there are a few positive reports which can't be confirmed and apparently there must be a number of successful reports that are unaccounted for since one physician reports this: "I am a physician and have prescribed Mirvaso for many of my patients. No significant problums thus far." Mirvaso reviews. 

I replied: "For all we know this physician is a Galderma rep. A Ph.D writing problems as 'problums', hmmmm...The severity of the rebound that is described by the wide majority of the 200+ negative reviewers I (we?) gathered by now, should indicate to any new user that there is a significant risk associated with using Mirvaso. Most of the positive reviews (less than 50 still) appeared in the very early stages of the Mirvaso launch. It has stagnated almost completely the past months. You can say this is because new users are so happy and content that they totally forget about the internet and rosacea forums and updating, but another explanation is that reps no longer post under different user names. Just a hypothesis, I know. But there are some names circulating on some of the Mirvaso threads, who repeatedly urge people to keep using Mirvaso, mixing it up with all sorts of things and long term posters there noticed this as well and ask such pro Mirvaso posters to stop repeating themselves on every possible occasion and accuse them of being Galderma people.. I still hope Mirvaso will help a lot of sufferers, but don't be blind to the overwhelming amount of user reviews that are already out there, mostly negative." Then another (heated) discussion followed in this thread, on Mirvaso. 

(217) AmyWeits wrote on May 1st 2014: "I am with you Stella! At first I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, but the rebound effect….NO Thanks! Are people going back to Metrogel or Noritate?"

(218) Monda wrote on May 2nd 2014: "PLEASE HELP!!!! I started using mirvaso 3days ago and i stopped using it yesterday because of the flushîng i have never ever looked that red before using mirvaso.The red isnt going away i dont know how to stop it!!!!! Il really ashamed to go out …NEVER USE MIRVASO!!!"

(219) Linda wrote on May 3rd 2014: "I was initially thrilled with Mirvaso, my face was actually white. I continued to use it daily for three days- when I woke up on the fourth day I noticed my cheeks were red- not my usual red- a but a more ‘pinky red’ and I was red in spots I was never red in. I stopped using the Mirvaso. As the days went on my face go redder and redder and my face was also very hot. Its been two weeks and my face is still red and hot. It feels like I have been in the sun all day with no sunscreen. DO NOT USE MIRVASO- it should be taken off the market ASAP"

Aimhigh replied on May 6th 2014: "I agree…this product is scary. I know EXACTLY what my face looked liked prior to using Mirvaso, and I am so much worse now. I only used the product for one week and the rebound flushing is horrible."

(220) Kboysen wrote on May 10th 2014: "Hi - I am new to this forum and rosacea. I am a 33 year-old female and recently diagnosed with rosacea - baseline redness on apples of cheeks and visible capillaries around nose, no p&p's, no flushing. Previously, I was diagnosed with eczema/ contact dermatitis on my legs and arms. In February, I had a vbeam treatment and three weeks after the treatment my derm suggested mirvaso. I tried it one day and saw the redness decrease as I applied a very tiny amount around my nose and apples of my cheeks. I then waited one week and tried again it for three days in a row applying the same small amount only to my red areas. I woke up the fourth morning (without application) with a left swollen ear as well as a blotchy rash on my jaw-line and neck/chest. I also had a low grade fever. I contacted the on-call derm as it was the weekend. She told me to stop the mirvaso and take tylenol, Benadryl and be gentle. I then saw my derm on Monday who gave me a low dose hydrocortisone cream, which I applied for two weeks. She also gave me Xyzal. After the two weeks the redness seemed to get better but I was very dry and still very swollen. During this two weeks, I washed with de-chlorinated water and sometimes raw honey. I did not apply any other topicals in the two week period. I then had blood work done to check for lupus, viral, bacterial infections. All tests were normal/negative. My derm suggested to blot vaseline on my cheeks to help with the dryness. After one night of adding vaseline, I woke up with a red, swollen face with red dots all over. I went back to the derm who then prescribed oral prednisone, 100 mg minocycline twice a day, and 100 mg hydroxyzine at night. She also told me to use avocado oil to help soothe the skin. It has been almost 6 weeks since applying mirvaso and I am still feeling the negative effects - red, hot skin, nauseas, dizziness, shakes, etc. I am still considerably swollen and just had another blood test to rule out angioedema (I haven't gotten the results yet). I am tapering the prednisone as I just have learned steroids are not great for rosacea (I didn't really have a choice). I am seeing another derm this week who is going to conduct patch testing and an allergist/immunologist to rule out other sensitivities. I should state that I have contacted both Galderma and the FDA to report what has happened to me. My derm has also contacted Galderma to try and obtain information from the clinical study about the treatment of the adverse reactions - Galderma has not gotten back to my derm. I, too, like so many others am worried about permanent damage/worsening my rosacea condition and how I will recover from this reaction (Will I ever get back to baseline?). I am lucky in that I have a great support system (family, friends, school advisor) who just want me to get better/healthy. I am trying to stay positive and hoping that "time will heal all wounds." Through my research I have not found anyone that states what post-treatments they did after having a negative reaction to mirvaso so I thought I'd tell my story to say what medicines/things I have done to try and recover. But as some one has stated, it probably is just time. I'd love to hear from you more experienced rosaceans. Thank you for reading. "

(221) AC wrote on May 11th 2014: "I have been using Mirvaso for a week (5 days). It looks much better after about 30 minutes, After about 8-10 hours I am back to normal again, being quite red. When I am not using Mirvaso and washing my face or after a shower, I suffer from redness even more than before for several hours. It must be Mrivoso that causing it because all the redness is where I have put Mirvaso. Because of that, I am not going to use Mirvaso any more. Sorry, my English is not good."

(222) Elisa Lazar Gottlieb wrote on March 6th 2014: "For me, I believe the Mirvaso is making my skin worse but can't guarantee it."

(223) Kyndle Robbins wrote on February 26th 2014: "I have a prescription for both Orecea and Mirivaso. Orecea works when I take it. The Mirivaso I am VERY allergic to! When I called my doctor she told me the reaction I had only happened in 5% of patients who used it. I felt like I had a chemical burn for over a week. I only used it 2 days. It was so bad. I was miserable and couldn't leave the house.


(224) g30 wrote on April 16th 2014: "Bonjour a tous! J'ai le mirvaso . Des mois et des mois que j'attends j'ai mis.beaucoup d'espoir.dans cette crème... résultats.... déception.... pourquoi? Parce que trop.efficace . Après l'application l'effet est immédiat 10 min pour.moi. et la le visage blanc mais blanc de chez blanc ça donne un effet "malade" en plus il.faut vraiment bien l'étaler car cela peut ressortir non uniforme.... bref il l'est impossible d'utiliser ça le.jour. la différence serait vraiment trop importante. On me demanderai si je me sent bien... je songe a l'utiliser le soir après le.sport par exemple pour faire derougir.le.visage et éviter les boutons du a la rosacé... mais je n'ai pas assez de recul ... cette le visage est blanc mais je me demande si quand l'effet se dissipe le sang n'abonde pas +"

I speak some French and will translate it to you in English as good as I can:
"Hello everyone! I have some mirvaso. I have waited months and months. I have built up high hopes for this cream. Results.. disappointment .... why? Because it's too powerful. After application the effect is immediately visible, within 10 minutes, for me. And my face becomes white, but a shade of white that makes me look sick. It also does't spread in a uniform (evenly) manner.  So, it is impossible to use daily for me. The change is too massive. People ask me if I am feeling well or not. I am thinking about using it in the evening, after sport for instance, to avoid getting a red face and to avoid the ...(to avoid looking like I have rosacea, I think. Couldn't translate this part). But I do not have enough to recline ... my face is white but I wonder if the effect wears off when the blood does not circulate anymore"

g30 then updated on April 22nd 2014: "ATTENTION DANGER MIRVASO !!!! Je vous ai posté mes 1eres impressions l'autre jour... aujourd'hui c'est la catstrophe je suis obligé de rester a la maison impossible d'aller au travail dans cet état... j'ai le visage en feu!!! des rougeurs de partout j'ai l'impression d'avoir pris un coup de soleil sur la face. je n'ai utilisé le mirvaso que 3 jours... et j'ai vu deja les effets indesirables! des le 2e jours je trouvais ma peau plus claire et mieux... le soir des rougeurs diffuse sont apparus puis une grosse bouffé de chaleur dans tout le visage... j'ai remis une couche la c'est retour au calme... mais pour combien de temps? le lendemain rebelotte... au reveil ca va puis au fur et a mesure de la journée sans application du produit je commence a avoir des rougeur... moi qui commencai..."

