I wanted to updated from previous posts. My skin will never be the same I finally asked my doc for my medical records so i could see for myself if he used higher settings and he did, i don't know anything about lasers but i know in the past he was using 6-8 j/cm and all his notes show even at 8 my skin reacted badly, but at my last treatment he made the setting 9.5. Now i'm stuck with burning, flushing and I can't even look at computer screen or i start to flush, this has effected every aspect of my life, work, everything. Now my skin is much much redder than before and i have begun to get pimples everywhere. This was once under control with the exception of a bit of redness now i have the next stage of rosacea. Very depressed. I'm taking clonodine, minocycline and recently started remeron to see if it will help with flushing. I just cannot believe the laser would cause more damage! I just can't move past this. I just want my skin back to the way it was before the treatment. Does anyone know if another treatment at a low setting might help or red light therapy? My worst fears with the laser came true so i'm afraid to try anything else."