Translate in English:
"WARNING MIRVASO IS DANGEROUS!! I have post you my first impressions the other day ... today is the catstrophe. I am forced to stay home, because it was impossible for me to go to work in this state ... my face is on fire! ! The redness is everywhere and I feel like I have a sunburn all over my face. I only used the mirvaso for 3 days ... and I have already seen the unwanted side effects! On the second day I felt my skin was clearer and improved ... then in the evening, diffuse redness appeared, followed by a huge sense of heat across my face ... (can;t properly translate this sentence but I think he/she means that it is calming down a bit again after some sleep) ., but for how long? The nexy day was the same situation ... I wake up and then as the day goes by without application of the product the redness appears again ... to which I begin again... "

(225) Doremi wrote on April 25th 2014: "Bonjour, nouveau sur le forum, mais pas concernant la rosacée (flush au niveau du nez surtout)que j'ai depuis 6 ans et que je gère avec des bétabloquants + faibles doses de roaccutane et Azelac(équivalent Finacea). J'utilise Mirvaso depuis plus de 15 jours, et tout comme g30, si utilisation pure = retour à une peau de couleur blanche pour 8 heures environ puis effet rebond avec rougeur + chaleur des zones d'application du mirvaso (même celles ou je n'avais d'ordinaire aucun flsuh). Par contre, comme lu sur des forums US, je n'ai pas d'effet rebond si dilution ++ avec une crème ou un gel (Azelac pour ma part).Il faut en effet mettre très très peu de mirvaso qu'il faut mélanger avec un gel ou une crème."

Translate in English:  
"Hello, I am new to the forum, but not to rosacea (I mainly have flushing of the nose). I have this since 6 years and I manage it with low doses of beta-blockers + roaccutane and Azelaic acid (the equivalent of Finacea). I have used Mirvaso for more than 15 days, and just like g30, when I use it pure, it equals a return to white skin for about 8 hours and then the rebound redness takes place + heat sensations on the spots and areas where I applied mirvaso (even those where I don't usually flush). However, like can be read on the forums from the United States, I do not have a rebound effect when I dilute it + + with a cream or gel (Azelaic acid for me). It must indeed apply a very tiny amount of mirvaso, so that it can mix with a gel or a cream. "

g30 then replied and UPDATED on April 26nd 2014: "Merci de ton retour... perso ça fait 1 semaine jsuis encore bien rouge mmsi ça commence a s'atténuer... j'ai pas envie de retenter l'expérience mm avec une crème diluer ... plus j'y réfléchis et je me dit que jouer avec les capillaires doit forcément les fragiliser ou les abimé... perso je croise les doigts pour revenir a mon état d'avant... et si.par chance cela arrive je ne toucherait plus a rien. Des séances de laser d'entretien ça suffira je n'essai plus aucune crème jusqu'à maintenant ça n'a fait qu'empirer les chose a chaque fois... la mirvaso m'as marqué et je doute de revenir a la.normal... bref " 

Translate in English: "Thank you for your reply ... it's been one week and I am still very red, even though it is starting to fade. I have no desire to start experimenting again with a diluted cream. The more I think about it, the more I personaly am convinced that playing with your blood vessels will strongly weaken and damage them. I cross my fingers to return to the state my face was in before ...  and if this by chance happens, I will not touch it again. Sessions of laser maintenance will be enough, I have not tested any creams until now, it was not worse thing every time ... the mirvaso has marked me and I doubt things will return to normal. In short ... " 

(226) clubberjack wrote on May 2nd 2014: "Bonjour, J'ai eu exactement le même problème que g30.. j'ai utilisé mirvaso 3 fois! La première fois j'étais vraiment super content du résultat. . J'avais jamais eu un visage aussi pâle.. Par contre à la 3 eme application ça a été l'horreur, enorme flush dans la journée.. C'était il y a une semaine. . Depuis j'ai des flush beaucoup plus souvent et beaucoup plus prononcés c'est l'horreur. . J'ai l'impression d'avoir un énorme coup de soleil..tout le monde me le fait remarqué. . Ce produit est un vrai poison.. à ne jamais essayer !!!" 

Translate in English: "Hello, I had exactly the same problem as g30 .. I have used mirvaso 3 times! The first time I was really super happy with the results. . I have never had such a pale face .. However, by the 3rd application it turned into horror,  and I developed a huge flush during the day .. That was a week ago.. Ever since I have flushed a lot, much more often and much more pronounced; it is horror. . I feel like I have a huge sunburn .. everyone makes comments about it. . This product is a true poison .. never ever try it!"

(227) Noix wrote on May 12th 2014: "Hi there, I'm from Germany so i aploogize for my bad english in advance ;-) trying Mirvaso for 8 days now - as most of you know it's been approved in Germany for a couple of weeks now. My status Rosacea is fairly mild. I have, thanks to good medication adjustment (doxycycline 40 mg) and creme (Noreva Exfoliac ) only a slight redness on the cheeks. Now I wanted to test Mirvaso to minimize the redness completly. During the first 5 days of using Mirvaso i had no redness at my cheeks after about 30 minutes for 6 to 8 hours. (one application a day, only in the morning). My skin looked a little bit unhealthy white, as a few members here already reported as well. From the 6th day, I suddenly had a very strong redness on the cheeks, which was far beyond the status before I applied Mirvaso. Now using various cremes to reobtain the status before medication with Mirvaso. This reboundeffekt was the reason i searched the internet and found your forum. I guess many people in Germany are going to report about their issues with Mirvaso in a few weeks, because of the short period it's approved here. In german forums i found only a few reports about the reboundeffect so far. To summarize: I can only strengthen the sceptical comments most of the users here made concerning Mirvaso. I hope this report from Germany was helpful, i just wanted to give you insight from the other side of the ocean ;-):"

(228) Bmr5530 wrote on May 14th 2014: "I haven't read through all the comments so I apologize if I repeating what many others have said- but I wanted to share my experience using mirvaso and the side effects I experienced for any other people who are wondering if mirvaso has caused them the same grief! I started using mirvaso in October and up until February I didn't have any problems. I loved it and became so dependent on seeing face look so much more even than I had ever seen it. The little flushing I had after the 8 hours didn't bother me enough to make me Stop using it.  However, in March I began developing a rash on my face , above my upper lip and on my cheeks. After a few weeks of "letting it go away on its own" it became intolerable. I was itching intensely, it was burning, and I had developed open, fluid filled blisters on my chin, lips and cheeks. They became infected (probably because I couldn't help but scratch them) and I was placed on 7 days of bactrim to get rid of the infection. at the time, I didn't link it to mirvaso, as my dermotologist told me that he has never heard of this reaction from mirvaso and that it was probably caused by working so closely with children. I stopped using mirvaso and all other products other than dove soap and dml forte for my lotion. After my blisters healed (around three weeks later) i put mirvaso on one morning before work. 24 hours later, I began itching, becoming red, and developed a small cluster of blisters on my chin. After the blisters healed I noticed that the areas I had put mirvaso on has tiny little bumps all over. After many visits to the derm, skin cultures, and different antibiotics to treat a "skin infection", I stopped using mirvaso all together. I have had clear skin, with no itchiness. Of course, my rosacea is still here, red and noticeable. But no one could pay me to put even another drop of mirvaso on my face after that whole ordeal."

Kboysen (negative review writer nr 220 here) updated on May 16th 2013: "I am new to rosacea. I used to have slightly pink cheeks with visible capillaries around my nose. My derm gave me Mirvaso at the end of March and I had a horrible reaction. I've tried 1% hydrocortisone, minocycline (100mg 2x/day), aleve (500mg 2x/day), biaxin (250 mg 2X/day), prednisone (almost done taking this as I'm on a low taper), and clonidine (0.025mg at night). It is almost 7 weeks out and I still have no relief. My condition is much worse - looks like I have a constant sunburn on my cheeks and nose as my skin actually feels hot to the touch. Has anyone had such a bad reaction? Has anyone found something that gives relief? I've had a bunch of blood work to check for Lupus, kidney function, angioedema and all are normal/negative. Any advice would be much appreciated.Thank you!"

(229) Diane wrote on May 13th 2014: "UUFFFFFF!  Have been using Mirvaso for abt. two wks. This morning I looked in mirror, and my right cheek was BRIGHT RED – worse than ever. I applied an ice pack which helped, but cannot go around with pack glued to my face. It was terribly expensive, ($85) and, most certainly, does not work for me! Very disappointing as I hoped this would be the “miracle” to, at least, tone down the redness. Diane" [..] This is nothing but a nightmare. Just called my derm; he said to stop M." [..] "Why HAVE TO USE EVEN a cold, wet towel after using M. when it is SUPPOSED to counteract roseacea?!!! Makes no sense! Can’t go around with wet towel every time you use M or any other Rosacea medication." My R. was under control, sort of, until I started using Mirvaso. [....] For sure I will never use it again!! As my doctor advised I have stopped using it. When something makes something worse, just common sense says, “STOP!”

(230) NT wrote on May 14th 2014: "I commented way back in October about my hellish experience with Mirvaso. I am sorry to say my skin has not completely returned to the pre Mirvaso redness. Basically, my skin has never been the same."

(231) Michelle wrote on May 15th 2014: "3rd Day in of using mirvaso my skin went all blotchy and I had a burning itchy sensation. I now haven’t used the cream for over 24 hours and my face feels and looks terrible. It’s still very red and burning. I won’t be using the cream again."

(232) Pamela wrote on May 16th 2014: "This product simply made my face worse. More redness, bumps/breakouts (I didn’t have before). Expensive so I tried it for 2 weeks hoping, but it was a waste of money. I hope my face recovers from this."

Angela Conners (negative reviewer nr. 165) wrote on May 16th 2014: "I has been 2 months since I stopped using it and just now my face is starting to look better. I only used it for 3 days. The sad part is, my redness was better before I used it."

(233) V. Schiessle wrote on May 18th 2014: It’s definitely making my redness much worse. Shocking! I can’t drink alcohol at all without looking like I have severe sun burn. I’ve now been using it for 5 days in a row. On the 6th day I didn’t apply it to give my skin a break – looked in the mirror and was beetroot red, and people are actually asking if I’ve had too much sun. One for the bin, immediately."

Someone wrote me on the Rosacea Forum and said: "I had a horrible reaction to Mirvaso after using it for three days. It is going on the 8 week mark and am still suffering - red, hot, flushing - which I never had before." This person asked if I know anything to do/use that can help clam these symptoms down. And if I know of other people who had this same recation. Poster worries that permanent damage was done by the Mirvaso."

I replied: "Hi. I gathered a lot of Mirvaso reviews on my blog, but I am not sure how all of them recovered. Most seemed to have improved on their own without any help after the 3 week mark. But you are mentioning 8 weeks, wow... that's shocking to read  Is it correct that you didn't flush prior to using Mirvaso, and now you do? Could you perhaps tell me how much more you flush now? An hour a day for instance or more? All I can think of now is to start with some anti flushing medication perhaps, and see if things calm down again then. I know a few people who had a sudden flushing problem and who controlled it again with a drug called clonidine (and propranolol for some on top). A few then got the flushing totally under control and could stop using the meds again after some time, I am not sure exactly how much time but I think in the 4 month region. Maybe you can find a doctor who is willing to prescribe it to you and see together if it helps you to get this flare back in check? I always find that calming a flare down is the best way to get things back in control. Because if you don't, its this ongoing cycle, where everything worsens everything else... so sorry about your distress, hope this helps. Keep me updated?  Best wishes"

The poster replied: "[..] I did NOT flush prior to using Mirvaso and that is my concern. Also I have much more pronounced redness when I used to be pink only in my cheeks and around my nose. Now it is covering a larger portion of my cheek area. I didn't have postules either. [..] I actually have physical pain in my cheek area in which it feels like a sunburn even if it isn't that red."  -  Poster now flushes when he eats anything, which never happened before starting the Mirvaso, and also in the monring when waking up or on other occassions during the day. Poster is relying on the use of cold packs now to get the face cooled down again. Because of existing low blood pressure, poster is unable to use clonidine (another blood pressure lowering medication by origin), but asks if Neurontin could be beneficial, which a doctor suggested. "It just seems as I come off the prednisone taper, things are going back to how they were - very red and hot. I am getting distressed as I hope I have not caused permanent damage and since so many recovered in a few weeks, I'm questioning if I've jump started my rosacea to the next level."

I replied: "Hi, I can really understand that you are distressed about this. Just try to keep a calm approach this, if possible, as a thing that needs to be treated and to go through treatment options one by one. Being stressed and anxious and tense will also worsen the flushing and burning. What a cruel disease right? Who wouldn't get distressed from it. But I still think you should be able to calm things back down again, hopefully. Neurontin is used to treat neuropathic pain mostly. I used it for some time back in 2007, when I had fallen asleep on a cold pack (all iced up), thanks to remeron knocking me out in a deep sleep. Totally forgot about the cold pack I had intended to lie on for just a minute, as one cheek was heavily flushed. I woke up with a frozen cheek and had nerve pain (and a very bright red cheek) for another 6 months. The neurologist prescribed me neurontin at the time, and it seemed to make me more pale at first, but then after another week I felt a lot more flushed on it. I am a severe flusher however, so I think it is worth trying. I later tried Lyrica, another neuropathic pain medication. There is also amytryptiline but I got a lot worse flushing wise from that one too. What such medication essentially are doing, is to limit the neuropathic pain signals that your face sends to your brain. So it could help to make your face feeling less on fire and burning. It gives the nerves some rest from pain signals, speeding up their recovery. It sometimes helps with the flushing, maybe due to a change in the signal sending to the blood vessels in the skin. But one of neurontins possible side effects is vasodilatation, widening of the blood vessels. I fear that's what I got in the end, but as there can be so many factors at play when I am doing bad, it is impossible to say for sure (unless I do another test but I don't have any neurontin anymore). Propranolol is a beta blocker and also helps some flushers. It helps lower adrenaline release and lowers the blood pressure a bit. By widening the big arteries aorund the heart, it helps to constrict the smaller blood vessels in the extremities (hands, feet, face), so there will be a little bit less blood pulsating to there. But it might also make you more dizzy. I have to say that for me, I had an initial lowering of the blood pressure when I started on these meds, but as my doctor predicted, the body compensated in time and my blood pressure is in the normal-low range now again, despite still taking the meds. They do still help however with keeping my face cool and less red. I also use a fan. Cold packs can be used now and then, but applying the cold to your skin, can also do damage in the long run. Cold packs are best used for emergencies, as I call then; heavy flushing that won't allowed to be cooled down by getting some fresh air or putting a fan on low. You risk irritating your skin and creating rebound blood vessel dilation once you stop using the cold pack. I now have a small desk fan on low, just enough to create some mild air ventilation, whenever I feel my face starts to tingle and burn and feel hot. I find it causes less damage to the skin and less rebound flushing than using cold packs. I bring a cold pack (well frozen) in my bag when I have to go into town or meet people or go for my evening walks. But only when I have no opportunity to use a fan if needed. Maybe a small fan will help you to stop the flushing cycle? I find that the less I flush, the longer it takes for a flush to build up, over time. Maybe you can 'unwind' this flare this way in some time?
Oh and something else, did I understand correctly that you used prednisone recently? I would urge extreme caution with steroids of all sorts, both topical and systematical. They can erupt rosacea and worsen existing rosacea, especially the flushing/vascular subtype. Best to use them only in life and death situations I personally feel, cortisone gave me rosacea after only a few days of use. My Prof derm told me often of difficult flushing cases who finally had their symptoms in control under his care, only to spiral back down after using a single steroid puff for their asthma. He warns against steroid use at (almost) all costs for our subtype of rosacea... best wishes Nat."

(234) Anonymous wrote on May 20th 2014: "Like most people, it worked great for the first 3 applications then i had severe rebound that lasted for two weeks. In that time i couldnt leave the house without people asking me if i was sunburnt or had a allergy reaction to something. Very dissappointing."

(235) Anonymous wrote on May 20th 2014: "Side effect of redness and breaking out."

(236) Anonymous wrote on May 16th 2014: "I have been using Mirvoso for about a week now and see no difference and it seems that in the evening, my face gets redder than ever. Is this normal?"

Another anonymous replied: "It's called the "rebound" effect. Unfortunately it's normal and a huge drawback of the drug." I have been using Mirvoso for about a week now and see no difference."

(237) MrK from Gravesend UK wrote in May 2014 below an article on Mirvaso in the online
Daily Mail: "Ok, just got back from an IPL session today - I have the dreaded R! Not so much redness, but serious flushing. This disease is HORRIBLE. I cant go out in the sun,, work situations are horrible. My practitioner was ordering some of this as I walked in the room. I did warn him, that a post of Roseace forums showed 85%+ people who tried this product said it MADE THE SYMPTOMS WORSE. People who did not flush, no flush. Rebound redness was extreme. Peoples faces have been made worse by this product. I would not touch it with a barge poll. And I would certainly not recommend it to anyone. Please, please, do some research before using this. This was the miracle product I had been waiting for. Its named used to be SansRose. This stuff is awful. DO NOT USE IT. Of course, you could be the 1/15 that it actually works on, e.g. you do not get horrible rebound effects. Is it worth the risk?"

Patti28 from Kent, UK replied as well: "This is the second time the DM has run a story on this gel and both times has omitted the frequent and serious side effects of Brimodine currently used for glaucoma treatment. According to the manufacturer 10% of users get side effects but according to my consultant 30% of patients have to stop using it because of side effects which in the worse case can be life threatening. If you are going to do medical stories actually check them out rather than taking a drug company's PR release as the gospel truth."

(238) Ian wrote on May 16th 2014: "Totally agree — I was amazed the first day I used Mirvaso, the redness completely disappeared. I was using it sporadically, like once every week or two. Then I decided to try every day, after the third day I was completely red, redder than Ive ever been. It is most definitely not difficult for me to remember that I have never been that red before."

There is also a Polish forum here rosacea patients discuss Mirvaso. I translated their texts in google translate, and it became clear that these Polish patients have waited for, and didscussed Mirvaso for quite some time. Most had high hopes for it, and most wrote that their lives had been really affected by the flushing and burning. Then they discussed how to order the Mirvaso from the UK, once it got available there. This is the first recent post I found there of someone who actually received and tried Mirvaso:

(238) dodo nielot (flightless dodo) wrote on May 6th 2014: (freely translated) "I just opened the parcel with mirvaso!! Smeared a half cheek and waited .... if someone is interested I can write what and how. It cost me a lot of money but curiosity won the .... "

He updated on May 7th 2014: "It works!! I do not want to write too optimistically because I used it too briefly, but after 1hour where there was a little redness - whitening, in tight red so after 3 hour (the redness) was reduced by half, maybe because I used it with bb enough, wants to get used skin . after 2 h already feel outright unnatural cold, (I am normally) always just warmed and hell ... in the morning the effect was still observed yesterday . b smeared yet gently , and this time already faster and more intensely also reduced the worst place. I do not want to brag but it binds with the big hope . I had the biggest fears lest hell even more ... and I belong to those with a strong reddening, basically gel is b pleasant , absorbed in August after a few seconds , it leaves a trace , gently moisturizes . a total of prescription person who took care of it in the uk mailings etc wyszlo 600 PLN , see how it will go further and ordered that I will probably have one in stock because apparently this is a limited quantity , and anyone who reads this forum as soon as I wrote that in the UK is available , posted this information also at the international forum ROSACEA ( guy with the nick unless peppe ) and as observed in August did it move around the pharmacy is huge , people from all over Europe are beginning to knock out there and I'm afraid that maybe it to end soon."

Ślązak responded (amongst many others): I am also glad for the Dodo, but at the same time (want to) warn against too much enthusiasm, because almost everyone applying this cream were delighted at the beginning and later were less (happy/content). Mam only one request to a colleague Dodo , and so whatever will happen, write us about it! Do not sit at home alone howling in pain to the moon, just share us the effects, if only (so that) others do not suffer from (? tobą.Pozdrawiam). After that, many people literally begged flightless dodo to come back and update. Lol, with one  writing "Could dodo have died? Presumably from Mirvaso?" and another saying "From a reliable source I know that the dodo was yesterday at the club and pulled two chicks and will be busy entertaining them until tomorrow evening. He will only resume at the forum after work on Monday", dodo finally updated on the 11th of May and said, freely translated, that after 10 hours the effect wore off. And that the he felt he was already getting used to Mirvaso and that it started to work already less well as in the beginning. He wrote that he still thinks that it reduces some redness, and that he no longer feels as if his face is baking in the oven. But that the first day was spectacular and now day 2 and 3 he encountered worsening of the redness after it was getting better. I assume he is facing some of the well documented rebound flushing perhaps. And dodo wrote that he has lost hope again. Patients asked him to write something longer and to keep using the cream and someone else accused him of being a paid Galderma rep.

Flightless dodo updated again on May 19th 2014: "a few days is awfully word hu ... I do not know what and why , with small breaks bakes almost all the time and is strongly red , irritated skin such outright ... maybe through this once or twice a day .... I use the same I do not know already ... it was basically really ok , and one day things changed ... generally unless I advise all those waiting to cool hope , maybe will improve because it's only the third week. 19/05/14 [ 10:19] I interpretate it that dodo has rebound worsening, more redness again and more burning. He still seems to use Mirvaso though, and still sees also some positives, so it is difficult, so it is difficult to make and end conclusion about his trial."

(239) Red Devil wrote on May 22nd 2014: "In the bin goes the mirvaso. I was daft enough to try it,so only myself to blame. [..] The first time i tried it it worked wonders.My face went pale for at least 2 days with only one application. The next time i tried it it took a little while to lower the redness but had no problems.Then i used it once more, but decided to leave it a few days to see if anything would happen.About 3 or 4 days after last application my face started flushing more than normal.My face seems to be flushing all the time forcing me to hold a fan to try and cool down,even have to have the fan on at night.I had started clonidine about a week before,so don't know if that has added to the problem.All in all not a good experience."

Roasceaclearwannabe (negative reviewer nr. 196) updated on May 22nd 2014: "Just thought I would give an update - I am about a month post discontinuation of Mirvaso and I am still suffering with slight increase in perm redness and my flushes are still a lot worse. Hope time will  help my skin return to pre-Mirvaso state, however I am not hopeful as most people have reported their skin has returned to normal after about 4 weeks. Trying to remain positive and not let it consume my life but I find myself thinking about it every minute of every day that I am awake!  " [..] I am doing everything to get as much fruit and veg into my body to help my recovery. I initially started putting all sorts onto my skin in an attempt to help it heal but I think I will try going back to basics and see if that helps."

Shikasta (negative reviewer nr. 183) updated on May 22nd 2014: "Yes I am in the same boat. Slightly increased overall redness in the pattern of the mirvaso application. I am having to be more vigilant about avoiding triggers. It's becoming an obsession. But on the bright side this fiasco is forcing me into a healthier lifestyle. I try to remember this, every time I approach the mirror. I tell myself, "Could be worse." Time will tell. Anyway...I can't expect perfection. [..] It's been almost 4 months now. My skin won't tolerate any topicals at all and seems to prefer the non-interference approach."

(240) P12 wrote on May 26th 2014: "The very first time I tried this I was almost in tears because it completely took all the redness away within 1 hour my face (minus a few bits of dryness/acne) looked normal. People were starting to ask if I was wearing makeup (I'm a guy) it was great. Lasted for ages too. Day 2 put it on within half an hour - the same result! I drove into work with a smile on me that made people think I was simple but I didn't care! Fast forward to about 11am and I went to the toilet and caught a glimpse of me in the Mirror... Fuck! Bam bit red splotchy marks. Getting worse by the hour. I was so disheartened. I had to leave work. Next couple of days were terrible and even worse. I know I overuse hydrocortisone but it's the only thing that offers me any sort of relief from the red/dry skin. So another week on it and back to normal/ -ish. This was about a week ago. I gave it another shot there on Sunday hoping the last thing was a fluke. Again applied it Sunday morning and the whole day I looked awesome. Did the same thing then this morning and BAM as I write this my face is fucked again. I don't know what to do but it's not a fluke. The only thing if can say is that I had no caffeine yesterday and had a red bull this morning - but if I'm honest I think my face was getting redder before I touched the redbull. Ahhhh the search continues. I was one of the unlucky ones who got involved with Mario Badescu 'Control cream' back in the day - Google that shit! It was a miracle cream for everyone who used it. It was then tested and found out to be laced with potent steroids! Coming off it about a year ago was the worse few weeks of my life but damn on it my face was perfect. I mean perfect as was about anyone who tried it. Anyway I digress, but just be careful with this stuff people that's me off it now! I should have learnt the first time. I guess I'll keep it for an emergency as it seems to work week the first day so if I have an event coming up I'll look ok for it and then suffer out the remaining week :("

(241) ArmandoFalcon wrote on May 25th 2014: "I tried Mirvaso and asked the question about using it more than once per day. First day was awesome. Second a little less great and so on. By the fourth day I was at work and it was 3:00 PM and I had bright red patches under my eyes. Felt really hot and looked to me odd. Nobody really gets that naturally. It was the area where I'm probably most red generally and the area where the medication apparently wore off first. After that, there was no 5th day. When I got the prescription my doctor said he had had good success and these blogs are generally made up of people who are dissatisfied. I wanted it to work. Maybe it does if it can be used more than once per day. Still waiting on that answer."

Shikasta replied: "Yes there have been a lot of bad experiences with Mirvaso. Try doing a search on this thread, and read through the posts to get a better idea of what some of us have gone through. Then you must make up your own mind about whether you want to risk continuing usage or not."

I replied: "The doc can say whatever he wants, but these blogs are not only made my dissatisfied people. There have also been positive reviews, not seldomly rectified later by the posters into a negative one, as mirvaso tends to take its sweet time to cause the rebound tsunami. I spoke to a couple of derms, some Porfessors and all dealing with a lot of rosacea patients, and the overall response is bad. At least 60% of their patients reported severe worsening and told them they had stopped using Mirvaso, some others are unaccounted for because they never started the cream in the first place after getting it prescribed. These derms all see mirvaso as a faillure. The reviews are overwhelmingly negative and speak about the exact same patterns of improving first day, maybe 3 days and then the unwanted bad redness, burning and flushing that doesn't seem to stop."

(242) Julie wrote on May 26th 2014: "Also had tremendous rebound redness! I was given a sample from my dermatologist. I put only on right side of face for one morning to test and compare. Though it slightly did reduce rosacea that day, the very next morning, my right face was bright red like a bad sunburn! Did not work for me at all. Not planning to continue use."

Diane replied: "DO NOT TRY AGAIN SAME THING WILL HAPPEN, AGAIN WITH EVEN MORE VENGEANCE!!!!!!!! So wish there were something out there to help us."

(243) Vovin wrote on June 4th 2014: "I put on the cream yesterday for the first time and in about 2 hours my redness reduced by about 80%, then it started wearing off after 7 hours from the initial application which isn't as long as I had hoped. I went to bed expecting my face to be beat red the next morning (as per most reviews in this thread). When I woke up and looked in the mirror the redness was still slightly less than my usual baseline.  I'm going to stop applying the cream for at least another day or two to see if the redness gets any worse. Right now I'm cautiously optimistic.

And he updated the next day: "31 hours after application and my nose is burning with redness of a scale I've never seen before. I'm not a flusher at all, my rosacea doesn't fluctuate so this is really telling of how dangerous Mirvaso is. I just pray I return to my regular baseline redness. Add me to the list of negative users."

(244) Kelly Scarborough wrote on June 3rd 2014: "I was also prescribed Mirvaso 2 weeks ago. I have never experienced the flushing from foods, alcohol none of the “triggers”. I do not have pimples. Just a red face with the little blood vessels, I assumed it was from yrs in the sun. However I was diagnosed with Rosacea in 2012, so begins the endless scripts from Derms that really treat you as a Guinea pig, many topical and oral antibiotics. None of which worked because ..I DONT HAVE PIMPLES..so I finally went to my 3rd derm and was introduced to Mirvaso the miracle drug. I I woke up the redness was almost completely gone..but by 2pm the following day my cheeks were very hot. I had never experienced this because again I don’t suffer from flushing. So I continued to use the drug for 6 days..I would look horribly sunburned when the medicine wore off. So I googled it and found that almost 90% of people who have used this have had the same reaction. I stopped using it and I continue to have this horrible red face that burns a week after stopping the medicine. I put a call into the Derm that prescribed it today and of course was called back by a nurse who not so politely advised me that all her patients love it…hmmm she continued to tell me that it is NOT a cure….I said no that is obvious…..it is a cause as my rosacea is much much worse than before I put this poison on my skin. She offered no advice. I usually do not leave comments but I wanted to WARN anyone that is considering this to please read the comments of actual rosacea sufferers and see what almost every person says about it. I am going to turn to natural products moving forward and leave the scripts that these dr’s push (to get their kickbacks) behind and pray the damage caused by Mirvsaso is not permanent. Hope this helps someone before they use it!!!" applied it at bedtime and when applied it at bedtime and when ge caused by Mirvsaso is not permanent. Hope this helps someone before they use it!!!"

Kari continued to spread her advice about how Mirvaso is safe to use, to the annoyance of others, on June 3rd 2014: "NOTE: I do not work for Galderma BUT TRY THIS. You probably need a lot less Mirvaso than you are using. Try mixing a very SMALL SMALL amount of Mirvaso with a good facial moisturizer and then reapply it after things calm down. You could also mix it with Benadryl cream, that works okay too. You may find that it is effective and you may not get any redness after it wears off. I’ve been using Mirvaso with this method since the fall and haven’t had any problems."

EmilyKingston replied: "She doesn’t work for Galderma, but she didn’t say she didn’t work for any independent contracted companies associated with Galderma…. The suspicion continues on my end."

Diane replied: "Why, oh WHY would one have to mix, alter or otherwise go to such lengths to make
a so-called “beneficial” drug work? NOT for me!" (..) "Hi, Kelly! KUDOS TO YOU FOR HAVING the fortitude to stand up for what you belieave and have experienced!!!!!!! I do not give a rip how many people like it, use it w/o ill affects, etc., etc!!! I used it once, and that was all that was necessary to know to STOP IT THEN AND THERE. You DO NOT TAKE ANY MEDICATION when you have ill effects. STOP is the word of INTELLIGENCE AND WISDOM. I do not want to have tomix it with Benedryl, other lotions, etc. HUH! It either works or does not. Seems to me, and I am very medically knowledgeable and have worked in the med. field for years, that there are many, many more negs than positives with this new drug, especially considering the cost and that it DOES NOT GO TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM FOR R.!!! It is a very temporary albeit scary one at best!!! I have sent ALL the PC products back since not one of them was benign on my sensitive face. If they do not credit my account. I will take this “to battle” with P and with my BANK OF AMERICA VISA CARD. PERIOD! DONE! Good luck to you! This is, indeed, a day to day battle for us. I am now on doxycycline instead of minocycline but have to wait for a few wks. for a verdict. I could write a book on R!!!! Diane"

Kelly replied: "I could not agree more and furthermore my Derm did not advise me of ANY adverse reactions .. I am furious not only with the pharm co but the dr as well.. And as for use a smaller amount .. I only used one pea size amount the first night and had the same reaction as I did using 5 pea size amounts .. I have been reading many forums for a week and ALL the comments are negative .. As for the poster advising me to mix with other products, that is the script the sales team was given at Pharm company to deal with the millions of complaints .. In fact the dr that invented this garbage was fired shortly after the release and the pharm company had a major layoff .. I live near Dallas and that’s where the company is located so this is fact not opinion. I see a class action lawsuit in their near future .."

(245) Kelly Birkby wrote on June 4th 2014: "Don’t waste your money on this product. I paid £42 from my local chemist who ordered it specially for me. At first it seemed to work and after 30-40 minutes the redness in my face had reduced considerably albeit a little patchy. Later on that evening when it had worn off my face was on fire. After 3 days I have had to stop using it and last night, a good 12 hours after I had applied it I was sat with ice packs on my cheeks the burning and redness was so bad. Its hard to believe that a product that is meant to reduce redness makes you look ten times worse. I am sat here now, 24 hours after last using the product with 3 layers of make up on looking like a steamed tomato! My face is so hot I could fry and egg on it!"

Kelly wrote on June 3rd 2014: "I could not agree more and furthermore my Derm did not advise me of ANY adverse reactions .. I am furious not only with the pharm co but the dr as well.. And as for use a smaller amount .. I only used one pea size amount the first night and had the same reaction as I did using 5 pea size amounts .. I have been reading many forums for a week and ALL the comments are negative .. As for the poster advising me to mix with other products, that is the script the sales team was given at Pharm company to deal with the millions of complaints .. In fact the dr that invented this garbage was fired shortly after the release and the pharm company had a major layoff .. I live near Dallas and that’s where the company is located so this is fact not opinion. I see a class action lawsuit in their near future .."

Negative reviewer nr 2 here, Alyfpet, updated on May 29th 2014 her recovery, and still isn't back to normal: "Hi.  I had a negative effect after 3 days of Mirvaso once daily and have never recovered fully. My skin is more red at baseline, more burny and itchy in general (the burns now travel down my chin to my neck, which was new), and definitely more swollen, which is one of the more disturbing aspects as I feel it all the time. And my flushes are from things that I never flushed from before (eg, walking briskly, carrying my 3 y old). My life has not been the same since I tried it. Truthfully, I'm not sure how I am getting through each day still. I keep telling myself that one day I will get back to where I was and I will be so much more grateful for being there. I thought my condition was bad then, but it was nothing next to now. My dermatologist is working with me to get me back to where I was before, but nothing has been helping. Coreg made me flush worse, and now I am on a trial of Neurontin, which also seems to be making me more red and swollen, although the itching has subsided. I'm hoping this update will help someone make a more informed decision before starting this medication, which I personally think must have been pushed through trials somehow. There is just no way that so many people could be reacting so negatively in real world, but the effects were so mild in trials. It just doesn't compute. At a minimum, I believe Galderma downplayed the flushing effect. Judging by the experiences of people on the forum, a statement along the lines that for some patients flushing is severe and the effects long-lasting would have been appropriate. The PI states that "erythema and flushing appeared to resolve after discontinuation..." which has certainly not been the case for me as well as others who have tried it. If just one person in trials reacted as I or others here have, it should have been stated in the PI. I haven't posted in quite a while because my experience has been so traumatic that I can't handle some of the more insensitive comments that other members sometimes make. I'm one of those RF members that tends to not use the forum so much when I am in crisis because of that. It is probably worth saying that I have a very difficult case. I relate most to Nat in how my skin reacts. My condition was hugely accelerated by a way too strong IPL treatment by an incompetent nurse at aesthetic dermatologists office. I do believe that those of us who have had bad IPL or laser experiences have somehow changed our vasculature/neurovascular system in a way that makes our rosacea more difficult to treat. Anyway, good luck to everyone. A"

(246) Jim Burke wrote on May 31st 2014: " I’ve taken Metro Gel, Mirvaso and oracea without success."

(247) Brettmar wrote on June 4th 2014: "This drug does eliminate redness in my face --no doubt with some blotching. This week I used it on Monday and Tuesday and for 12 hours plus my face was definitely less red. Today, Wednesday I decided not to use Mirvaso and my face looks more red than ever before. In fact, my wife told me my face looks swollen. I was so hopeful in the beginning about Mirvaso but now I don't think I will use it again. Just hope my face goes back to slightly red from where it is today."

(248) Aldous wrote on June 5th 2014: "Time for an update. I'll briefly go over my treatment history. Before trying Mirvaso I had been treated several times with Pulsed Dye Laser, which really made a massive improvement. In fact, it was so effective that I planned to have one more treatment after the summer and then not pursue any further treatment. But I was concerned that as summer approached my progress would reverse, and I would end up spending another summer largely indoors. This is why I decided to try Mirvaso - as a temporary fix over the summer, before a final PDL treatment. Since my last post I have tried a patch test on the less exposed parts of my face. The redness returned after a day- not just on the applied area, but on my whole face! (possibly due to it rubbing off on my pillow?). It is the same when I use a 3:1 dilution. After several weeks without applying it my skin remains significantly worse than baseline. This cream is poison.  My advice is not to risk it. It isn't worth it for a short-term fix. I know many of you are desperate for a solution, but PLEASE only consider using it after you've (unsuccessfully) tried established treatments like PDL. Looks like I might end up having a couple more PDL sessions now..."

He had earlier written: "Hello there, I recently bought Mirvaso from 'pharmacy2u' in the UK. I've been using it for about a week now. About an hour after first use I noticed the redness had gone completely - in fact I looked slightly pale. Wonder drug, I thought. But it wasn't to last. The second application caused severe redness, worse than anything I'd previously experienced. The third, fourth and fifth days were much the same. It has started to subside now but is still no better than before I started using it. Maybe I've been applying too much, or applying it too frequently? I'm going to apply it to a small patch of my forehead for a few weeks before deciding whether to continue use on the rest of my face."

Vovin (negative reviewer nr 243) updated on June 8th 2014: "It has been 4 days since my initial application and my face is still beat red and flushy. I'm terrified that this may be my new baseline that I have to cope with for the rest of my life. I've never had flushing problems before (just permanent redness) but after one use of Mirvaso it turned me into a flusher. I didn't know what to believe when I read through this thread, but I should have accepted the community consensus on how dangerous this stuff is. I can't believe this stuff passed through FDA testing but I'm convinced something was fixed to make it go through. There is no way only a tiny percentage of testers had a bad reaction."

Davekelly replied: "All this after only one use . And you paid 130 dollars for all of this . How angry and pissed off do you feel for trying Mirvaso in the first place ? . after all the warnings from people that said STAY AWAY . You still went and done it "

In this article from JAAD ((Journal of the American Academy of dermatology), Brimonidine tartrate (BT) gel 0.33% (Mirvaso, Galderma Laboratories LP) is said to cause rebound reactions and burning sensations. 
Quote: "We report severe erythema in conjunction with burning sensation in 3 patients using BT. All reported reduced erythema 1 to 6 hours after application, followed by self-limited erythema, more severe than baseline, accompanied by burning over the next 12 hours and lasting roughly 12 hours. This phenomenon worsens with continued use. Urticaria and facial edema were absent. Even though the Mirvaso package insert reports infrequent erythema worse than baseline, this number may be higher in practice.1, 2"

(249) Paulmitchell wrote on May 29th 2014: "Just thought I'd share my experience with Mirvaso: "Having read many reviews and accounts from users experiencing rebound and side effects, I approached Mirvaso very carefully. Tested it (undiluted) on a small patch just on my temple for three days. Nothing. No adverse effects but nothing noticeable either. Moved on to mixing a small amount with my regular moisturiser (L'Oreal gel for men). Again, no effect, adverse or otherwise. After a week, took the plunge and applied Mirvaso, neat to my cheeks (main area of redness).
Day 1, subtle improvement, redness reduced but not entirely.
Day 2, more improvement, cheeks only have small dots of redness left.
Day 3, didn't use.
Day 4, same improvement but when it wore off in the evening, the rebound kicked in.
Wife said my cheeks were really red, so I checked in the mirror and sure enough, bright, solid red. I knew the risks of Mirvaso when I tried it, but my heart still sank. It's been a week since and my skin has calmed right down. I do get random flushes in the afternoon and evening, whereas I wasn't much of a flusher before, but I assume it'll subside.  Now, I'm looking for a more natural, gentle remedy to manage symptoms. I was about to buy some Zenmed based on all their positive reviews, but thankfully came across this forum before clicking the order button and have discounted it. I'm a 41-year-old male based in the UK."

Ktm (negative poster nr 81) updated on June 6th 2014:  "I used mirvaso, had a horrible reaction, and recovered after a couple weeks. Always helps to hear good news right?"

(250) Doxie mom of 2 wrote on June 12th 2014: "Well, as I was reading the other reviews I noticed that I was having the same flushing, burning, heat and pain as others. I started Mirvaso on 6-5-14 and applied a pea sz amount in 5 different eras like it said. It was working good for me too. Well day 5 (6-10-14) is when the flushing,burning,pain and the heat all started. It felt like a very bad sun burn and felt just as bad too. It wasn't just me checks. It was my nose,chin and forehead too. It lasted several hours and would start just around the 12 hr mark. I apply SPF 70 sunscreen after I apply Mirvaso. I haven't tried mixing it together though. I will try that. I will also be calling my Derm to see what she thinks I need to do. If mixing it with a moisturizer stops all the side effects, then it should be told when it is given for treatment. It's expensive even with the discount card. If, after I mix it with the moisturizer and I still have those problems, I will stop using it. I only had flushing some before I tried Mirvaso and after I tried it, it was worse than it had ever been. Just like any other medications, they work some and not others."

(251)  35-44 Female wrote on June 13th 2014: "I used this product & at the beginning it was perfect. But after a couple weeks I noticed my face would get even more red than it was before I started using Mirvaso. Like a rebound after the medicine wears off. The tiny red lines came up fast with the rebound redness. Now, they're in places I didn't have them before. I won't be using this anymore. Gonna try the over-the-counter medicine called Prosacea."

(252) Cistre wrote on June 16th 2014: "reviews I have read about rebound
redness. I have serious rosacea and extremely sensitive skin. But since nothing else helped very much, I decided to try it over the weekend. I put it on at 11:00 a.m. and it was red for about an hour. Then it turned into a normal color and stayed that way for over 24 hours. Even when I put a sunscreen over it to work in my yard. What a relief! Don’t be afraid to try it. You may be pleasantly surprised. I am just grateful for this new medicine. I hope it continues to be this good. Will repost if something different happens."

She updated soon after however: "Looks like I spoke too soon. My first application of Mirvaso was wonderful. All redness was gone from my face. But today, after my second application, my face exploded with redness and heat. My derm told me to put cold compresses on it, go back to my Aquanil HC, and lay off the Mirvaso."

(253) Debbiedeb wrote on June 15th 2014: "I just started mirvaso about a week ago. the effects during the day – redness is gone; however, when I cleanse my face at night, I have been exhibiting a very red face (much more flushed than normal, in fact it has never gotten as red as it does after my cleansing routine) and I don’t know if its from mirvaso or not….I did not have this bright red issue after cleansing routine before I started using mirvaso…Is this a side effect?

Guy wrote on June 19th 2014: "They say that the majority of testimonials reported on the internet are those that are negative as people search for answers and others user experiences et. Still, in saying that, I used Accutane and it caused horrific flushing after months of use, so bad that I felt like someone was pressing a red hot iron on my cheeks. I was pretty permanent and I sat in front of a fan 24/7 chewing on ice cubes and using ice packs. I have thankfully in time, somewhat managed to get some control over the flushing with various med protocols from various doctors. Mirtazipine, clonidine and propranolol have helped the most. But I still suffer immensely from the heat or sun…anytime in the afternoon sun and my face goes reddish and swells up, even with SPF 50 and sunglasses and hat. Has altered my life. So after what Accutane did with flushing I am VERY hesitant to try this stuff especially with people saying it made their rosecea permanently worse after trying it, just like Accutane did for me. Still, part of me wonders if this stuff would stop the swelling, and lessen my sensitivity to heat, mainly the sun and warm temperatures et. I have read some reports of it doing just that for some people. After everything I’ve been through, I think I will sit back a little before any kind of decision re: personal trial. Thanks to those posting positive and more importantly negative feedback…and for those having ongoing problems after discontinuation, there is hope and other meds that can help. Just be patient and persistent. I also believe that with time my Accutane induced flushing got better but I still definitely attribute a lot of the improvement to the meds mentioned above. I used Accutane about 5 years ago. I always research, research and research some more before considering most things."

(254) Flahflah wrote on June 19th 2014: "- For one week everythin was fine, I even thought Mirvaso made my skin whiter
- After a week I start to have these huge flushes that wont go away. I'm used to having flushes, but not THAT bad. This new kind of flush makes ma ears burn and my face looks like I just got a sunburn, I look swollen and red!
- So I first suspect Mirvaso to be causing this so I stop using it"

(255) Anonymous wrote in June 2014: "I first thought Mirvaso was effective, but it actually increased the redness of flushing and made my skin even hotter. After two weeks of trying it I have stopped using it and hope my rosacea goes back to what it was before, which was not good, but better than after using Mirvaso."

(256) KCR2014 wrote in June 2014: "For Rosacea: I was researching rosacea products, and discovered Mirvaso. Immediately, I asked my dermatologist for a prescription, and she also gave me some samples. I used it the very next day, and within minutes my face looked normal. It worked so well for the first few days, and all of the sudden. My face was bright red, tingly, blotchy and my nose would run like crazy. I thought to myself, " It can't be!" I really thought I found the answer to my life long embarrrasing constant redness. I had to know for sure that the medicine was the culprit, and I put it to the test. So the following week I put it to the test, and I discovered that it was the culprit."

(257) Dawn wrote on May 23rd 2014: "I have used Mirvaso for a week and the rebound redness is horrible. I am not confused about how my skin looked before. Neither is my 8 year old when she asked why my face was so red and bruised looking. "

Angela Renaud replied on May 26th 2014: "Have you noticed that none of the manufacturers ever gives out samples so you can try their products out first? I have a drawer full of very expensive tubes of Metrogel, Metrocream and Noritate. All of them highly touted by the medical community when they first came out. I had major problems with rebounding with all 3. Now Galderma wants me to pay them another $50.00 so they can continue their research project on the general public. No thanks."

(258) Bon1 wrote on June 3th 2014: "I have also been using Mirvaso for about a week and am finding the exact same results as those described above! For the first day or two my face was very white and then I started noticing blotching, like a mottled effect. I also noticed my chin was redder than usual. I am now sitting here with a burning face and it is bright red. I am going to stop using it and hope that the redness goes down. It is insulting to say that users would have forgotten how red their face was before. As a Rosacea sufferer I am probably more aware than other people without the condition what my skin is like on a day to day basis."

Ben replied on June 3th 2014: "We should fill a massive class action against this product."

(259) Wondering2266 wrote: "Used Mirvaso for 3 days and had rebound flushing: Would doing an excel or fraxel be a good idea to treat or risky? I am now back to baseline but my nose is still quite red don't want to trigger anything--my skin seemed very inflamed after mirvaso and has finally calmed down--but I'd also like to treat the redness of my noise."

A doctor, Todd C. Becker, MD, PhD, responded on March 6th 2014: "Mirvaso can offer dramatic though temporary improvement in facial redness. I have found that rebound flushing as you experienced is quite common. The Mirvaso has probably not changed your baseline condition and it should still respond well to treatment of the vessels."

(260) Anonymous wrote: "Mirvaso (brimonidine) caused severe burning and flushing, help? HELP-- So, I went to a dermatologist last week and I was diagnosed with Rosacea, I was prescribed the topical gel Mirvaso (brimonidine). This gel was recently approved by the FDA for suppressing the redness that Rosacea causes-- my first 2 days of using the gel were perfect my skin was flawless. On my 3rd day I noticed burning and increased redness but I continued to use it to see if I just had to get used to it. After my last two uses my face looked and felt like someone took a blow torch to it. My skin was deep red and burned very badly. I have not used the gel since Sunday and my face is severely worse than before. The only thing I can compare it to would be if someone used Retin-A and got in the tanning bed for a good amount of time (which I've done before but with Differin) basically it looks like my skin is chemically burned (it might be). Does anyone know anything that I can use on my face to calm this flushing and pain? I've tried Say Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Moisturizer, Cetaphil, CereVe, plain green tea, and Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Wash--nothing is subsiding this severe flushing. (P.S.-If you know anyone who has Rosacea don't let them use Mirvaso! It should have never been approved by the FDA!)"  

This is how MD Annie Chiu promotes Mirvaso on Twitter

"Annie Chiu MD ‏@DrAnnieChiu  20 okt.
Flushing + blushing after a fun nite w @GaldermaBrian + @galderma team, better get #mirvaso -a breakthru for redness pic.twitter.com/9KJyEos8Sw"

And here GaldermaBrian, Brian Johnson ‏@GaldermaBrian, show us which guys to thank for this marvel of a product:

"Special thanks to these guys for their role in making #Mirvaso such a successful launch pic.twitter.com/cMsqJ8MMnu"

(260) Ray wrote in June 21st 2014: "You can put another one in the negative category. I went through 1 tube of Mirvaso, known as Onreltea here in Canada, and I have absolutely nothing good to say other than for the first few applications it appeared to reduce the baseline redness by around 50 percent. After that it stopped working and at this point actually making my face flushed after application. I've heard some people are using smaller amounts in moisturizer which I may try later on..Well it looks like it's back to the drawing board for me. I just hope my skin returns to baseline.. I should note I have Accutane induced rosacea."

(261) Albismum wrote in July 4th 2014: "Hi this is my first post to the group although I have always found the information on the forum invaluable. Just thought I would give my experience with Mirvaso. I live in the UK and saw a piece in a newspaper about a new wonder cream for rosacea and I was so excited and could not wait to try it. So I started doing a bit of research on it and after reading lots of posts on here from USA participants I was very nervous about using the product but did spend the £50.00 to obtain a tube as could not get it prescribed on the NHS. When it arrived after all the horrific rebound posts I had read I was not going to put it on my face so I tried it on my chest where I also have rosacea. It had very good results but not great, the majority of the redness disappeared and I waited for the rebound....none came... so the next day my chest was still quite pale I added more cream and still no rebound, this went on for a week no rebound so I decided to take the plunge and apply it to my face. Put it on and after half an hour no effect, after an hour no effect and to cut a long story short after three hours of waiting for this brilliant ghost like appearance I probably had a twenty percent reduction in redness. I have been using the product for a few weeks on my face now and have had no rebound but then again no significant reduction in redness....must say it has been a complete waste of my money and I will not be buying any more. I have given up hope of ever looking normal again and Galderma should be hauled over the coals for building up peoples hopes then charging us for a completely useless product."

(262) Bloem wrote in July 7th 2014: "I have a friend that tried mirvaso and it made the rosacea worse! It didn't go back to the way it was before. At least not so far. It is also expensive. Careful with this stuff."

(263) Basque wrote in July 16th 2014: "Hi everydbody. This is my first post here. I´m from
Baque Country (North of Spain). My English is not good (i will study intensely in a few months), i´d like if someone finds errors in leguages in my post, please, say me in a private message to correct it. I think that use english correctly is very important because there is not much information about this new drug in other lenguages and a lot of people with a poor knowledge of english can try translate our mesagges with an automatic translator and they need a correct english to get the translation as good as posible, the post should be written correctly. I want to tell you my experience with Mirvaso althought you known it because it´s the same of all of you. I am a young man, I have a very low rosacea, only a little red but it´s permanent and i want to have my previous completely white face. I read about the existence of this new treatment the last year and i was waiting for his arrival in europe. The European Medicines Agency approved it in January of 2014 and now it´s available in Spanish and another europeans pharmacy's. I bought it and i tested it. All i made was good, i went to speak with my family doctor although i think that i trained to understand the information pamphlet and it says Mirvaso is very safe without rebounds, good tolerated... but speak with a doctor was important because i studied chemical engineering but not medicine. She read the oficial Mirvaso information pamphlet and she gave me her ok to use this. Galdermas speaks very good about this new treatment. I used it the first day, fewer quantity than gaderma´s recomendation. The story is like you known: a great effect in my skin all day, white skin and not red all day. The second day i used recommend cuantity and the same story, all good, and the third day too. I have a very low rosacea and Mirvaso is expensive and not covered by public insurance (this is the case in most countries of Europe) then i decided abandon it for a few days and use only when i feel like. The first day without using Mirvaso was good, my redness came again like always, it´s not much, i don´t mind (i learned to live with some redness, we can´t do anything). But in the night about 11:00 pm my cheeks began to be very very red, never they were with that colour. About 2 hours later they were less red. I went to the bed without worry (yes, i went to the bed very late for you but you known that in Spain we have the unhealthy habit go late to sleep and get up early, owing to that we are the country of europe who less hours sleep. This have an explanation but now it´s not the time to explain it).

The next day in the morning my skin was good and i didn´t use Mirvaso again (luckily was saturday and i was in my spare time to go with friends). But in midday intense redness came again but only in one cheek. I knew it because a friend said me. I didn´t mind much, i explained them that i was testing a new drug for my skin. The intense rednes went again but in the afternoon the redness come again in both cheeks very very very intense when i was in my home. I wanted to go again with friends and i used Mirvaso again, fewer cuantity than it´s recommend.One our after Mirvaso´s aplication my skin was good again, and it was good all night and the next day (sunday) until the night, very hight redness come again to my face. I went to bed. The morning of monday my sking was not very very red like in the night but it was more red than my baseline. During monday i has not a heavy episode of redness again but my skin was very red. Remeber, my rosacea is very low and Mirvaso makes me have the face very red all the day, not like heavy redness, but it was worse than my baseline. The next day the same, red, without heavey blushing but not my baseline and i am scared, i had a low redness and now "post Mirvaso use" i am worse with a very visible redness. I hope to recovery my baseline, the testimony of some people here gives panic. They don´t known if Mirvaso makes a permanent damage or not. Galderma says that it is not posible, they say that redness will go to baseline again when Mirvaso treatment is discontinued but some people report diferent experience. Galderma says that rebound is rare, the participants of its study had a good reaction to mirvaso without rebounds or intense redness (only a small %). I have studied a scientific degree and i known that it is stupid speak about an scientific method to see the reaction of patients using internet and a forum of the web, but i am seeing that Mirvaso have an increidible number of bad experiencies, it seems to work bad in the 95% of patients, i never have seen nothing like this. I will not affirm that Galderma lies in its study, but the experience of all of us is very different. I think that FDA, European Medicines Agency and Spanish Medicines Agency should examine Galderma´s studies. Mirvaso seems to be a poison for 99% of rosaceans. Maybe we should join together and force to ours health authorities to review Galdermas´s clinical studies and clarify what happens with Mirsavo, if it is dangerous, if it can make a permanent damage, if their studies are fraudulent or no. I used Mirvaso because Galderma says that it is safe, says that adverse reactions are very rare, but here Mirvaso seems to have a very very very bad renown. I don´t say that Gaderma lies, i want to leave this point clear. I want to express my gratitude for a lot of people who write here, you give a lot of help with experiences and photos of yourself, i have read a blog of a member of this forum and i think that blog is as rigorous as internet allows, a lot of work inside. Regards to all and please, don´t forgert say me the mistakes in lenguage to correct them. "

Here we discuss the side effects and how criminal some find them in more detail.

(264) Jeny wrote in June 6th 2014:  mirvaso seemed like a miracle for my skin for a couple of days. it quickly stopped being effective and the first day i didn’t use it my face flushed so badly it felt and looked like it had burned itself from the inside out. eventually my doctor put me on prednisone to try to heal the damage and it worked. as much as i do not like having to resort to prednisone because of its side effects, i recommend discussing it with your doctor if the damage from mirvaso persists. my insurance company has stopped covering mirvaso also, which makes me curious. good luck, all.mirvaso seemed like a miracle for my skin for a couple of days. it quickly stopped being effective and the first day i didn’t use it my face flushed so badly it felt and looked like it had burned itself from the inside out. eventually my doctor put me on prednisone to try to heal the damage and it worked. as much as i do not like having to resort to prednisone because of its side effects, i recommend discussing it with your doctor if the damage from mirvaso persists. my insurance company has stopped covering mirvaso also, which makes me curious. good luck, all."mirvaso seemed like a miracle for my skin for a couple of days. it quickly stopped being effective and the first day i didn’t use it my face flushed so badly it felt and looked like it had burned itself from the inside out. eventually my doctor put me on prednisone to try to heal the damage and it worked. as much as i do not like having to resort to prednisone because of its side effects, i recommend discussing it with your doctor if the damage from mirvaso persists. my insurance company has stopped covering mirvaso also, which makes me curious. good luck, all."

(265) Mary wrote on June 26th 2014: "Mirvaso makes my face look very blotchy. It is hard to cover with makeup. I didn’t think anyone would notice but 1 morning at breakfast my friend asked me what was wrong with my skin. There are pale spots and red spots all over my cheeks. Not so much on forehead and nose. Maybe I will just use in certian spots and see how that goes. My dr seemed shocked that I was having bad results. I quit and gave it another try. I applied it at 7am this morning and it’s now 10:30 and it still looks awful. Hiding in my office."

(266) Vicky Istre wrote on June 26th 2014: "I gave up on Mirvaso. The first day I used it, my face looked great. But after that first day, I got rebound redness when it wore off, which was worse redness than I had before. It very discouraging because I’m sick of having a red face."

(267) Jane wrote on July 5th 2014: "I had high hopes for mirvaso, and tried it for a week but stopped it in dismay because the rebound effect (which I hadn’t been warned or heard anything about) was terrible, and overall I was a good deal worse off than before I started it."

(268) M. Hew wrote on July 10th 2014: " [..] Then I see the ads for Mirvaso, the new treatment that restricts the blood vessels in your face to reduce the red appearance. I remember thinking, “man, this makes sense and sounds like it would work perfectly for my, still slightly, red complexion.” Stupidly, trying to avoid a doctors visit, I bought Mirvaso on ebay for 65 bucks. I received it a few days later (perfect condition/ wasn’t tampered with) and tried it out. It worked amazing the first two days!!! I looked a little pale but it seriously looked like I never had this horrible disease. Then the third day came… I woke up the third day and looked in the mirror and I was horrified by how red my face looked!!! I haven’t seen this look since those dark days after the failed lazer treatments. I looked online to see if anyone else had this effect. Looking at the reviews, I found that about 90% of the reviews of this topical were negative and talking about a rebound redness effect. I was so disappointed and continued to use it for a few more days to see my face look normal and then in the morning look awful (I also started to feel myself flush a lot more while on Mirvaso). My advice to anyone who reads this is to stay away from this topical. I think it does more harm then good. - As days went by when I discontinued use of Mirvaso, the redness stayed. So I went and started to look for more treatments online (I was more desperate than ever). Then I came across a website that mentioned having digestive problems could be causing rosacea in certain people. Then I remembered that when I first started taking Mirvaso, I did not have one single, normal bowel movement while on it and since taking it. I probably had these digestive problems before but over time improved. I think Mirvaso triggered something that caused the flushing and the sudden rebound redness that I was experiencing. The website also mentioned these supplements to take to fix these digestive problems: Milk Thistle Extract, Vitamin B12, Burdock Root Herb, Chlorella (green super food that is suddenly being put in many new skincare products), betaine hydrochloride, and the probiotic “Acidophilus.” I’ve been taking these 6 products and I have seen amazing results in the past TWO days!!! I bought these for all these for a combined 45 dollars at Vitamin Shoppe and hope to see further improvement. I have no idea if it is the combination of these supplements or one or whatever but all that matters is it has worked! I no longer have that unbearable rebound effect from Mirvaso along with the constant flushing from it. I can only hope that this continues to work to finally get rid of this stubborn disease. Hope this helps anyone who reads this!!!Your Welcome, Peace!!!

(269) Rebecca wrote on July 11th 2014: "Hi everyone, I wish I had looked on this forum before I tried Mirvaso (or Onreltea in Canada). This worked amazing for 3 days then on the fourth I was so hot and red I thought I was having an allergic reaction. I’ve been off the stuff for 3 days but am still so red and hot I need to use ice packs to cool down. I have had laser in the past so my rosacea was probably mild to begin with; now it is worse than ever. What I want to know is if this effect will go away and how long it will take? What can I do in the meantime? Thanks"

Now, we have all been fooled by Mirvaso's initial test results
, which also worked around the serious rebound problem, ignoring it entirely or estimating it to be an issue for only 2% of users. Often reps blamed that 2% on an "allergic reaction". In other word; nothing wrong with their problem, but in fact with the immune system of those unfortunate users. Then it turned out in reality that the product does give intense rebound for a significant percentage of users, and not due to allergies but instead due to the basal way in which it works. For everyone. Galderma knew about this problem, but chose not to solve it - for as far that is even possible with these type of blood vessel constrictors. One forum member said this about it all:

"I was on the Mirvaso clinical trials and quit the trial for rebound flushing. I was not the only one yet the drug went to market and in the beginning there was no mention of rebound flushing. My dermatologist even asked the Galderma reps about rebound flushing and they said there was none..."

Bottom line; they lied.... Eventually Galderma had to insert a rebound warning in their patient information leaflets, but it took them a long time to do so, and no doubt were doing it for legal reasons, as quite a few angry patients who endured short or long term damage from Mirvaso were trying to sue the Pharmaceutical company...

But the authors of this research also added that there are two big issues with substances like brimonidine/Mirvaso: First they tend to lose efficiency over time, and Second they are linked to rebound flaring and rebound blood vessel dilation, leading to more redness ánd swelling of the skin. Although the two patients they described had no such problems. They pose the theory that the flushing and redness of these patients is linked, at least in part, to "an abnormal expression, function, distribution, or responsiveness of α-adrenergic receptors, likely of an α1-receptor subtype, and that these clinical manifestations may be successfully treated by the topical application of agonists selective for α1-adrenergic receptors such as oxymetazoline/brimonidine."

Because this post got too long and heavy for blogger to handle, I cut it up. Click HERE for part 2 of this inventory post. 


  1. Hi, thank you for all this work you put into this, I read it and it helped me to get a better idea of this drug Mirvaso. I still want to try it myself, despite having read all the bad press it gets. Could I test it on my arm you think? Will you try Mirvaso you think?

    Cheers, David

  2. Hi David,

    Thank you for your comment. With regards to Mirvaso, no I won't try it.. I bought the active ingredient of Mirvaso, brimonidine, in a powder back in 2010 and tried it, I wrote about it here: http://scarletnat.blogspot.nl/2012/08/the-brimonidine-trial-it-was-not-what-i.html
    It really gave very dramatic rebound worsening and I read too many reviews now of exactly the same thing happening with Mirvaso (which is exactly the same ingredient, put in a neutral base; same whitening a dtightning of the face first, then worse than normal flushing and burning rushing in after a given time, that seems impossible to cool down). I hope it will help you, but be aware of rebound (worse than normal) flushing and redness. I think the only way to test it is on the face unfrt. Your other skin is unlikely to be red, and the blood vessels of the skin everywhere else but your face, are different than those of the face (more blood vessels in the face, they are closer to the skin's surface, they are in greater numbers in the face + the skin of the face is thinner than elsewhere on the body). So there might be a big chance you will see zero effect or rebound when you test it on your arm.....Good luck! I hope it will help you, but the reviews so far are for the majority negative.. Best wishes